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ava barrett

from earth

"poe is awesome!"

signed 03 Nov 2020 8:39am | 18863


amarion johnson

from united states

"i like him he's interesting"

signed 03 Nov 2020 8:02am | 18862



from Earth


signed 03 Nov 2020 8:00am | 18861


Michael C

from Earth

"Hi Poe is very cool."

signed 03 Nov 2020 7:56am | 18860



from jacksonville, florida

"i loved Eleonora because it was a love story and those really bring my attention to the story, poe is a great guy and author."

signed 03 Nov 2020 7:48am | 18859



from earth

"I love his work and I really appreciate this website and the person who put it up for people to learn about him more."

signed 03 Nov 2020 7:44am | 18858



from USA,Louisiana

"Thank you for this website, I enjoy reading Edgar Allan Poe's work."

signed 02 Nov 2020 10:35pm | 18857



from Earth

"Edgar A. Poe was an amazing writer and My favorite work of his is The Raven. It is disturbed and beautiful and I am grateful to be able to read it, along with his other works."

signed 02 Nov 2020 10:22pm | 18856



from United states

"A lot of good info."

signed 02 Nov 2020 10:05pm | 18855



from AustrALia

"Lovin How to Write a Blackwood Article and A Predicament"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I might add those to the site at some point

signed 02 Nov 2020 9:56pm | 18854



from ohio

"Edgar Allen Poe was an intelligent writer with a passion for dark romanticism. He sought knowledge and pursued, pouring all of his efforts to become something great. With his explicable writing capabilities, he applied his talents to make writings that would impress generations to come, and be studied for years."

signed 02 Nov 2020 8:55pm | 18853



from united states

"I really like Edgar Allan Poe's writing and mostly his scary stories because reading about scary things is my favorite!"

signed 02 Nov 2020 8:40pm | 18852


James Michael

from Maryland

"Thank you for this site with all interesting stuff about EAP."

signed 02 Nov 2020 8:24pm | 18851


Caitlyn Jones

from Louisiana

"I just want to say how a great of an author Poe is. I really like his poem, "Annabel Lee" because its very interesting to me."

signed 02 Nov 2020 6:09pm | 18850



from earth


signed 02 Nov 2020 5:49pm | 18849


Mark Chittum

from United States,Virginia,Earth

"I'm Mark Chittum, I think this site is really good. My favorite story from Edgar Allen Poe is The Tell Tale Heart. It is my favorite because the narrator confesses to murder right from the start which makes it a great hook to get people interested."

signed 02 Nov 2020 4:46pm | 18848



from Pennsylvania

"I love Poe's writing style and really want to look into his mysterious death."

signed 02 Nov 2020 3:45pm | 18846


ashley finnell

from Earth, USA, Kansas

"cool, gothic, and dark website that encompasses the mood of Poe's works. thank you"

signed 02 Nov 2020 3:37pm | 18845


Landen Hinds

from Pennsylvania

"I think this website is interesting, and how it provides information about an author who people don't really have that much information about."

signed 02 Nov 2020 3:19pm | 18843


Colton Kerby

from usa

"He shouldn't have written the story about killing the cat because it bothered me"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
It can be a difficult story to read if you love animals, but the cat wins in the end!

signed 02 Nov 2020 3:10pm | 18842



from Earth

"He seemed like a nice person who just wanted to be loved."

signed 02 Nov 2020 3:10pm | 18841



from america

"had to do for school"

signed 02 Nov 2020 2:57pm | 18840


Sydney Marrlae

from South Korea

"I think Poe is a great author, actually he is one of my favorites, his stories/poems keep me on the edge of my seat, making me want to keep reading. I don't know if I have a favorite, there are to many good works of his."

signed 02 Nov 2020 2:35pm | 18839


Skyler Berkebile

from ohio

"My favorite poem was the death bird"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
You mean The Raven? LOL

signed 02 Nov 2020 2:14pm | 18838


max bathalter

from united states

"Poe is great and we need to learn about him and read his stories"

signed 02 Nov 2020 1:51pm | 18837


katherine roche

from virgina

"Katherine roche"

signed 02 Nov 2020 1:50pm | 18836


Ben cCrlin

from America,virgina,Earth

"this was fun"

signed 02 Nov 2020 1:45pm | 18835


Ethan McCune

from Ohio

"This was a very interesting site and I loved the quotes. Edgar definitely deserves a Site like this"

signed 02 Nov 2020 12:49pm | 18834


Cherokee Martin

from The Blue Hunters Moon

"This is a very nice place to learn about Poe, thank you! Keep it up:)"

signed 02 Nov 2020 12:02pm | 18833


Jesse Ordaz

from California

"I thought the site was pretty good and his poem, A Valentine was pretty good."

