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from Willowick, ohio


signed 28 Oct 2018 4:24pm 


christian wright

from Bridgewater, VA

"this is pretty lit"

signed 28 Oct 2018 4:06pm 


Gabriel Jellum

from Virginia, U.S.A

"This site is very informative. My favorite work by Poe is "The Black Cat.""

signed 28 Oct 2018 2:40pm 



from USA

"Poe was a phenomenal poet from the start. Most people by the age of 13 wouldn't have enough poetry to make a book, Poe did. He was brilliant and was a very kind person."

signed 28 Oct 2018 1:07pm 



from From Earth

"I like the book the Raven it's a cool scary story by poe"

signed 28 Oct 2018 12:30pm 


Katelynn Fellenstein

from USA

"I read the black cat... It was interesting to say the least...."

signed 27 Oct 2018 10:05pm 



from Virginia, USA

"I think that Poe's stories were creepy, but some were interesting to read."

signed 27 Oct 2018 8:52pm 


David Shomo

from Virginia, USA

"Love the site!"

signed 27 Oct 2018 7:25pm 


Othniel Lindarto

from Earth

"I think Edgar Allan Poe was a good person because he excelled in his classes yet drowned in debt, but he is still a good person."

signed 27 Oct 2018 6:29pm 



from USA

"Interesting but eerie."

signed 27 Oct 2018 6:26pm 


Catherine Stenzel

from Minnesota

"Mr. Poe has forevermore been a kindred spirit. I read him in high school, taught him as an instructor, and fashioned some of my own poetry based on his inspiration, including one called "Raven Laughing," which has been published. Raven is my totem spirit and I have written much under his tutelage. CS"

signed 27 Oct 2018 6:21pm 


Isaiah Green

from South Dakota, SD, Earth


signed 27 Oct 2018 5:23pm 



from America

"I like this site it is very informative and it gives you great facts about Edgar and his poetry."

signed 27 Oct 2018 4:19pm 



from virginia

"My name is Phillip and I think this site is amazing.I loved that this site has everything I need to know about Edgar Allan Poe. My favorite story by Poe is "The Black Cat" because it was very interesting."

signed 27 Oct 2018 4:16pm 



from Willowick,Ohio

"This is so cool!"

signed 27 Oct 2018 2:52pm 



from Virginia

"My favorite story is the "Black Cat" because of the words he uses to describe the story in great detail."

signed 27 Oct 2018 11:49am 



from Usa, earth

"No comment"

signed 27 Oct 2018 11:28am 


Mya Torres

from USA

"My favorite story by far from Edgar Allan Poe is The Tell-Tale Heart, since it had a really deep meaning that I had to think about a lot."

signed 26 Oct 2018 7:26pm 



from Virgina, USA

"I recently read Poe's short story, "The Black Cat." I loved how the story plays on the idea of man's sin nature. We, as human beings, have an innate desire to do wrong simply because we know we shouldn't. Even though it was a bit strange and violent, I enjoyed reading "The Black Cat." I would definitely recommend reading it."

signed 26 Oct 2018 3:29pm 



from US, Kentucky

"Poe is a great Gothic literature writer. He is an inspiration to many."

signed 26 Oct 2018 3:20pm 



from california

"I believe that Poe is a great author also a great person."

signed 26 Oct 2018 3:02pm 



from Virginia

"Edgar Allen Poe had an interesting life. It is cool how much the circumstances you are placed in can influence your writing."

signed 26 Oct 2018 1:26pm 


Mia Hicks

from albany Ky

"Poe is a great writer even though most of his stories are very dark and have a lot of negativity. Most people can relate to the feelings that are presented in most of his books and novels."

signed 26 Oct 2018 1:13pm 


Bella Pacheco

from Usa,California

"Poe was an amazing writer. I love poetry, but if he was still alive I wish to know what they all mean for I am unsure. I read one of the poems and sounded like something I had heard before and it felt like something i have felt before. Thank you Mr.Poe for being a great writer with stories that will be read through the ages."

signed 26 Oct 2018 12:29pm 



from Mars

"Edgar Poe was truly a great writer. He knew how to leave you on the edge of your seats, then he kills his wife (The Black Cat). He is someone that knew how to maintain a perfect speed of the story, and knew how to make the suspense at the perfect level. He is someone that will not be forgotten for his wonderful, yet horrific, writings."

signed 26 Oct 2018 12:22pm 



from USA

"Edgar Allan Poe was such a good author sadd he died when i wasnt alive"

signed 26 Oct 2018 11:52am 


Fua Matsumura

from Newburgh

"This is a very great site."

