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Dallas Fender

from Earth US Colorado

"This site is extremely helpful for someone who needs to learn more about Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 13 Mar 2019 6:12pm 



from Virginia

"I think this site is so interesting and cool!!"

signed 13 Mar 2019 5:45pm 


Mr. Beast

from Fabuland

"Edgar Allen Poe is an amazing and interesting person."

signed 13 Mar 2019 5:37pm 


Erin Ballance

from virginia

"this site is great because it tells you so much valuable info about edgar allen poe."

signed 13 Mar 2019 5:15pm 


Brandon Stanley

from Hickory High School

"Poe is a very creepy interesting guy."

signed 13 Mar 2019 4:41pm 


Chris P. Bacon

from Soviet Blin

"Poe is a great poet! I love the Cask of Amontillado and Sherlock Gnomes! *T POSE*"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
For anyone interested, here's the trailer for Sherlock Gnomes. What you may not know is, Poe created the first detective who solved crimes by looking for clues. Poe's detective inspired Arthur Conan Doyle to create Sherlock Holmes.

signed 13 Mar 2019 3:38pm 


Joshua Winward

from Colorado

"So my teacher made me sign this so hi I guess and have a good day."

signed 13 Mar 2019 3:28pm 


Sawyer J.

from Colorado, USA, Earth

"This website is great for any information you need for Edgar Allan Poe. It's very thorough and easy to understand. This must've been a difficult site to make. Thanks for the hard work. My favorite poem is (I know, overrated) the Raven, because the writing is very unique and well-written."

signed 13 Mar 2019 3:25pm 


Jaxon Drake

from USA

"This is a great website."

signed 13 Mar 2019 3:17pm 



from america,colorado,earth

"Poe is one of my favorite poets because he talks about real things."

signed 13 Mar 2019 1:18pm 



from Middle Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe was a great writer, unfortunately he led a sad life losing his mother, wife, and other women he loved, to T.B. These deaths are sad but, they had a great effect on his writing."

signed 13 Mar 2019 12:16pm 



from earth


signed 13 Mar 2019 12:10pm 


Riley Hill

from Colorado

"Hi School"

signed 13 Mar 2019 12:07pm 




"i love Edgar Allan Poe <3"

signed 13 Mar 2019 11:31am 


Mark Zuckerberg

from Proxima 42b


signed 13 Mar 2019 10:57am 


Ryan Laible

from Colorado


signed 13 Mar 2019 10:56am 


Kyra Dunn

from Earth


signed 13 Mar 2019 10:48am 


Aidan Kimener

from Chesapeake Virginia

"Edgar Allen Poe is very interesting and Creepy."

signed 13 Mar 2019 10:03am 



from Cybertron, Alpha Centauri

"I didn't know how many stories writen by one man I could read in less than 5 weeks, but I have read all his poems and most of his stories in 5 weeks."

signed 13 Mar 2019 9:44am 



from The Underworld

"Did you know that Edgar Allan Poe married his own 13-year-old cousin? I love him anyway though."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Yes, and the reasons he married her are complicated. The world was not the same 200 years ago.

signed 12 Mar 2019 11:37am 


Bruno Ramirez

from Chile

"Wonderful site. Looking for it a long time. Kudos!"

signed 12 Mar 2019 10:35am 


emma elliot

from earth

"his stories are pretty cool"

signed 12 Mar 2019 8:14am 



from Earth

"When I told my mom I was researching Edgar Allan Poe she was thrilled!"

signed 11 Mar 2019 10:13pm 


chloe kraai

from colorado

"I think boy is really interesting because his work is so much different than everyone else's and he's very scary and i like scary stuff."

signed 11 Mar 2019 3:26pm 


Isabel Blue

from Colorado

"I think Poe is really interesting and the things that he writes are really cool!"

signed 11 Mar 2019 3:19pm 



from Earth

"Hello world Im signing this because of a project but this is cool"

signed 11 Mar 2019 3:03pm 


Clara Clifford

from Usa Colorado

"Heyo its meeeeee"

signed 10 Mar 2019 7:02pm 


Grant Balzer

from Colorado

"Cool website"

signed 10 Mar 2019 4:03pm 



from USA

"Hello! Thank you for allowing me to read and learn from the past through the website."

signed 09 Mar 2019 4:45pm 



from United States

"I personally have only read a couple of his poems, but from what i have studied and read he seems like a very dark and mysterious person."

signed 09 Mar 2019 3:47pm 



from USA, Colorado

"My favorite poem Edgar Allen wrote was The Raven!"

signed 08 Mar 2019 8:29pm 


Lucy k

from Colorado

"Have you heard about Pluto?"

signed 08 Mar 2019 1:17pm 


Kai Killerud

from America, Mars

"I love america. It is the best because of the hamburgers and french fries. Love, Ya boi Crispy."

