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Emma Lynn

from United States,Georgia,

"Edgar Allan Poe is pretty interesting."

signed 28 Nov 2018 8:43am 



from Mississippi

"I love his poems"

signed 27 Nov 2018 11:37pm 



from Usa,NY,Earth

"Hiii!!! I am from Nyack New York and my english teacher Mrs.Johnson is teaching us about Edgar Allan Poe. We are at the end of this unit but we have to write a long paragraph on if we think poe was a lunatic or a genius. i chose genius. i love the story annabel lee the mask of the red death and nevermore. keep in mind im in grade 6"

signed 27 Nov 2018 8:46pm 


Isaiah Nichols

from South Carolina

"I love Edgar Allen Poe but he is so creepy. Other than that he was a very talented guy!"

signed 27 Nov 2018 8:26pm 



from america Mississippi earth

"I love his story the tell-tale heart"

signed 27 Nov 2018 7:42pm 



from South Carolina

"Olivia Amrhein"

signed 27 Nov 2018 6:34pm 



from United States


signed 27 Nov 2018 6:04pm 


Dalton Stevens

from Mississippi

"Edgar Allen Poe is cool!"

signed 27 Nov 2018 5:17pm 


cory brunson stormi and hannah

from mabank texas

"yeeyee brother"

signed 27 Nov 2018 4:06pm 



from Pluto

"My favorite two stories from Poe would have to be "Annabel Lee" as well as "The Tell-Tale Heart"."

signed 27 Nov 2018 9:48am 



from Liberty

"Edgar is creepy, but creative."

signed 27 Nov 2018 8:44am 



from earth

"the best of the best and always the best"

signed 27 Nov 2018 8:03am 



from South Carolina

"I go to wren middle school"

signed 26 Nov 2018 9:21pm 


Isaac white

from Mississippi

"I love the tell-tale hart"

signed 26 Nov 2018 7:09pm 



from Texas

"Edgar was the best poet in his time."

signed 26 Nov 2018 4:17pm 



from Colorado

"Hey, my name is, Sylvia. I live in Broomfeild, Colorado. I love Poe's stories. He is cool!!!!!"

signed 26 Nov 2018 2:55pm 



from Mabank

"Hi I'm great today"

signed 26 Nov 2018 1:24pm 


Jeremy Mclaughlin

from South Carolina


signed 26 Nov 2018 11:52am 


Makayla Moore

from Mabank

"I love poetry but I'm only doing this for a class Web Quest."

signed 26 Nov 2018 10:24am 



from United States

"I love Edgar Allen Poe's STORIES"

signed 26 Nov 2018 10:03am 



from sylvester

"You're AMAZING"

signed 26 Nov 2018 8:28am 


Alvin brown

from Hampton

"This is a good site to get information"

signed 22 Nov 2018 11:38am 



from usa,maryland,earth,hanover

"why did Edgar Allan Poe REALLY kill the old man? he couldn't have killed him because he did not like the fact that one of his eyes was "blind" and white and but nothing in it's soul."

signed 21 Nov 2018 6:34pm 


Erika Welch

from USA, Utah, Earth

"My favorite Poe story is The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether. I like how many twists it has, and I always enjoy reading it. Thank you for giving everyone the access to read all of Poe's amazing work!"

signed 21 Nov 2018 3:36pm 


Rachel P

from MA, USA

"I enjoy this website because it includes many assorted works by Poe as well as background information about him. I enjoy Poe’s stories because they have a dark and ominous mood that is unlike to many other authors."

signed 21 Nov 2018 6:33am 



from hampton,va

"I love his poetry im a fan I guess"

signed 20 Nov 2018 2:40pm 


Cecilia Hammer

from Maplewood New Jersey

"My favorite poem is The Pit and the Pendulum because it talks about what dying can feel like. I also like Annabelle Lee because it talks about the loss of a loved one. The Raven is a interesting one to because the Raven represents the death."

signed 20 Nov 2018 12:14pm 


Jenna K

from United States

"I like poems by Edgar Allan Poe, my personal favorite is "Alone""

signed 20 Nov 2018 11:57am 



from planet-sector 7z1 nebula 1

"This site is awesome helped me find a lot of his poems that i didn't even know was there, my favorite poem was the cask of amontillado. Hope this site stays up for a while so i can read all of them."

signed 20 Nov 2018 10:32am 


angelie c.

from florida

"my name is angelie."

signed 20 Nov 2018 9:59am 



from United States

"I think this is a very helpful and informative website that is convenient to use."

signed 19 Nov 2018 11:22pm 



from New Jersey

"I like his style of writing how cruel and dark it is, but has a deeper and meaningful message."

signed 19 Nov 2018 10:42pm 


Brendan Sillman

from Michigan

"It's hard to believe that Edgar Allan Poe wasn't a millionaire with these pieces of work! Great I could still get to see them though through this website."

