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from Earth

"Your word choice confuses me, but I really like the passion with which you wrote your books and stories!"

signed 09 Sep 2019 3:37pm 


Jacob Rollins

from Virginia

"Poe wrote some amazing things while he was alive and its a shame it was not as recognized then as it is now"

signed 09 Sep 2019 3:28pm 


Jessica Mueller

from Virginia (VA)

"Poe writes very terrifying stories but that is what gives him dimension as a writer. He always keeps one on edge and writes unpredictable endings which keeps the audience engaged."

signed 09 Sep 2019 2:39pm 


your mom

from new kenassey planate zoron 5

"it is creepy but my favorite poem is eldorado because it is not as creepy as every other Poe poem"

signed 09 Sep 2019 10:50am 



from Virginia

"Poe was a leader and pioneered the way to the modern horror genre"

signed 09 Sep 2019 9:40am 



from mumbai

"This site is the best way to showcase literature as eerie as Poe's. I had a lot of fun here. "the tell-tale heart", is my favorite story from Poe."

signed 09 Sep 2019 6:18am 


Paulo Samtar

from new zealand

"Love Poe! Fits my eldritch personality. Always happy to chat with fans"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
"eldritch" is a great word ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

signed 09 Sep 2019 2:50am 


Camaron Lyle

from Earth

"Poe was an amazing author and poet, he happens to be one of my favorites. I love the darkness and mystery in his stories/ poems. My favorite short story written by him is, The Tell-Tale Heart."

signed 09 Sep 2019 12:14am 


Troy Watkins

from Poquoson, Va

"I thought Poe was a good author with a very wide range of vocabulary that I quite couldn't understand. The concepts of his stories though are very unique and one of a kind. Poe was a very smart man that lost his life way too early in his prime."

signed 08 Sep 2019 11:34pm 


Olivia Gilmore

from Usa, Virginia, earth

"Over the summer I read a few Edgar Allan Poe poems and I loved them. Poes imagery is what got me hooked. Every situation that his characters were in I felt as if I was in them too and that means a lot to me. Poe has got to be one of my Favorite authors, if anything, he is."

signed 08 Sep 2019 10:03pm 



from Virginia

"My message for poe is thank you for a wonderful summer of wonderful reading"

signed 08 Sep 2019 9:01pm 



from Earth

"I absolutely adore Poe's vivid word choice. I especially love how gruesome his stories are and how he thoroughly describes these bloody moments."

signed 08 Sep 2019 8:46pm 



from Earth

"It was a blast to learn more about Poe and read his stories, he is such a cool dude especially after basically creating the horror/detective genre :D I wonder what he could've made if he hadn't died so young"

signed 08 Sep 2019 7:33pm 



from U.S.A

"I love how in his works there is a element of mystery along with horror that goes so well together."

signed 08 Sep 2019 6:25pm 


Lillian Linthicum

from Poquoson, Virginia

"I'm personally not a fan of Edgar Allen Poe's stories because i'm not interested in the horror genre. I find it a little too creepy for me. I respect what he's done for today's authors he really has changed the standards."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Hi Lillian. I like your honesty. But Poe wrote a lot more than horror. Have you tried reading a romantic comedy like The Spectacles? Or, how about The System of Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether, another comedy about a hospital for the insane?

signed 08 Sep 2019 3:10pm 


Lance Frost

from USA, VA

"Poe is known for his poems and writings. Most people know who he is because of his work, but not about who he is, Poe never had much; always struggles after struggles, but somehow he got out of it, he saved himself."

signed 08 Sep 2019 2:29pm 



from earth, US

"He was a GREAT writer and I am always excited to read something that he has written."

signed 08 Sep 2019 2:19pm 


Stephanie Freeman

from US, Virginia, Earth

"Poe is very undervalued. I never was interested in the horror genre until reading Poe's stories. Reading his stories over the summer was one of my favorite projects in my entire school career. I hope to continue reading all his stories as everybody should too."

signed 08 Sep 2019 2:01pm 


Patrick N.

from Virginia

"Poe writes stories that appeal to a very specific group of which I am not part of. They are all morbid and depressing."

signed 08 Sep 2019 1:23pm 


Barrett Wise

from Poquoson, Virginia

"Poe was the type of author that could of never of occurred if a certain chain of events never happened. He could of been left to die in the streets of Baltimore when his parents died and he would of never written any of his great short stories or poems. He could of just quit his dreams of becoming a writer and just been a tobacco farmer like his father wanted to be. That is why he is special."

signed 08 Sep 2019 1:16pm 


Sophie Young

from Virginia

"Poe was a very successful author. The words he wrote spoke to many people and his way of writing made me feel attached to the poems."

