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from earth

"Poe was a good author. I like his horror stories."

signed 27 Oct 2020 12:34pm | 18558


Shrek Rodriguez

from Florida

"How was it writing horror stories? Also rip"

signed 27 Oct 2020 12:28pm | 18557


Xzavian Pettway

from Huntsville, Alabama

"In my opinion Poe was a very good writer and its that he was found dead and no one knew how he died its crazy..."

signed 27 Oct 2020 12:22pm | 18556


Samantha Allred

from Leslie County,Ky, Earth

"I think this site was very helpful."

signed 27 Oct 2020 12:17pm | 18555


Peyton Turner

from Kentucky, U.S.

"My name is Peyton, and this site is really helpful for the assignment my class is doing. My ELA teacher put this site in our google docs assignment to answer some questions about Poe. It's been extremely helpful!"

signed 27 Oct 2020 11:25am | 18554


Cameron Martz

from Alabama

"you are a wonderful author and you are very creative with the things you write"

signed 27 Oct 2020 11:06am | 18553


Collier Nelson

from Virginia

"My teacher told me to sign this but I don't really know what to write."

signed 27 Oct 2020 10:56am | 18552


chloe w

from virginia

"the raven"

signed 27 Oct 2020 10:41am | 18551



from Earth

"Poe's work has inspired writers like Stephen King, and the horror genre as a whole. Although he didn't pioneer poetry as much, all of his work is creative and sharp."

signed 27 Oct 2020 9:58am | 18550



from United States

"I love Poe."

signed 27 Oct 2020 9:57am | 18549


baxter hood

from Asheville


signed 27 Oct 2020 8:53am | 18548


Ellie Morgan

from North Carolina.

"I think Poe was a great writer. Poe had lots of events that were hard to deal with but he still got through them and became the writer that he was."

signed 27 Oct 2020 8:33am | 18547


Destiny Derrick

from Alamba

"He was a good author and he was very deep with his messages and he was influential."

signed 27 Oct 2020 8:30am | 18546


Mackenzie Wilsey

from South Caroline United States

"I love reading about Edgar Allan Poe and his life. I am very invested in his death but I love all of the scary stories so much."

signed 27 Oct 2020 8:18am | 18545


Ava Ellis

from Charlottesville, VA

"I LOVE Edgar Allan Poe! This site really makes it easier to learn more about him. I like the Pit and the Pendulum and the Cask of Amontillado the best."

signed 27 Oct 2020 8:06am | 18544


shawn bryant

from 35811

"I personally feel that Edgar Allen poe left an amazing mark in poetry and writing to the point that when i read his work its like something new each time that you see."

signed 26 Oct 2020 10:45pm | 18543


Keeah Lewis

from Kentucky

"Hey, I was just wanting to read Annabelle Lee"

signed 26 Oct 2020 10:16pm | 18542



from mars

"I think this website is pretty cool, and it has some interesting facts about Allan Poe."

signed 26 Oct 2020 10:05pm | 18541


Tae Trantham

from United States Of America

"I like Poe as an author he makes the reader think and can turn the whole story around in one little sentence but it actually adds up and makes sense."

signed 26 Oct 2020 9:55pm | 18540



from mercury

"its cool"

signed 26 Oct 2020 8:50pm | 18539



from San diego

"Hello, I'm riva i'm in 8th grade. This site is really interesting and it gives me a better understanding of Edgar Allan Poe's work."

signed 26 Oct 2020 8:41pm | 18538



from Earth

"I found that Poe has a deep and dark past and all his writings and poems reflect off of that or his experiences. In other words it is like an inspiration for his writings."

signed 26 Oct 2020 8:38pm | 18537


Seb Hirst

from Charlottesville, VA

"School assignment."

signed 26 Oct 2020 8:35pm | 18536



from North Carolina

"I think the site really tells you a lot about Edgar Allan Poe. My favorite story by Edgar Allan Poe is The Tell-Tale Heart. I'm not really sure how to explain that it's my favorite, but I just find it fascinating and it's the only story of his I have read so far."

