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from earth

"I think this website is very interesting and cool. I am a kid from earth that is interested in this website. My favorite is the black cat because it is scary and I love scary stories."

signed 07 Oct 2019 9:28pm 


Jackie Arking

from New Jersey

"I thought the site gave a lot of information, and was very helpful."

signed 07 Oct 2019 9:23pm 


Sam Keeports

from Cinnaminson, New Jersey

"This was a really interesting site. I especially liked the gallery section and illustrations for "The Raven.""

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Thanks I added those just last month

signed 07 Oct 2019 8:51pm 



from Florida

"Sierra Grace Ruppel"

signed 07 Oct 2019 8:22pm 


Hana Shaltout

from St. Johns, Florida, Earth

"My favorite book is the "tell Tale Heart" because it is creepy and interesting."

signed 07 Oct 2019 8:06pm 


lauryn ringer

from earth

"this site was really interesting, i loved it!!!"

signed 07 Oct 2019 7:40pm 



from America, Florida, Earth

"Love these stories..."

signed 07 Oct 2019 6:57pm 



from Mars

"whoot whoot"

signed 07 Oct 2019 5:08pm 



from USA

"interesting facts"

signed 07 Oct 2019 4:45pm 


Narhan Evers

from United States,New Jersey,Earth

"I like this site. It shows a lot about who Edgar Allen Poe was and what he did in his life. My favorite poem is Annabel Lee. I like this specific poem a lot because it has a feeling that is creepy."

signed 07 Oct 2019 3:56pm 


Tyler Marek

from United States, Indiana, Earth

"Memes Shall rule the earth."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Just think if Poe made memes!

signed 07 Oct 2019 3:45pm 



from lake park

"this is the best website"

signed 07 Oct 2019 2:59pm 


Chandler Green

from America, Flordia, and earth


signed 07 Oct 2019 2:45pm 


Laine Murphey

from Richmond Oh

"Looking for interesting information on this amazing author, and his work."

signed 07 Oct 2019 2:35pm 


Emylie Ann Layman

from Ohio

"I enjoyed the quotes page quite a bit."

signed 07 Oct 2019 1:59pm 



from Florida, USA, E A R T H

"School webquest sent me. Yo yo yo"

signed 07 Oct 2019 1:37pm 


Cole Hinson

from Jacksonville, Florida

"I'm Cole and enjoy the works Poe created in his relatively short life, thanks to the person who made this site for creating a platform to learn about such an important writer"

signed 07 Oct 2019 12:45pm 



from West Virginia

"Loved this site"

signed 07 Oct 2019 11:49am 


Hunter C.

from Ohio

"I love Poe's writing"

signed 07 Oct 2019 11:13am 



from massachusetts

"thank you for making this!"

signed 07 Oct 2019 11:12am 


Alyssa Balest

from Pennsylvania

"My favorite pieces of work from you is either "Annabel Lee" or "Tell Tale Heart.""

signed 07 Oct 2019 9:49am 



from The Known Universe


signed 07 Oct 2019 9:31am 



from United States, earth

"Edgar Allen Poe had a sad life."

signed 07 Oct 2019 9:22am 


Emily Phillips

from Ohio

"I love Poe and his influence. His poetry is absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing his story."

signed 07 Oct 2019 8:59am 


Mikayla Reed

from Ohio

"The Cask of Amontillado is my favorite story. It is my favorite because we studied it extensively in an RTI at school, and it ended up growing on me. It holds the classic Poe writing flair, and it is one of the stories that I enjoy the most."

signed 07 Oct 2019 8:48am 


Jordan M

from Flordia

"Really great site that helped me complete my Edgar Allan Poe project!"

signed 07 Oct 2019 1:00am 



from Pennsylvania


signed 07 Oct 2019 12:27am 


Johnicia Mitchell

from Florida

"I see this very intriguing and exciting to learn about Edgar. And this website helps make it all more exciting to read"

signed 06 Oct 2019 11:58pm 


Marshall Y

from United states, Florida, Earth

"I'm a huge fan of Poe stories. Last Summer, I visited his old residence in Philadelphia, where I could read all his short stories, and poems in the very room he lived in."

signed 06 Oct 2019 11:01pm 


Keira Arimenta

from United State

"The only Poe story I have read is Tell Tale Heart but I loved the suspense and drama in it."

signed 06 Oct 2019 10:30pm 


Owen Ott

from Pennsylvania, US

"I am doing this for homework"

signed 06 Oct 2019 10:25pm 


ella espinola

from united states

"I'm a huge fan of Poe's work!"