signed 08 Mar 2019 12:21pm 



from colorado

"edgar allan poe"

signed 08 Mar 2019 12:07pm 


Noah Morris

from Colorado

"Doing my webquest its Noah boys"

signed 08 Mar 2019 12:03pm 


Malie Petelo

from Sun

"Edgar Allan Poe,is very deep in all his writings. He brought so many genres to everyone."

signed 08 Mar 2019 11:15am 


Kaitlyn Williams

from Earth


signed 08 Mar 2019 10:12am 



from zargo

"It helped"

signed 08 Mar 2019 9:28am 


janiya william

from north Carolina

"thanks for sharing the poems and books"

signed 07 Mar 2019 6:17pm 



from Gj, Co

"This is an awesome website! Super cool and fun!"

signed 07 Mar 2019 1:22pm 


Ian Ridgley

from Colorado


signed 07 Mar 2019 1:13pm 



from Planet Pluto, Galaxy 9

"Holo. I am Eva from the planet Pluto. Us Plutonians love Edgar Allan Poe! In Fact we brought his corpse here so that all the young ones can see him! We are working on a way to revive him so he can tell -the younger ones who didn't get the chance to meet him- some of his stories! Bye BYe!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Greetings Eva! Let me know if you succeed! I would love to talk to him.

signed 07 Mar 2019 1:13pm 



from Colorado

"please don't steal my identity :)"

signed 07 Mar 2019 12:26pm 



from colorado

"Poe is really interesting in his ways and I will check out his books."

signed 07 Mar 2019 11:11am 


Macy Wallen

from Tennessee

"This is the first time I have read some of his stories and they are so good!!! I love them"

signed 05 Mar 2019 1:45pm 



from USA


signed 05 Mar 2019 1:40pm 


Izayah Serrano

from Lorain,Ohio

"Myers made me"

signed 05 Mar 2019 1:22pm 


Meggie Rae

from United States


signed 05 Mar 2019 1:00pm 


Michael Shedd

from Garrett, IN United States

"I love the site there are a lot of great fact you can learn about Edgar Allen Poe."

signed 05 Mar 2019 9:43am 


Jake Stanley

from North Carolina

"The raven is my favorite allen poe story because it’s creepy and weird."

signed 05 Mar 2019 8:22am 


Austin Walker

from North America, North carolina


signed 05 Mar 2019 8:11am 



from Charlotte nc

"he reminds me of the joker in a way"

signed 05 Mar 2019 4:44am 



from North Carolina

"The story of Poe is really weird but cool like how no one knows his death."

signed 04 Mar 2019 11:32pm 


elizabeth khim

from charlotte

"the fact that poe was able to write stories and poems while having hardship is amazing and how creepy of a dude he was."

signed 04 Mar 2019 5:29pm 


Aakriti gurung

from North Carolina

"I don’t have a favorite story but Poe stories is good and very creepy and i like reading scary book."

signed 04 Mar 2019 5:10pm 



from Charlotte NC


signed 04 Mar 2019 1:50pm 


Ian Bartlett

from Mint Hill,North Carolina

"I really love this site! A great commemoration to one of the greatest writers."

signed 04 Mar 2019 1:45pm 



from neptune

"I cannot tell about my favorite story from him because I have never read one before."

signed 04 Mar 2019 1:42pm 


daniel ramos

from sector 9, venus

"my favorite poe story is the raven because it was the one that sey him off"

signed 04 Mar 2019 1:41pm 



from USA

"Poe is very interesting"

signed 04 Mar 2019 1:38pm 



from Charlotte,NC,USA

"The tell tale heart was my favorite Poe publication. It was such an ominous setting and gave chills with it's twisted vocabulary."

signed 04 Mar 2019 1:38pm 


kam carson

from tornto, canada

"good job making the website"

signed 04 Mar 2019 1:34pm 


Morgan B

from CLT

"i like the raven because its mentioned in my favorite tv show."

signed 04 Mar 2019 1:31pm 


Preston Clark

from North Carolina

"Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite poet of all times. He is such a real man and you can really feel his emotion as you read each of his different works. I am so fortunate to be able to read each and every piece. My name is Preston Clark, Long Live Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 04 Mar 2019 1:18pm 



from Charlotte

"my name is nathaly i have read the raven."

signed 04 Mar 2019 10:10am 


daniel morris

from Usa,Nc,Earth


signed 04 Mar 2019 10:03am 



from charlotte , nc

"i think this website is cool"

signed 04 Mar 2019 10:00am 


Ad@m T@aylor

from Earth

"Edgar Allen Poe is cool!"

signed 04 Mar 2019 9:58am 



from Charlotte, North Carolina

"Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite poet of all time because i like a bit of mystery in stories."