signed 02 Nov 2020 11:35am | 18832



from Virgina

"I like the site for a few reasons. Easy on the eyes because of dark mode, easy to navigate different topics, and very well informed about Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 02 Nov 2020 11:09am | 18831


Shweta Sharma

from Pennsylvania, USA, Earth

"The Tell-Tale Heart because we read it in class."

signed 02 Nov 2020 9:02am | 18829


Ava Forsythe

from united states

"i have to do this for english class"

signed 02 Nov 2020 9:01am | 18828


Yasmin Givens

from Alabama

"You have really nice books!"

signed 02 Nov 2020 9:00am | 18827


Bradley Hoover

from USA

"Edgar Poe's books are amazing"

signed 02 Nov 2020 9:00am | 18826



from USA

"These stories are so interesting!"

signed 02 Nov 2020 8:53am | 18825


sidney maldonado

from jacksonville FL


signed 02 Nov 2020 8:52am | 18824


Sud Y

from America

"Good information."

signed 02 Nov 2020 8:50am | 18823



from usa

"Hello Edgar Allen Poe, I like your style of writing and the way I can envision your stories while reading. I like your descriptive words and your story topics."

signed 02 Nov 2020 8:43am | 18822


khushi patel

from USA

"I love Edgar Allan Poe. I love reading his stories and I am obsessed with them. They are so interesting."

signed 02 Nov 2020 8:43am | 18821



from earth

"i was instructed to go on this website and i still don't much appeal to his work"

signed 02 Nov 2020 8:31am | 18820



from United States

"This Site has a great and interesting information on Poe."

signed 02 Nov 2020 8:31am | 18819



from Florida

"I think it's interesting that Edgar Allan Poe was the creator of the detective genre. I don't think very many people know that fact."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Yes, I agree! Hardly anyone knows Poe created the character that would later be copied many times. Poe's detective even helped solve a real crime with his story The Mystery of Marie Roget! See the notes I added at the end.

signed 02 Nov 2020 8:30am | 18818



from North America

"Signing this for an assignment"

signed 02 Nov 2020 8:30am | 18817


Robert Karp

from Baltimore

"This is wonderful. God gave you a talent to make light shine on a misunderstood man Thanks"

signed 02 Nov 2020 8:27am | 18816


Madison Oh

from Pennsylvania, USA

"I really like how this site was made and I also like scary movies. I would say that I am in the middle, and don't like crazy horror movies, but could handle some scary ones. Poe's style is very unique in his way of writing and you don't find stories written like the way he writes."

signed 02 Nov 2020 8:16am | 18815



from Pennsylvania

"I liked the Tell-Tale heart because it was interesting to see the point of view of the killer and how that mentally takes a toll on a person."

signed 02 Nov 2020 8:06am | 18814



from Pennsylvania

"I'm writing this for school lol... so far I've only read The Tell Tale Heart and I actually quite enjoyed it. I don't really like scary things, so maybe I just like for its significance in pop culture history. Oh and the website is really nice too. I can tell that a lot of thought and care was put into making it. :)"

signed 02 Nov 2020 8:01am | 18813


Victoria Donovan

from Pennsylvania, USA

"Hello! My name is Victoria and I've been required to sign this guestbook by my English class. However, I would like to thank you for making this site! It provides awesome information and makes the stories accessible to all, which is really neat. Have a great day!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
You're welcome! That makes me happy

signed 02 Nov 2020 8:00am | 18812



from earth

"It is a cool website. I learned a lot from it."

signed 02 Nov 2020 7:57am | 18811


Alfred Johnson

from Maryland

"Poe is so inspirational. One of the most influential writers to have ever lived."

signed 02 Nov 2020 3:31am | 18810


Jayah Sales

from Alabama

"I think this is an amazing website especially if you're looking for information."