signed 06 Oct 2019 10:21pm 


Sahil Bahadori

from Florida

"Here from BTHS"

signed 06 Oct 2019 9:53pm 



from usa, pennsylvania

"hi edgar allan poe i hope you are doing good i just wanted to say hey n check up on u so i hope youre well thx for the creepy and cool stories you write love u"

signed 06 Oct 2019 9:19pm 



from Florida

"This website is very helpful and gives me lots and lots of information"

signed 06 Oct 2019 9:07pm 



from United States

"Annabel Lee because it has a little romance and horror at the same time."

signed 06 Oct 2019 8:39pm 


Emma Highlands

from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"My favorite poem by Edgar Allen Poe is Alone because it is really deep and meaningful."

signed 06 Oct 2019 8:38pm 



from stjohns,usa,florida,earth

"I signed it"

signed 06 Oct 2019 8:25pm 



from Florida

"So cool!"

signed 06 Oct 2019 7:59pm 


Luke Williams

from Florida

"I have to do this for school"

signed 06 Oct 2019 7:54pm 


Cody Winski

from Pluto

"I need help."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Don't we all.

signed 06 Oct 2019 7:42pm 



from Earth

"I liked the site. It was laid out very well."

signed 06 Oct 2019 7:13pm 


Melanie Brunke

from United States, Florida, Earth

"Cant wait to learn more!"

signed 06 Oct 2019 7:11pm 



from Florida

"love his stories"

signed 06 Oct 2019 7:01pm 


Rylyn Ickes

from Pennsylvania, USA

"Poe was a great writer who influenced many by his creative and dark stories and poetry. I'm glad to begin studying him in English class."

signed 06 Oct 2019 6:58pm 



from stjohns, u.s, florida,earth

"I have signed this"

signed 06 Oct 2019 6:47pm 



from florida


signed 06 Oct 2019 6:47pm 



from Florida


signed 06 Oct 2019 6:26pm 


Anna B

from Florida

"Cool Site! :)"

signed 06 Oct 2019 5:36pm 


Sofia P

from Florida


signed 06 Oct 2019 3:49pm 


Anna Donalson

from Florida

"I've read The Tell Tale Heart and love his writings."

signed 06 Oct 2019 2:42pm 



from Florida

"I love pie!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Key Lime is my favorite

signed 06 Oct 2019 2:34pm 


Lauren Cromer

from Florida

"My favorite story is Tell-Tale Heart."

signed 06 Oct 2019 2:30pm 



from U. S. A.

"This information is very useful."

signed 06 Oct 2019 2:16pm 



from earth


signed 06 Oct 2019 2:13pm 



from Planet Earth

"We're here for a school assignment but I think this website is well-made nonetheless."

signed 06 Oct 2019 12:07pm 



from America

"Poe's works are very deep but scary"

signed 06 Oct 2019 7:33am 



from earth


signed 05 Oct 2019 10:09pm 



from Florida

"I like the website because it is easy to navigate."

signed 05 Oct 2019 8:20pm 



from BTHS

"This site was so informational! Definitely helped with a school project. Great job!"

signed 05 Oct 2019 4:58pm 


katlin king

from earth

"The Tell-Tale Heart is my all time favorite because it is suspenseful and very creative."

signed 05 Oct 2019 3:46pm 



from Florida

"This site is pretty cool. I like how all the information is easy to access. My favorite Poe story is "The Raven" because of the tone and mood."

signed 05 Oct 2019 3:31pm 


Jackson M

from florida

"awesome website!"

signed 05 Oct 2019 1:36pm 



from Earth

"this is such a helpful site thanks to whom ever created it."

signed 05 Oct 2019 11:42am 



from Pennsylvania

"I found this kind of cool, so thanks to whoever created this site."

signed 04 Oct 2019 8:50pm 



from Earth

"Hi!! It's Rose coming at you from Batram Trail High!!"

signed 04 Oct 2019 4:31pm 



from mars


signed 04 Oct 2019 2:53pm 



from Indiana, USA, Earth, Milky Way

"I'm on here for a school webquest"

signed 04 Oct 2019 12:26pm 



from west virginia america

"I liked it. It had all the information I needed."

signed 04 Oct 2019 11:42am 



from Florida, USA

"Really helpful for school work keep up the good work"

signed 04 Oct 2019 11:38am 


Zoey Yeager-Rigby

from Pennslivia

"I like Edgar Allan Poes work its creative and shows feeling like for example "Annabel Lee""

signed 04 Oct 2019 11:38am 


samantha groth

from the solar system

"i think poe was an amazing writer even though he is a little crazy"

signed 04 Oct 2019 11:35am 


Kyle M

from Florida

"From bartram trail hs"

signed 04 Oct 2019 9:44am 


Julia Lenart

from Earth


signed 04 Oct 2019 7:35am 


Gabriella S

from USA, PA

"This website is really organized and informational. It was really helpful. Thank you!"