signed 26 Oct 2020 8:17pm | 18535



from Charlottesville, va

"I havent read any of his books but I've heard he was an awesome writer and I hope to read some of his books"

signed 26 Oct 2020 8:14pm | 18534



from USA, Earth

"This website is amazing! It gives so many facts and information about Poe. I also love how summaries of Poe's work has been done because I love to check them out before actually reading one of his short stories or poems. My favorite poem so far is, "The Raven." It had a lot of details and challenging words, but it was still a thrill to read. Edgar Allan Poe is one awesome writer!"

signed 26 Oct 2020 7:59pm | 18533



from earth

"Hi, my name is Erik. and this is a person who has to do this because of homework"

signed 26 Oct 2020 7:20pm | 18532


Jordyn Johnson

from USA, California, Earth

"I love Poe's stories. I have only read 2 of his stories so far and I am so intrigued by how he uses words to explain things in a whole new way and the way he uses certain words to make you feel different. Your website is cool."

signed 26 Oct 2020 6:43pm | 18531



from USA, California, Earth

"I love having this website to help me in English because right now we are learning about Poe. He is a talented writer and really hits hard in his poems"

signed 26 Oct 2020 6:20pm | 18530


Paola Uribe

from Richmond, VA

"Overall I think Edgar Allen Poe is an amazing author. Reading all about him even inspired me to write about everyday situations and feelings. He has made a huge impact on the writing community and all I can say is that he was incredibly smart and talented. One of my favorite Quotes from him would be "All that we see or seen is but a dream within a dream" and that hit me hard to reality!"

signed 26 Oct 2020 6:06pm | 18529


Ellie Galloway

from California

"This site is so cool"

signed 26 Oct 2020 5:37pm | 18528



from Virginia


signed 26 Oct 2020 5:04pm | 18527


Kiley Zeiger

from Unites States,CA,Earth

"I think Poe's poems are okay. They are not something that I would continue to read. I am more into graphic novels rather than poems."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I would love to see some graphic novels made from Poe's short stories. Maybe some already exist.

signed 26 Oct 2020 4:44pm | 18526



from Virginia

"I like horror, I think his writing will give me a good idea if I ever wrote a horror book or made a horror game."

signed 26 Oct 2020 4:42pm | 18525



from America,Virginia


signed 26 Oct 2020 4:40pm | 18524



from Virginia

"This website has helped me understand Poe better."

signed 26 Oct 2020 4:34pm | 18523



from Virginia, USA, Earth

"Good website."

signed 26 Oct 2020 4:30pm | 18522


Eli Crisp

from Kentucky

"I don't really have anything to say."

signed 26 Oct 2020 4:28pm | 18521



from United states, Virginia,Earth

"I think the rumors that his head is in a chest in his old dorm are fascinating!"

signed 26 Oct 2020 4:23pm | 18520


Camden Miller

from U.S.A

"Great website, I really like Poe too!!!"

signed 26 Oct 2020 4:22pm | 18519


Tate Grossman

from USA

"I did it!"

signed 26 Oct 2020 4:22pm | 18518


Cassandra Zevgolis

from Virginia USA

"To the people reading my message: You should probably stop reading now because I have nothing else to say and as you're reading this I am wasting your Have a good day!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:

signed 26 Oct 2020 4:21pm | 18517



from USA

"Heyyyy people!!"

signed 26 Oct 2020 4:20pm | 18516



from Virginia

"This site so cool"

signed 26 Oct 2020 4:19pm | 18515


Andrew Walker

from Crozet Va

"I want to read the raven and see what it is about."