signed 02 Nov 2020 12:53am | 18809


Brodee Baker

from United States of America

"I have not read much of Poe's stories, but I am becoming more interested in them. My favorite story so far is The Raven."

signed 01 Nov 2020 8:35pm | 18808


Amy Kesegich

from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, U.S.A

"Great resources! thank you!"

signed 01 Nov 2020 5:15pm | 18807


Avionna Hollis

from Ohio

"Hello, Here for a school assignment"

signed 01 Nov 2020 4:18pm | 18806


Adam Dengler

from Maryland

"Edgar Allan Poe is a good poet."

signed 01 Nov 2020 3:38pm | 18805


Breanna Richardson

from Huntsville Al.

"I enjoy reading the stories by Edgar Allan Poe. He was a great writer, and story teller. He set the scene as if we were there. I feel bad because he seemed so troubled and had such a hard life."

signed 01 Nov 2020 2:33pm | 18804


Anna Bradley

from United States of America

"This website helped me with a lot of information I needed to know about Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 01 Nov 2020 12:54pm | 18803


Noah Bass

from Alabama

"the poet Edgar Allen Poe in my opinion was a very sad and depressed writer I think in most of his poems he express his feelings and depression, and I think that what make him happy"

signed 01 Nov 2020 11:36am | 18802


Hannah Mahaffey

from Ohio

"Dear Poe, Your poems are very beautiful in their own dark way. Its brilliant."

signed 31 Oct 2020 11:37pm | 18800


Logan Kennard

from Ohio

"My favorite poem is "The Raven". What an interesting life he led!"

signed 31 Oct 2020 10:33pm | 18799


jacob medina

from 9303 shade lane

"hello my name is Jacob Medina. I'm 16 years old i was just wondering how did Edgar Allen Poe handle all the hate he was getting and what did he do to just forget all the death threats because i know if you don't have haters or people that don't doubt you then you're doing something wrong and i sometimes have haters that don't think i'm gonna be successful or i'm wasting my time in sports and i wanna learn how to ignore the haters and keep going and grinding, just like poe was doing. Thank you for the opportunity to read his story and learn from it."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I think if you love something enough and work hard enough pursuing a goal, you can achieve anything. Haters don't want you to succeed because they can't do it, or they are afraid of doing it.

signed 31 Oct 2020 6:18pm | 18798



from maryland

"This site gave me a lot of info on Poe, it is very useful"

signed 31 Oct 2020 2:29pm | 18797


Grace Inman

from Ohio

"Thank you for all of this information! Was very helpful and I learned a lot!!"

signed 31 Oct 2020 1:22pm | 18796


Allysa M.M

from Ohio, USA

"this was a seemingly ordinary man but went down in history to be talked and written about forever. It is weird when someone so normal, born and lived a normal life but in death almost meant more than being alive"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I don't think Poe was "normal" or ordinary.

signed 31 Oct 2020 12:50pm | 18795


kim mejia

from Virginia

"Poe has deep and crazy feelings towards his writing which makes him an amazing writer"

signed 31 Oct 2020 12:20pm | 18794


moriah baros

from California, US, Earth

"your poems move people, and i give you props for that"

signed 31 Oct 2020 11:47am | 18793


DeeAnna Munoz

from California

"Edgar Allan Poem is a successful writer with trauma in his life"

signed 31 Oct 2020 6:06am | 18792



from United States, CA, Earth, obvi

"Edgar Allan Poe may have gone through tough times, but he didn't give up. Even with low income, he continued to write The Raven without hesitating. That's true dedication."

signed 31 Oct 2020 3:47am | 18791


erik bermudez

from usa,california,eartg

"poe is really cool and i like him a lot"

signed 31 Oct 2020 2:46am | 18790


Susana Aguilar

from United States

"Poe's work is amazing I love how his poems have dark twists. My favorite poem is the Bells"

signed 31 Oct 2020 2:44am | 18789


Daniel Johnson

from California

"I love Poe's stories they are sometimes scary and sometimes they make me really into the story."

signed 31 Oct 2020 2:23am | 18788


Crystal Brito

from California

"Edgar Allen Poe was a unique writer and showed that not every poem or writing would include laughter or joy but instead mystery and horror and could still be a great and unique form of literature."