signed 04 Mar 2019 9:24am 



from U.S

"this poet is very good"

signed 04 Mar 2019 8:33am 


Geordan chambers

from North Carolina


signed 04 Mar 2019 8:25am 



from Narnia

"I'm here to wake up screaming in the night! =D"

signed 03 Mar 2019 6:06pm 


Caroline Hansen

from Georgia, United States, Earth

"A great writer with a wonderful imagination."

signed 03 Mar 2019 1:00am 


callisto drisdale

from the city in the sea

"edgar allan poe brings a special aura to his writing. embedded in his words, sewn in the pages, was all of his essence and thoughts recorded on pen. 'a dream within a dream' is strangely ineffable, but beautiful nonetheless."

signed 26 Feb 2019 11:55pm 



from A planet far far away

"I love Edgar Allan Poe and this is definitely the best website to learn about him! Thank you for existing!"

signed 26 Feb 2019 9:20am 



from Chip

"Edgar Allan Poe is a great poet. He has a way of writing that is unique compared to other poets. Some of his stories are a bit disturbing one might say, but you can still see through it and see the talent and work put into it to make it the well known story that it is today. I believe he deserves to go down in history as one of the great poets that has ever existed."

signed 21 Feb 2019 9:33pm 



from Lagrange,Georgia


signed 21 Feb 2019 9:18am 


Alisa Blakley

from United states

"Very helpful"

signed 20 Feb 2019 2:00pm 



from USA, Ga, Mars

"Hey my guy"

signed 20 Feb 2019 8:22am 


ladarius Moses

from Georgia

"this is cool"

signed 19 Feb 2019 1:58pm 



from georgia usa

"i did this for ms. wards class"

signed 19 Feb 2019 1:54pm 


Inconspicuous Raven

from The nights Plutonian shore


signed 18 Feb 2019 4:23pm 


Cool Kid 101

from Pluto

"I wanted to know how many poems, short stories, and books he wrote for a school essay thing. Any help?"

signed 16 Feb 2019 11:38am 


Shawn Benosn

from North Carolina

"I think that Poe was a great writer, and if he was going to die he wanted it to be a mystery just like his stories/poems."

signed 15 Feb 2019 11:26pm 



from winsted ct

"he was cool"

signed 15 Feb 2019 2:07pm 


Luke Scott

from Earth

"I think that this site is very helpful and helped me summarize the stories"

signed 15 Feb 2019 11:25am 



from United states

"The site gave me info that was useful for another site."

signed 14 Feb 2019 8:27pm 



from United States

"I feel like Poe was a really good author and he got really into his feelings. He created a lot of good poems and stories about his life and stuff that he went through as a child and as an adult."

signed 14 Feb 2019 10:36am 



from noneya

"heyyyyyyyyyyy my bro bros"

signed 14 Feb 2019 8:01am 



from Earth

"Poe was a great author."

signed 13 Feb 2019 7:56pm 


Ben Lindstrom

from North Carolina

"It is a well mannered site and is very educational and gives good and crucial information. Correct info which is impressive to all the things that were said and given."

signed 13 Feb 2019 5:23pm 


John Woods

from America

"While I have just heard about Edgar Allan Poe as an author I have found that he lived a relatively rough life but he made many deep and aspiring books, quotes, etc.. I am happy to say that I enjoy his writing and will be reading many more of his books"

signed 13 Feb 2019 4:12pm 



from North Carolina, USA

"Edgar Allan Poe was an author who wrote Gothic stories. They intrigue kids of all ages, especially high school students. My favorite poem from him is Annabel Lee. It shows how true love can surpass any death; it can never separate two people who truly fell in love."

signed 13 Feb 2019 3:18pm 



from Mars

"I think Poe is a very good author but sometimes controversial in his writing style because its not very traditional for people to write such mellow or dark short stories/poems. I have barely read any of his works but the few I did read are very good in my opinion, my favorite would have to be The Black Cat. A lot of people dont like him but I personally like his works"

signed 13 Feb 2019 10:53am 



from north carolina

"Edgar allan poe was truly a underestimated prodigy,his works have greatly impacted me. since first reading one of works I can say there has not been a writer who can make me feel that strongly as Edgar can. The man works can really open up your mindset."

signed 12 Feb 2019 10:55pm 



from North Carolina

"Everybody was a kung fu fighting....."

signed 12 Feb 2019 7:17pm 


sarah stanley

from Earth


signed 12 Feb 2019 7:14pm 


Ryan Garner

from Newport North Carolina

"I love Edgar because he explains everything in a certain way and its great"

signed 12 Feb 2019 1:58pm 



from South Carolina

"howdy doods"

signed 12 Feb 2019 8:09am 



from Michigan

"I love horror stories and Poe wrote some good scary stories."

signed 11 Feb 2019 5:31pm 


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100 signatures per page - 13,901 total