signed 26 Oct 2020 4:10pm | 18514


Sam Rosenbaum

from Virginia, USA

"I love this site! I am a huge fan of Edgar Allan Poe and his works. I especially like The Tell-tale Heart. I like it because it is eerie and creepy. Also it tells a great story. Thank you! Sam Rosenbaum"

signed 26 Oct 2020 4:06pm | 18512



from united states


signed 26 Oct 2020 3:58pm | 18511


Ella Smith

from USA, California, Earth


signed 26 Oct 2020 3:58pm | 18510



from America

"I love Edgar Allen Poe!!!"

signed 26 Oct 2020 3:09pm | 18509


Felicia Rodriguez

from Earth

"I like how this site teaches you a lot about Poe. I especially love the page that has quotes."

signed 26 Oct 2020 3:01pm | 18508



from America

"Great author"

signed 26 Oct 2020 2:57pm | 18507


Alex driskell

from Ohio

"I am signing because my teacher made me do this"

signed 26 Oct 2020 2:56pm | 18506


Stokes Skelly

from U.S.A Virginia Earth

"Hi how are ya"

signed 26 Oct 2020 2:55pm | 18505


Parker Polk

from U.S.

"The raven"

signed 26 Oct 2020 2:55pm | 18504


Mac Thompson

from Usa


signed 26 Oct 2020 2:53pm | 18503


Townsend Stumpf

from Virginia, USA, Earth

"This was very interesting"

signed 26 Oct 2020 2:51pm | 18502


Annie Alhusen

from Virgina, USA, Earth

"V cool"

signed 26 Oct 2020 2:50pm | 18501



from Huntsville, Alabama, Earth

"Keep your head lifted no matter what the struggles may be"

signed 26 Oct 2020 2:49pm | 18500


Trey Hoke

from United States

"My favorite story is The Raven."

signed 26 Oct 2020 2:47pm | 18499


Tyson Boyd

from Charlotville,VA USA

"i had fun learning about poe"

signed 26 Oct 2020 2:39pm | 18498


Hailee bumgarner

from Bedford, Virginia

"What I like about this website is it shares a lot of information on Edgar Allen Poe and my favorite story of his is The Tell-Tale Heart. It my favorite because it's interesting and out going."

signed 26 Oct 2020 2:36pm | 18497


Lorghel flog

from Mars

"I aM AlIeN I WaS HeRe. No OnE SaW Me."

signed 26 Oct 2020 2:14pm | 18495


Briley Weinstein

from Alabama

"I believe Edger Allen Poe's works were fanatical. I always do enjoy deciphering the emotion behind his works. My personal favorite is "The pit and the pendulum" which tells the tale of a man who escapes death by lowly vermin."

signed 26 Oct 2020 2:12pm | 18494



from Glip glop glomphramite mars

"is this what you humans use for communication?"

signed 26 Oct 2020 1:59pm | 18493



from i live on mars

"this man probably didn't die the way people are theorizing"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I agree

signed 26 Oct 2020 1:52pm | 18492


Omar Mora

from California

"I think he is a amazing Poet and has so many accomplishments to be proud of!"

signed 26 Oct 2020 1:51pm | 18491



from Usa

"For english class"

signed 26 Oct 2020 1:31pm | 18490


Sarah Osborne

from Kentucky, United States

"Hi, my name is Sarah and I just visited this site because we have an assignment about Edgar Allan Poe for my English teacher. This site has a ton of information and it's really helpful!"

signed 26 Oct 2020 1:31pm | 18489


Gray Heilman

from Virginia USA

"The Dallas Cowboys are trash"

signed 26 Oct 2020 1:04pm | 18488



from USA, Virginia

"i liked this website it helped me find information"

signed 26 Oct 2020 1:01pm | 18487



from United States of America

"Good site."

signed 26 Oct 2020 1:00pm | 18486


Martin ALoka

from USA

"I like the raven story."

signed 26 Oct 2020 1:00pm | 18485



from Earth

"My favorite poem of Edgar Allan Poe is the Ravan it was such an interesting short poem to read."

signed 26 Oct 2020 12:59pm | 18484



from Earth

"I hearby sign the guest book!"