signed 08 Sep 2019 1:15pm 


Skyler Parks

from Earth

"I'm not a huge fan of the horror genre, but Edgar Allan Poe's horror short stories and poems were different. They did get me scared at some of the parts, but he knew when to stop. I give him so much respect for him by fighting so many battles that he had in his life and still finding a way to write as many short stories and poems that he did make in his life time."

signed 07 Sep 2019 10:45pm 



from Virginia,USA,Earth

"A very interesting person and incredibly talented writer and poet. I love his stories."

signed 07 Sep 2019 10:18pm 


Jo Gr

from U.S.A

"I think that what Poe started with the entire murder mystery genre is truly incredible. It is always sad to think about the conditions of his death and I can only imagine what he could have done if his conditions could have been prime."

signed 07 Sep 2019 6:54pm 



from Texas

"Hi i like the information"

signed 07 Sep 2019 10:42am 



from USA

"As an artist, Poe was mysterious. As a Poet, Poe was extravagant."

signed 07 Sep 2019 9:40am 


Sally Sisk

from Knoxville,TN

"A true lover of Poe. I've admired and taught his literature for 20 years."

signed 06 Sep 2019 3:30pm 



from Texas

"This site is amazing!"

signed 06 Sep 2019 3:23pm 


Libbie Harper

from USA

"Poe was an amazing author that always leaves me wondering, what's next?"

signed 06 Sep 2019 2:26pm 


Jasmine Tyson

from Alabama

"reading about Allan Poe has been succesful and his poems is very encouraging this man has a big impact on some people life."

signed 06 Sep 2019 2:18pm 


a ghost

from Planet Earth

"this dude was the original emo in a good way"

signed 06 Sep 2019 2:13pm 



from United States

"This website is a great source for information about Edgar Allan Poe. My favorite short stories are "The Masque of the Red Death" and "The Tell-Tale Heart." Poe was an insightful and influential author."

signed 06 Sep 2019 1:56pm 



from Virginia

"Poe's stories have opened up my eyes and caused me to want to write more vividly. His writing style is very influential and his stories are so captivating. I love the horror genre and how he uses the supernatural in some of his stories."

signed 06 Sep 2019 1:03pm 


Alyssa W

from USA

"I admire Poe's ability to see the true nature of humans and how he doesn't sugar-coat the truth."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I agree 100%!

signed 06 Sep 2019 12:42pm 


Connor Cole

from United States

"Poes is a very dark and deep author. His works are very interesting and can entertain you for a while. I also love the sad and horror elements that he puts into his stories."

signed 06 Sep 2019 10:49am 


Brooke W

from Indiana


signed 06 Sep 2019 10:18am 


Hailey Swartzbaugh

from Poquoson,VA,23662

"Thank you for everything you do for people trying to learn more about Poe!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
You're Welcome!!

signed 05 Sep 2019 7:57pm 


Alyssa Ramsey

from Virginia

"Poe made very deep and well-written stories. I admire how, even though he struggled, he kept following his dream of becoming a poet."

signed 05 Sep 2019 7:28pm 


kelsie insley

from america, Virginia

"Edgar Allan poe was a amazing author."

signed 05 Sep 2019 1:57pm 


Hunter Berry

from United States


signed 05 Sep 2019 1:35pm 



from Washington

"The Conqueror Worm is the best one"

signed 05 Sep 2019 11:49am 


Caden Murray

from United States

"HI, I like Tell Tale Heart."

signed 05 Sep 2019 9:55am 



from U.S.A.

"I enjoy this site because it has lots of fascinating information about poe and all of his work."

signed 05 Sep 2019 9:47am 


Bernice Venable

from USA MD

"Great to know this is a available. I love how definitions are added to some of the words. It helps to paint the complete picture to give it more meaning. Thank you, "Btv Eternally""

signed 04 Sep 2019 8:11pm 



from United states

"My favorite poem by him is Annabel Lee"

signed 04 Sep 2019 8:01pm 



from indiana

"this website helped a lot."

signed 04 Sep 2019 3:02pm 



from North Carolina

"This is a very well constructed website. I appreciate the effort put into this to create a space where everyone can enjoy Poe and his work!"

signed 04 Sep 2019 1:12pm 



from united states

"hi! this is a really cool site and i want to read some stories because they intrigue me"

signed 04 Sep 2019 12:06pm 


Joshua McCool

from Indiana

"Poe is a great author."

signed 04 Sep 2019 9:37am 


deanna jones

from u.s. indiana

"he is a very good writer"

signed 03 Sep 2019 2:52pm 



from indiana

"we in here doe"

signed 03 Sep 2019 10:06am 



from France

"So Cool!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:

signed 03 Sep 2019 5:21am 


Michael Ryland

from West Virginia, USA

"What a wonderful site! I have been a fan of Poe since high school and to once again read the old favorites (The Raven, Annabel Lee, The Tell-Tale Heart) and discover something new (I just read Hop-Frog for the first time) is a real treat. Thanks for creating and maintaining this site!"