signed 19 Nov 2018 10:16pm 



from Earth

"edgar allen poe is cool and good"

signed 19 Nov 2018 9:21pm 


Freya S.

from mass

"I really like Poe's style of story-telling - suspenseful, and a bit creepy and demented. A bit spooky in the best way."

signed 19 Nov 2018 7:40pm 


Naomi Stefens

from Maplewood

"The Pit and the Pendulum is such an interesting story, it really makes your adrenaline start pumping!"

signed 19 Nov 2018 7:36pm 



from Kansas


signed 19 Nov 2018 7:10pm 



from New Jersey

"The sheer darkness of his poems make one wonder "what is going on inside this man's head?""

signed 19 Nov 2018 7:08pm 



from Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe writes amazing short stories and poems, and it's fun to decipher their meanings and theorize. I should also mention that horror and mystery are some of my favorite genres of literature."

signed 19 Nov 2018 6:57pm 




"Poe is a wonderfull poet and he uses so many tools that get his point across womderfully."

signed 19 Nov 2018 5:58pm 



from Earth

"Honestly I don't know much about Edgar Allan Poe, but he seems to have such an intricate complexion of a life."

signed 19 Nov 2018 5:25pm 


Olivia P

from Medfield

"I find Poe's work extremely captivating and scary at the same time. The ominous mood in the majority of his stories attracts me to his work as it is very different from most stories."

signed 19 Nov 2018 4:29pm 



from US, New Jersey

"Poe is a great writer, and I believe he has inspired many."

signed 19 Nov 2018 4:08pm 



from Maplewood

"It is very good"

signed 19 Nov 2018 3:55pm 



from Earth

"such an inspirational and unique writer, his stories will live on forever."

signed 19 Nov 2018 3:23pm 


kimani jacobs-robinson

from earth


signed 19 Nov 2018 2:31pm 


Meredith Burtt

from New Jersey, USA, Earth


signed 19 Nov 2018 2:04pm 


Joseph Nickerson

from Medfield, MA

"Edgar Allen Poe was a very interesting and influencial person who still influences our culture today."

signed 19 Nov 2018 12:24pm 


Abigail Blankenship

from Pluto,Qwun,Huger

"I LOVE Edgar Allen Poe, and I'm glad I stumbled upon this sight. I'll spread the word! ^~^ >:3 :3 ;) :)"

signed 19 Nov 2018 12:18pm 



from Jupiter

"Edgar Allen Poe is a good writer."

signed 19 Nov 2018 12:09pm 


Alice Cripe

from Maplewood


signed 19 Nov 2018 9:50am 


Thomas Stewart

from Kinston, NC


signed 19 Nov 2018 9:20am 




"Edgar Allan Poe is very interesting. His tragic background and life story create a unique prespective for him to use."

signed 19 Nov 2018 7:45am 


Sydney V.

from MA, USA, Earth

"I love this website! It has very valuable information, and it's a really good resource! I really like Edgar Allan Poe and all of the works he published, especially the depressing ones."

signed 18 Nov 2018 9:50pm 


Thomas S.

from Pluto

"Poe seems like a weird dude, pretty smart though."

signed 18 Nov 2018 9:14pm 


Brendan L

from China

"Edgar Allan Poe was a great writer. RIP to that great character. Will definitely be missed. :("

signed 18 Nov 2018 9:02pm 



from Massachusetts

"My favorite book by Edgar Allan Poe would be “The Cask of Amontillado” because it has really good irony and it is interesting and suspenseful."

signed 18 Nov 2018 1:09pm 


sophie ramirez

from united states florida


signed 17 Nov 2018 10:50am 


Amanda Cole

from Matthews

"He was my favorite poetry artist I am 92 now and he is still my favorite"

signed 16 Nov 2018 4:57pm 



from Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe’s stories are very interesting. They aren’t like many pieces of literature, as they go out of their way to be as dark and morbid as possible. His gothic masterpieces still leave an impact on so many people with topics of insanity, death, and betrayal."

signed 16 Nov 2018 11:57am 


Cynthia King

from Raleigh, NC

"Thank you for your site! I am 56 years old and Poe has been a favorite of mine since I was a child. Because of you I always have him with me! My favorite story is The BLack Cat. Thanks again, such a beautiful job!"

signed 16 Nov 2018 7:09am 



from earth

"Edgar was insane."

signed 15 Nov 2018 11:01pm 


Jonathan Faundez

from Illinois, united stated

"I am Jonathan and i am studying Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 15 Nov 2018 1:43pm 


Nimai K

from Medfield

"Edgar Allen Poe was a brilliantly twisted author who had an unfortunate life."