signed 26 Oct 2020 12:59pm | 18483


Addie Thompson

from Virgina

"I really enjoyed the information you have on this website!"

signed 26 Oct 2020 12:58pm | 18482


Michael Hoogerwerff

from North Carolina

"Thank you for showing me and others more information about Edgar Allen Poe!!!"

signed 26 Oct 2020 12:56pm | 18481



from USA, California, Earth

"omg Poe is funny, jk"

signed 26 Oct 2020 12:56pm | 18480



from Earth

"Poe is super cool wow"

signed 26 Oct 2020 12:55pm | 18479



from earth


signed 26 Oct 2020 12:53pm | 18478



from United States, VA


signed 26 Oct 2020 12:47pm | 18477



from North America

"I am learning about Edgar Allan Poe in English class."

signed 26 Oct 2020 12:47pm | 18476


Fatima Luna

from California

"we love the family drama that is Edgar Allan Poes family and his life lol"

signed 26 Oct 2020 12:44pm | 18475



from earth

"very interesting"

signed 26 Oct 2020 12:41pm | 18474


Ethan Kesser

from United States, Virginia, Earth

"How is good old Edgar Allan Poe?"

signed 26 Oct 2020 12:40pm | 18473



from Virginia


signed 26 Oct 2020 12:37pm | 18472


Jacob pleasant

from Virginia


signed 26 Oct 2020 12:29pm | 18471



from Virginia

"He's a talented writer tell him I say hi!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Okay I will =)

signed 26 Oct 2020 12:14pm | 18468


Emma Schmitz

from U.S.A.

"I love this website, it was very useful for class! Thanks!"

signed 26 Oct 2020 12:08pm | 18467


Megan Sliney

from North Carolina

"I really like poe stories and his books!"

signed 26 Oct 2020 11:42am | 18466



from united states teennese earth

"he is a good author, writes good poems, and struggled through his life"

signed 26 Oct 2020 11:16am | 18465


Kylie runnels

from USA, ohio, earth

"I like this site because it is very educational."

signed 26 Oct 2020 10:34am | 18464



from north carolina

"he is a great author and I love his stories"

signed 26 Oct 2020 10:00am | 18463


Ava Akins

from Tennessee

"His stories and poems keep me on edge. They make me want to read more. They are fun to read when I'm bored!"

signed 26 Oct 2020 9:56am | 18462


baxter hood

from Asheville


signed 26 Oct 2020 9:56am | 18461


Nathan Steele

from U.S.A., TN, Earth

"I personally think that Edgar Allan Poe was an okay author. I am not really into the Gothic Horror genre, so I will probably not be a credible source, but nevertheless, it was mediocre. For back then when this genre was new, it was probably the bee's knees, but now it is the same stuff the emo kid in the corner of a middle school could come up with. I know that back when this was new, I would have loved his stories, but now, they are kind of tropey."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
It's true some of Poe's themes have been used over and over by many writers since Poe's day. But Poe wrote a LOT more than "Gothic Horror". Take a look at the summaries page and pick out a story that is not in the horror genre.

signed 26 Oct 2020 9:55am | 18460



from Florida

"I was asked to do research on Edgar Allen Poe and told to use this website. I never knew that he came from nothing, and was orphaned and lived a hard life. I loved looking into his life and seeing what made him who he was before his death."

signed 26 Oct 2020 9:06am | 18459



from Kentucky

"Edgar Allan Poe is interesting."

signed 26 Oct 2020 7:53am | 18458


Roland Davis

from Alabama, United States, EARTH

"Happy Halloween to one of the original horror/suspense writers! I wish you'd had a happier and longer life."

signed 26 Oct 2020 2:33am | 18457


Jonathan Acevedo

from Elizabeth, NJ


signed 25 Oct 2020 7:47pm | 18456


Miko Bautista

from New Jersey, USA, Earth I Think

"ok Mrs Valente I signed it what do I do now"

signed 25 Oct 2020 4:50pm | 18455


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