signed 30 Aug 2019 11:40pm 


Caroline Carrier

from Topeka

"I'm Caroline Carrier and I'm 18 years old. The English teacher I had during my freshman year of High School introduced my class to this site and it has been one of my favorites ever since. I enjoy all of Poe's stories and poems, but the one that has always stuck with me was Annabel Lee. I'm not really sure why. It's just written so beautifully. 8-30-2019"

signed 30 Aug 2019 11:34am 


Breanna Cottrill

from united states Illinois

"This website has tons of useful information and was helpful"

signed 29 Aug 2019 10:43pm 


Jace Hughes

from Illinois

"this is for my english class"

signed 29 Aug 2019 6:57pm 



from australia


signed 29 Aug 2019 12:56am 


Christian Schroeter

from United States, Illinois, Earth

"This site was very helpful for my assignment on Edgar Allan Poe and I know I can go to this website if I need a lot of information because this is really reliable."

signed 28 Aug 2019 10:50pm 



from Alabama


signed 28 Aug 2019 3:33pm 


Emily Hicks

from United States

"Poe has been my favorite writer since I was in seventh grade."

signed 28 Aug 2019 10:10am 



from Illinois

"This is a good learning page to find facts about him on."

signed 27 Aug 2019 10:56am 



from united states

"its so cool."

signed 27 Aug 2019 8:45am 



from Nebula M78

"Great work. I am so happy that I found this website. I've been reading Poe in Chinese since I was very young. In China this month is 'Ghost Month'. Here I sincerely invite Poe's ghost to come visit through the netting twine."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I love to hear things like this from around the world!

signed 23 Aug 2019 5:32am 


Emily Strathouse

from Texas

"I love Poe!"

signed 22 Aug 2019 10:35pm 



from Lima,Peru

"Hullo there, future here, This site is amazing, I can find all about Edgar Allan Poe, I'm still a huge fan of his stories and poems and I always loved "The Tell-Tale Heart" Also, thank you, your work is awesome! I hope you are doing good, friend. R.I.P Edgar A.P. ,A"

signed 22 Aug 2019 12:08am 



from Beijing China

"First of all, I want to say thank you. Because of this website I am able to read many original stories and poetries of Allan Poe. You know, in China, it is hard to find an original edition of his story. As a result, when I found this website, I was very satisfied and happy. Conveniently, my English level improved a lot. And my English name is from his poetry The Raven. I like Poe's Gothic stories and detective stories. I think He has too much imagination and I cannot understand all of his stories. I will read them continuously. And the last word: thank you!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
You are very welcome!

signed 20 Aug 2019 8:53am 


Caitlyn Blake

from Florida

"A beautifully crafted collective of the genius/classic writer, Edgar Allan Poe. Follow this website, as it takes you on a bit of a virtual tour/adventure, including - but not limited to, photography of places the author would frequent, Poe fan art, and works of the dark artist on display all HERE !! Happy to have come across this website and happy to share it with others! Cheers- Caitlyn Blake -"

signed 14 Aug 2019 8:27pm 



from Connecticut

"Browsing the 7th grade curriculum for the new district I'll be teaching in this year, I came across this website as a suggested digital resource. I can't wait to use it with my students!"

signed 08 Aug 2019 11:22pm 



from usa


signed 07 Aug 2019 12:39am 


Annalise Delegal

from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"Iโ€™ve always loved the dark atmosphere Poe brings to his writing, I actually just got a collection of his writings the other day and stumbled upon this site! My favorite story is the Oval Portrait, itโ€™s the first one of his I have read and what got me captivated enough to read the rest. Glad to know there are fellow readers out there who enjoy his work as much as I do!"

signed 05 Aug 2019 9:17pm 


Carole Martorana

from Mahopac, NY

"Robert, we were together when you were so passionately creating this. Your beautiful mind has always intrigued me and inspired me to explore more and push myself. I'm so proud of you for all you've achieved, but more importantly all that you've overcome! I will always have a soft spot in my heart for you. I wish you continued success and great findings along the way"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Thank you Carole ๐Ÿ’œ

signed 05 Aug 2019 8:47pm 


Jennifer Ann Gratz

from United States, Florida, Earth

"Thanks, Robert!! My good friend and your wonderful page. I love poetry and write myself. Thanks for your interest and attention to Poe here. :)"

signed 05 Aug 2019 7:50pm 



from New Mexico, USA

"I don't know how many times I read The Raven in school. I was never into it. 20 some years later, I was inspired to read some of his other works (by a girl), and I fell in love with his works, starting with The Tell-tale Heart, and The Pit and the Pendulum. I'm hooked now!"

signed 05 Aug 2019 12:41pm 


Angela Marsh

from Eureka, IL

"I love your site! I have been a Poe fan since I discovered him in High 20+ years. I have collected many of his books. He has influenced much of my reading as well as my writing. Thank you for this wonderful site!"