signed 04 Oct 2019 7:31am 


Mallory McRae

from United States

"The site is well organized"

signed 03 Oct 2019 9:05pm 


Berkley Olszewski

from America, Pensylvania

"HI EDGAR!!!!"

signed 03 Oct 2019 7:47pm 



from Danville

"I like his writings."

signed 03 Oct 2019 6:03pm 


K. Colby

from United States

"This website makes it very easy to access information about Edgar Allan Poe and Poe's short stories and poems."

signed 03 Oct 2019 5:47pm 


Preston Carrell

from USA, Alabama

"hello to who ever reads this. If reading these is your job have a good day. (if thats a thing/job)"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Thanks! All guestbook signatures go into a temporary folder so I can approve them. As long as they don't have any profanity or anything rude, I add them to these pages. No one paid me to build this site and no one pays me to keep it running, so I can't really call it a job. The Google ads help pay for the hosting.

signed 03 Oct 2019 12:37pm 


Cristovao D

from Portugal, Porto, Earth

"Hello from Portugal! This website has helped me to improve my English to lengths I thought I could never achieve. Poe is a very fascinating man, and his Gothic stories interest me! This site has great information and helped me pass some tests in school. Thank you!!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
You're welcome!! I'm very happy this site has helped you!

signed 03 Oct 2019 10:25am 



from Pennsylvania

"Very helpful website!"

signed 03 Oct 2019 8:06am 



from Earth

"Poe's writing is perfect to get you in the mood for Spooky season"

signed 03 Oct 2019 7:54am 


McKenna Vincent

from Iowa

"This website has a lot of good information about Edgar Allen Poe. I enjoy all of Poe's literature, but my favorite of his work is Annabel Lee because I think it has a very inspiring and important theme."

signed 02 Oct 2019 9:26pm 


Alexis Reynolds

from Alabama

"Poe is my favorite writer. I love everything horror, honestly."

signed 02 Oct 2019 3:45pm 


Anna Washburn

from U.S.A. Kansas, Earth


signed 02 Oct 2019 1:59pm 


Drew Munson

from caroll,Iowa

"The site is well made. The best story is the raven."

signed 02 Oct 2019 12:21pm 


AGuyYou DontCareAbout

from Planet Zorg

"This Guestbook reminds me of The Landlady..."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
would you like some tea??

signed 02 Oct 2019 12:18pm 



from Roa

"Poe, as an author, had a somewhat "twisted" mind but his poems are enjoyable and make the reader truly think of the theme of the poem and what it truly represents."

signed 02 Oct 2019 12:03pm 


kB vlogz

from United states, Iowa, Earth

"He is a good author but he has some dark stories. He also has a deeper meaning that makes me think more about the stories"

signed 02 Oct 2019 9:00am 


Cole Mangus

from Ohio, United States, Earth

"I never heard of Poe until yesterday. Goodbye"

signed 02 Oct 2019 7:42am 


Sara Vonnahme

from United States, IA

"Poe was a very interesting and unique author that we should never forget about for he changed the way the world looks today. He showed us a different type of writing and how interesting it can truly be. He was very dark and wild and he grabbed the attention of many readers of his poems and stories."

signed 02 Oct 2019 1:42am 


Alexander Wahrheit

from USA, KS, Earth (Terra Firma)

"This website is truly a gift, thank you."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
You're welcome!

signed 01 Oct 2019 11:52pm 



from earth


signed 01 Oct 2019 10:47pm 



from Iowa, United states

"Poe seemed like quite the interesting author. Poe has left us with several writings leaving us to wonder what his life was actually like."

signed 01 Oct 2019 10:33pm 


Amyiah Rupert

from Caney, ks United States, Earth

"I am very excited to read some of Poe's stories that I have ever heard of."

signed 01 Oct 2019 10:20pm 



from America

"I liked Edgar Allen Poe's poetry because he was very creative. There was always twists and turns to his poems. His poems all have a dark moody vibe to it that makes his poems very interesting."

signed 01 Oct 2019 9:44pm 


Via Brooks

from USA, Michigan, Earth

"Hey guys its Via!"

signed 01 Oct 2019 8:01pm 


Jaidan Bernholtz

from Carroll,Iowa

"A wonderful writer but he writes a lot about death"

signed 01 Oct 2019 5:43pm 


John cady

from Caney, Ks, USA

"Enjoyed learning about Edgar Poe, and everything he's done"

signed 01 Oct 2019 5:15pm 


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