signed 14 Nov 2018 4:44pm 



from America, South Carolina, Earth

"Hi guys"

signed 14 Nov 2018 12:51pm 


baylee dykeman

from Mars


signed 14 Nov 2018 12:10pm 


Josiah spann

from California

"Edgar made very scary stories."

signed 14 Nov 2018 10:59am 


Joseph cusano

from Florida

"The stories from Edgar Allan Poe are very good and I like this website."

signed 13 Nov 2018 9:16pm 


Abby Chamlee

from United States

"This is a very helpful site."

signed 13 Nov 2018 4:25pm 



from jupiter

"super cool guy"

signed 13 Nov 2018 2:16pm 


Ryan luna

from USA,Texas

"i like takis"

signed 13 Nov 2018 1:19pm 



from 42445

"it was great for my research project"

signed 13 Nov 2018 1:11pm 


Alex pablo

from Kentukcy


signed 12 Nov 2018 8:20pm 


Lilli Wilson

from Ashland, Ky

"Edgar Allan Poe was a weird man of his time. Though his stories are interesting, he did marry his first cousin who was 13 years old."

signed 12 Nov 2018 3:15pm 



from US,Florida,Earth

"Edagar Allan Poe is a really good poet and his stories are really interesting especially my favorite "The Raven""

signed 12 Nov 2018 2:37pm 




"This man died before he could show what he could do, and for that we should weep."

signed 12 Nov 2018 11:18am 



from Earth

"My favorite story that was from Edgar Allan Poe is "Murders in the Rue Morgue"."

signed 11 Nov 2018 8:36pm 



from Califronia

"Poe's work and writing are amazing and interesting. Each tale and poem keeping you on the edge of your seat, running your eyes line to line to find out what's next. Truly, perfect."

signed 11 Nov 2018 7:31pm 



from Birmingham Alabama

"This isn't the teletubbies wiki. Very upset. 0/5 stars from me."

signed 11 Nov 2018 6:47pm 


Darien Bowman

from Kentucky

"Hi. I like this website."

signed 11 Nov 2018 5:52pm 



from USA

"I'm learning about Edgar Allan Poe in school and I think that this site does a really good job at giving important information about him. I have only read the Tell-Tale Heart and from that I found that even though his stories are creepy, he does a great job at showing emotions, feelings, and making the reader interested."

signed 11 Nov 2018 2:25pm 


titanic boy

from Uranus

"The Tell-Tale Heart was my favorite poe story. I love the description of the heart beating."

signed 11 Nov 2018 11:26am 


rose wages

from califonia

"A Dream Within A Dream is a very touching poem that I agree with if I have the meaning correct. I think that it means that life is like a dream that we will soon wake up from. It is very deep and truthful that one day we will wake up, even if we try to clasp it tighter we can not save our lives from the wave. All we can do is take care of it wail we have it."

signed 09 Nov 2018 8:40pm 



from san bernardino

"Edgar Allen Poe shaped future story telling forever."

signed 09 Nov 2018 8:30pm 



from California

"Your stories are really interesting. You do really good at writing and I wish to be as famous as you one day and even though youre dead, your name always still spreads around. Anyways rip."

signed 09 Nov 2018 3:50pm 



from great falls

"edgar allen poe is pretty neat xd"

signed 09 Nov 2018 2:38pm 


Adriana Lara

from Arizona

"This was a grade"

signed 08 Nov 2018 7:19pm 


Evan Svoboda

from Usa, Az, Earth


signed 08 Nov 2018 12:13pm 


Kyle linn

from united states

"Im here to learn my dudes"

signed 08 Nov 2018 11:24am 



from Salas


signed 08 Nov 2018 11:11am 



from America, AZ, Earth

"Edgar Allen Poe was a legend"

signed 08 Nov 2018 11:08am 


Denali VanDam

from Arizona

"Poe is an inspiration"

signed 08 Nov 2018 11:05am 


Tobias kunkel

from Arizona United States

"This author really really interests me and I want to know more"

signed 08 Nov 2018 10:07am 


Matt Butler

from Arizona

"A greatly informed site containing everything about Edgar Allan Poe’s life, including but not limited to his poems, pictures, and quotes. Great site!"

signed 08 Nov 2018 9:43am 


Jonas Salah

from Maricopa

"I'm here from a project at Maricopa High school."

signed 08 Nov 2018 9:42am 



from earth

"Amazing Story teller"

signed 07 Nov 2018 8:34pm 


kynadee florence

from earth

"I think that the poem the "Raven" is a really good poem because it shows his true emotion."

signed 07 Nov 2018 8:01pm 


Ellie Dossett

from Pluto


signed 07 Nov 2018 7:05pm 



from United States

"can't wait to read more of his works. Thanks Poestories"

signed 07 Nov 2018 5:25pm 



from Illinois

"The Tell-Tale Heart is the best."

signed 07 Nov 2018 3:32pm 


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100 signatures per page - 14,531 total