signed 26 Oct 2018 11:45am 


Ben Kooistra

from Michigan, USA, Jupiter

"I think poe was a creative but strange mystical author."

signed 26 Oct 2018 10:54am 


madeline macke

from florida

"i love this website! super fun and super awesome i learned so much about this i now have a soft spot for poe keep reading everyone!"

signed 26 Oct 2018 9:57am 


Bo Foster

from USA clinton county ky 42602

"did poe ever have a kid?"

signed 26 Oct 2018 9:29am 


Ben Anticoli

from Ohio

"Nice website you got here"

signed 26 Oct 2018 9:10am 


Keegan Johnson

from United States

"Poe was a great writer. It is too bad he didn't make much money for his books."

signed 26 Oct 2018 8:07am 


Mack Kirkland

from Virginia, United States

"thank you"

signed 26 Oct 2018 7:58am 



from Earth

"I wonder who the Poe Toaster was..."

signed 25 Oct 2018 11:12pm 


Ethan COnrow

from Virginia, USA

"I am currently reading the Black Cat in my English class."

signed 25 Oct 2018 3:13pm 


hunter elmore

from usa

"Poe was the author that changed the thought of Gothic literature and scary stories as a whole he influenced many horror authors that followed. He also made books poems and novels that well know and"

signed 25 Oct 2018 3:01pm 




"its ya boi"

signed 25 Oct 2018 1:55pm 



from Earth

"this site is amazing!"

signed 25 Oct 2018 1:54pm 



from texas

"Kaylynn Arndt"

signed 25 Oct 2018 1:45pm 


Ali Jo Rice

from North Carolina

"I really liked the site because it told a lot of information about Edgar Allan Poe's Life."

signed 25 Oct 2018 1:21pm 



from earth

"im dead inside"

signed 25 Oct 2018 1:07pm 



from Maryland


signed 25 Oct 2018 1:05pm 



from Iowa


signed 25 Oct 2018 12:26pm 



from Illinois

"I love to read Edgar allan poe's stories around halloween. I like the erie content."

signed 25 Oct 2018 10:29am 


Luke Hyer

from Earth

"ur mom"

signed 25 Oct 2018 8:41am 


Grace M

from United States

"My favorite story is the Tell Tale Heart. It's perfectly creepy and suspenseful, and I love reading it during Halloween."

signed 25 Oct 2018 8:39am 


Grace Lynch

from Muskogee, Oklahoma

"Hi, my name is Grace Lynch and I like this website because it is put together well."

signed 25 Oct 2018 7:35am 


terrin mcnac

from oklahoma

"his poems are strange and creepy but interesting also."

signed 25 Oct 2018 12:05am 


Sam lindsey

from Kansas

"This is a nice website it helped a lot"

signed 24 Oct 2018 11:32pm 





signed 24 Oct 2018 9:56pm 



from Kansas

"i think this is a very useful website because it gives a lot of information to the reader."

signed 24 Oct 2018 9:35pm 


Avery Bowlin

from Kansas,USA

"This site is amazing and I’ve learned a ton of interesting things from it!"

signed 24 Oct 2018 8:54pm 



from Odenton

"Edgar Allan Poe is a great writer!"

signed 24 Oct 2018 8:53pm 



from Earth

"Thanks, this website helped me with my english homework."

signed 24 Oct 2018 8:53pm 


Jenny Murillo Porras

from USA, Kansas, Earth

"I have always been deeply interested in Poe's poems and what inspired them"

signed 24 Oct 2018 8:01pm 


Catalina Romero

from Oklahoma

"I loved learning about Edgar."

signed 24 Oct 2018 7:14pm 


Frank Mermis

from United states of America

"Hey its ya boy,Frank"

signed 24 Oct 2018 3:50pm 


Sam Arrandale

from Uranus


signed 24 Oct 2018 3:47pm 



from South Dakota

"I have not read any of Poe's stories and they sound interesting. I might have to read one."

signed 24 Oct 2018 2:34pm 



from Maryland

"Hello i'm researching."

signed 24 Oct 2018 2:32pm 


Corie Wadsworth

from Indiana

"I liked the film about poe"

signed 24 Oct 2018 2:26pm 


Jack Sandifer

from Jupiter

"I love all of Poe's work."

signed 24 Oct 2018 1:24pm 


JaeQuan Jones

from U.S,NC,Earth

"This is a very helpful, and great site."

signed 24 Oct 2018 1:17pm 



from Earth

"Saw dood"

signed 24 Oct 2018 1:11pm 


Shealynn Griffin

from USA, Indians, Newburgh

"Poe is a very good writer."