signed 31 Oct 2020 2:16am | 18787


Litzy Guerreo

from California

"Edgar Allen Poe was a amazing poet and it's so sad that someone that great had to leave at a very young age but your legacy still goes on."

signed 31 Oct 2020 2:13am | 18786



from United States

"I like Poe's stories"

signed 31 Oct 2020 2:10am | 18785



from California

"Poe was a really interesting person that was great at many things"

signed 31 Oct 2020 1:57am | 18784


Jose Ceballos

from Earth

"Poe was a great author that touched emotionally, if I could have ever seen him I would shake his hand."

signed 31 Oct 2020 1:55am | 18783



from wilmington,ohio

"I think Poe and his stories are very interesting."

signed 31 Oct 2020 1:21am | 18782



from earth


signed 31 Oct 2020 1:17am | 18781


Karissa Wilson

from California


signed 31 Oct 2020 12:58am | 18780



from California

"Poe is a great author. The way he illustrates the story."

signed 31 Oct 2020 12:48am | 18779


Jose Duran

from Pico Rivera

"Poe is a great author his work is amazing Hope he writes more"

signed 31 Oct 2020 12:29am | 18778


Louis Rodriguez

from California

"Very Interesting."

signed 31 Oct 2020 12:13am | 18777



from U.S.A

"I find Poe's work to be very fascinating and interesting."

signed 30 Oct 2020 11:54pm | 18776



from Earth

"Poe Poems contain literal messages in every poem, tale, or short stories he conducts, and its not just always one meaning, its always more. THAT is what makes him so extraordinary, his mind works in many wonders. He was truly a gifted man with many ideas, which we hoped to learn and read more about."

signed 30 Oct 2020 11:36pm | 18775


Ariana Meza

from CA,USA

"Edgar Allan Poe was a writer who captured the many feelings in the world."

signed 30 Oct 2020 10:16pm | 18774



from Earth

"I think Poe is a great author. I really enjoy his writing and I know that other members of my family enjoy his writing."

signed 30 Oct 2020 10:10pm | 18773


Flynn, E.

from USA, CA. Jupiter

"This site is awesome! I have to yet find a favorite but I just started reading Poe. I do like that most of his stuff is dark. I really enjoy scary stories. Shooting for The Black Cat. Thanks!"

signed 30 Oct 2020 9:58pm | 18772


Laurie Newton

from Colchester, VT

"Halloween 2020, a scary time of year in a most frightening year. But I stumbled upon this site and just read Sonnet to Science for the first time- and I love it; can the poet, looking for beauty in the fantastic also consider the elegance of Reason but maintain a convincing facade of the fantastic"

signed 30 Oct 2020 9:56pm | 18771


Elle Concha

from California


signed 30 Oct 2020 9:36pm | 18770


Eoin F.

from from Jupiter

"Love reading about poe"

signed 30 Oct 2020 9:01pm | 18769



from earth

"His stories seem so interesting and I can clearly tell he made such a big impact on our everyday life even though sometimes we don't notice it/ acknowledge it."

signed 30 Oct 2020 9:00pm | 18768



from Earth

"He is cool."

signed 30 Oct 2020 8:53pm | 18767


Rudy Guerra


"Edgar Allan Poe is inspiring by the work he has done and not only the meaning, but by the quality of his work and how it can affect himself and others reading about his journey and life."

signed 30 Oct 2020 8:39pm | 18766



from United States

"This is a very interesting site about Mr. Poe."

signed 30 Oct 2020 8:05pm | 18765



from Ohio

"Poe was an author that had a lasting impact on society."

signed 30 Oct 2020 7:43pm | 18764


Kelsey Lane

from Ohio, USA

"This site was both informative and entertaining, and would be helpful even for those who don't know much about Poe already!"

signed 30 Oct 2020 6:54pm | 18763



from earth

"hello world"

signed 30 Oct 2020 6:10pm | 18762


Valeen Tariq

from California

"My favorite poem of Edgar Allan Poe is "Annabel Lee.""

signed 30 Oct 2020 5:41pm | 18761


Khaya Carter

from Maryland

"Love how i can be a part of this!!"

signed 30 Oct 2020 5:38pm | 18760


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