signed 04 Aug 2019 4:22pm 



from Somewhere in the Universe

"I'd never read much about Edgar Allan Poe. Then I showed my poetry to my daughter. Her response "Wow Mom, very Edgar Allan Poe-ish. I love the darkness & mysteriousness of his writings. Love this site...what a great find!"

signed 02 Aug 2019 2:05am 


Savannah Sutton


"Hello peeps of the internet. Thank you for creating this, I am in college and have chosen Poe as the subject for a very lengthy paper and this website has helped majorly and helped me understand him a bit more. He is one of my favorite authors. Thank you! :)"

signed 21 Jul 2019 9:31pm 


Gabby S.

from North Carolina, USA

"Always loved Edgar Allan Poe's works and your website helped me with a big project in college so thank you."

signed 16 Jul 2019 9:26pm 



from United States

"Amazing site I appreciate you making his work so easy to find and understand with the word definition links"

signed 14 Jul 2019 7:36am 



from India

"You are doing great work. Cheers for the future."

signed 12 Jul 2019 3:16pm 



from Virginia

"First heard about Poe in the Simpson's tree house of horror where they covered the Raven and knew I had to read more and more. Throughout my time in school I have read many of his stories and poems and am yet to find one I dislike. I appreciate them all being on the web for my view pleasure. Thanks friend"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Here's the Simpson's Treehouse of Horror episode featuring The Raven:

signed 28 Jun 2019 12:47am 


Joseph Smith

from Sydney, Australia

"I love reading and have enjoy Edgar Allan Poe. Please send me details of more authors Joe"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
H.P. Lovecraft is another one of my favorite authors. He was a huge fan of Poe and was influenced by him from an early age. You can learn more about Lovecraft here.

signed 26 Jun 2019 5:38pm 


Martha Estela Fernamdez

from Cordoba,Argentina

"I've become A FAN OF Poe's back in 2005 approximately when I was studying American Literature at college: School of languages at university. Poe's works are all seriously good and now I'll try to get acquainted with some of his unknown works such as comedies and the rest of it...Cheers !!!"

signed 25 Jun 2019 4:52pm 



from betelgeuse


signed 13 Jun 2019 7:44pm 


Ronald and Samantha jacobs

from ClintonCT,USA,our own world

"We are some of the biggest fans of Edgar Allen Poe and we love our world of our own and all the poetry and art and design and development and etc. That is what it's made up of and will continue to be built on until all our beauty and strength and love and art and unique thinking of you and your world( meaning all earth's inhabitants and their small minded views)."

signed 06 Jun 2019 10:29pm 


Elida Cantu

from Lake Isabella, CA

"lol this is for school."

signed 06 Jun 2019 2:46pm 


Kim Fields

from Virginia Beach, VA

"Just recently got interested in Edgar Allan Poe poems, next month I will visit the museum in Richmond, just started reading Murders in the Rue Morgue. I like your site and history on EAP, thanks for putting this together."

signed 05 Jun 2019 12:15pm 



from Lake Isabella California

"For extra credit."

signed 04 Jun 2019 7:37pm 


Xavier Carter

from NC, Gastonia

"His stories are very interesting and will have me pondering about what it would be like if he were to still be alive, and actually gleeful for once!"

signed 30 May 2019 8:31pm 



from Florida

"I like your stories"

signed 30 May 2019 12:39pm 



from United states, North Carolina


signed 30 May 2019 11:45am 



from North Carolina. USA

"Black cats rule! This was frightening, but THE Bomb!"

signed 29 May 2019 11:50pm 


Kennedy Williams

from NC

"My Favorite Poem is "Tell-Tale Heart" because it is an exciting suspenseful piece that keeps you wondering what will happen next!"

signed 29 May 2019 7:02pm 



from earth

"im pretty young, but Poe's works just fascinate me so much. i came here to read more of them and learn more about the mysteries that his life and works of literature contained."

signed 26 May 2019 9:32pm 



from USA


signed 24 May 2019 2:19pm 



from Wonderland

"I was inspired by the band Marianas Trench to read some of Poe's stories and I have to say, they did him justice! Proud of my boys!"

signed 20 May 2019 9:43pm 



from Earth

"I had to do this for a school project. Still pretty cool though"

signed 20 May 2019 6:22pm 



from North Carolina

"I am signing in for my English class."

signed 20 May 2019 5:45pm 



from South Africa

"A strangely wonderful artist! Shockingly intriguing. Great layout of the site."

signed 20 May 2019 9:35am 


Kaden Leslie

from Idaho

"Cool doode"

signed 10 May 2019 10:51am 


Elizabeth S.

from Minnesota

"Edgar Allan Poe Was an incredible writer"

signed 09 May 2019 3:53pm 


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