signed 24 Oct 2018 11:56am 


Robert Douglass

from U.S.A Maryland earth Hanover


signed 24 Oct 2018 10:52am 



from the cheese planet

"Edgar Allan Poe is an interesting person to read about."

signed 24 Oct 2018 10:38am 



from North Carolina

"Has good and useful information about Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 24 Oct 2018 10:17am 


Kylie Mcintosh

from Newburgh Indiana

"what a great author!"

signed 24 Oct 2018 10:04am 



from Earth

"I think that it is good but I think that there needs to be a version that is small like the one you got but then there should be a extended version."

signed 24 Oct 2018 9:59am 



from U.S, NC, Earth


signed 24 Oct 2018 9:56am 


Kensi Hollern

from North America, North Carolina

"I am Kensi Hollern and I think this site was very helpful. My favorite Edgar Allen Poe story would have to be "The Cask of Amontillado". I think it was interesting to see the murderer's side of the story, rather than the victims."

signed 24 Oct 2018 9:53am 



from north america

"i loved his poems"

signed 24 Oct 2018 9:53am 


Jazmine Henry

from Muskogee,OK

"Great website"

signed 24 Oct 2018 9:49am 



from north caolina

"raven would be my favorite because it shows emotion and is very interesting to read"

signed 24 Oct 2018 9:43am 



from Houston,Texas

"Hi my name is Ryan and I am doing a semi project for school."

signed 24 Oct 2018 9:39am 


Emanuel lachapel

from earth

"i really dont want to do this"

signed 24 Oct 2018 9:20am 


Jackman, Calen

from Oklahoma

"Edgar Allan Poe is a cool dude."

signed 24 Oct 2018 8:56am 


Daniel Nava

from United States, Oklahoma, earth

"Miss you Edgar."

signed 23 Oct 2018 11:51pm 


Ashley Richardson

from Muskogee,Oklahoma

"This was a great site."

signed 23 Oct 2018 11:28pm 



from Earth

"Cool site!"

signed 23 Oct 2018 10:13pm 



from Kansas

"I am just learning about him."

signed 23 Oct 2018 9:59pm 


karissa capps

from u.s.a OK Muskogee

"Karissa Capps"

signed 23 Oct 2018 9:05pm 


Rhyley Pack

from Muskogee, OK


signed 23 Oct 2018 9:02pm 



from U.S., NC, North topsail beach

"Edgar Allen Poe had a very fascinating life and his death was a weird thing!"

signed 23 Oct 2018 8:50pm 


Maddie Armstrong

from United States

"This was a good source for our classes web quest on Poe."

signed 23 Oct 2018 8:23pm 



from Weaver

"Edgar Allan Poetry"

signed 23 Oct 2018 8:05pm 



from Muskogee,OK

"Cool website! I like how this site gives good details about Edgar and his life."

signed 23 Oct 2018 6:18pm 



from reeeeeeeeee

"gOoOD BoOk"

signed 23 Oct 2018 5:26pm 


Mecca Fisher

from Oklahoma,Muskogee

"Hi, my name is Mecca Fisher. I'm new to this site and is curious about the work of Edgar Allen Poe."

signed 23 Oct 2018 5:25pm 


Antonio Sullivan

from De Soto, KS, USA

"Your stories are amazing"

signed 23 Oct 2018 5:23pm 



from oklahoma

"I am Leah and I think the website is very organized."

signed 23 Oct 2018 5:15pm 



from Oklahoma

"I think its so cool to learn about Edgar Allan Poe and some of the history of how modern literature came to be."

signed 23 Oct 2018 5:09pm 


Deeyana scaggs

from oklahoma

"hey, my name is deeyana scaggs and i love ths site it has helped me a lot with finding some pretty deep information about edgar allen poe and it gave me some pretty good details about his life and his family when he died and how he died and showed some pretty cool monuments and pictures of him. i suggest everyone please go and visit this site because it will help you very much thank you so much bye"

signed 23 Oct 2018 4:56pm 



from Somewhere.

"Poe is probably one of my favorite poets, as I’m generally a fan of darker sounding work!"

signed 23 Oct 2018 3:59pm 



from area 51

"i am doing this for an assignment in school...YAYA"

signed 23 Oct 2018 3:46pm 



from Muskogee

"Greetings I am human...I swear!"

signed 23 Oct 2018 3:14pm 



from USA,Michigan, Earth


signed 23 Oct 2018 3:03pm 


Alexis B.

from South Carolina

"We are learning about Edgar Allan Poe now at school."

signed 23 Oct 2018 3:00pm 


Ethan Fuller

from U.S.A

"Edger Allen Poe is one of the most memorable and beloved actors in history."

signed 23 Oct 2018 1:55pm 


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100 signatures per page - 14,531 total