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Midori Bryant

from Georgia, Whitfield, Earth

"Hi, Im Midori Bryant and i just learned a great deal about Edgar Allen Poe. Thank you!"

signed 29 Nov 2020 8:03pm 



from Bangalore, India

"Amazing work!! Shows true passion.. hats off"

signed 29 Nov 2020 12:22pm 



from Earth

"Poe was an amazing writer, and a pogger guy!"

signed 28 Nov 2020 6:18pm 


Adalina Gutierrez

from Jacksonville, Florida

"My favorite story by Edgar Allan Poe is The Tell-Tale Heart. This is my favorite because of the suspense he created in the story and the interesting plot."

signed 27 Nov 2020 2:15pm 



from usa,kentucky,earth

"Hey I'm here for school."

signed 27 Nov 2020 10:14am 


ann arrais

from Florida


signed 26 Nov 2020 11:16pm 


Brad Curtis

from Port Coquitlam BC Canada

"Thank you for your site"

signed 26 Nov 2020 10:48pm 



from Africa

"Honestly, I'm yet to start on this adventure. I've always liked beautiful words on paper and mysteries that make you think so hard, it makes your head pound. I find myself seeking out tales that fit this criterion and I discovered the amazing man called Edgar Allan Poe. I hope I enjoy this community and his works and that he is a happy ghost knowing that his works have rippled through more than an entire century since he died. Honestly, I want something like that too so I bet he's happy right now. After all, he's really lucky. - A lowly literature admirer"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Thank you for stopping by!

signed 26 Nov 2020 1:48pm 


Barton Faulks


"Excellent website. Everything I needed on one site."

signed 24 Nov 2020 8:11pm 



from Oulu, Finland, Earth

"I just hated the idea of having no pins on my country on the world map so I had to sign the guestbook. I hope you are all doing well :)"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Thank you! I will be updating the pins soon!!

signed 24 Nov 2020 6:13pm 



from USA

"I think this website is a wonderful idea and I couldn't bare it to see it gone please keep this up for as long as possible in case I want to read more harrowing tales of the night. These stories are like poetry to my ears, I love the jump of my heart as I hear the crow, see the blind 'vulture' eye, and hear the beating heart as it grows louder, leaving me on the floor in anticipation for what is to happen next. Please keep this wonderful gathering of stories from our dear precious Edgar Allan Poe."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I'll do my best

signed 24 Nov 2020 3:01pm 


juan mendez

from virginia


signed 24 Nov 2020 10:23am 


morgan stull

from virginia

"great stories"

signed 23 Nov 2020 6:38pm 



from Alberta, Canada, Earth

"The Raven is an all-time favourite, and my excessive use of commas is nothing compared to Poe, so I thank him for that. May his stories and poems haunt us, forevermore."

signed 23 Nov 2020 4:21pm 



from the unknown

"I think Poe's writing is very inspiring. it almost makes me wanna write a poem myself!"

signed 23 Nov 2020 2:33pm 


Aulton Rorie

from Huntsville, Alabama

"I think Poe is an amazing author who deserved more. If he ever saw this I bet it would put a smile on his face."

signed 21 Nov 2020 11:54am 


Garth Shelids

from huntsville,al

"I really like this website it gave me so much information about Edgar Allen Poe I really love is poem Annabel Lee because of the way it relates to me."

signed 20 Nov 2020 10:31pm 


Daymon Williams

from Huntsville, AL

"I loved your poems they were so deep, heart-felt, and meaningful. you poured your heart into every poem you wrote"

signed 20 Nov 2020 7:22pm 



from Earth

"Poe as an author to me anyway is a really good one at showing symbolism and other such things."

signed 20 Nov 2020 6:04pm 


Joshua Alejo

from United States,California,Earth

"Poe is one of the best writers. Even though most of the poems he wrote were very dark they were also very interesting. One of his best is "The Raven"."

signed 20 Nov 2020 5:57pm 


Nathan Thuku

from America, California, Earth

"I think this website is great. It explains everything that Edgar Allan Poe experienced, what he is great for, and his life."

signed 20 Nov 2020 5:53pm 


Atticus Ruiz

from California

"My name is Atticus Ruiz. My favorite poem by Edgar Allan Poe is "The Haunted Palace." I like this poem because it interests me that this palace was so lush and beautiful, and then everything falls apart."

signed 20 Nov 2020 5:51pm 


Alason Kirk

from United States, Alabama, Uranus

"Hey, my name is Alason, and I like Poe's Stories."

signed 20 Nov 2020 12:49pm 



from Illinois

"gives good information"

signed 20 Nov 2020 12:40pm 


Veronica A.

from California

"I think my favorite Edgar Allan Poe poem is probably Dream-Land. He's able to create a mood and tone very easily and capture the attention of his readers. I think that his words are really powerful, and he was an amazing author."

signed 20 Nov 2020 12:15pm 


David Yoder

from United States. Ohio, Mars

"I loved reading about Edgar Allen Poe and learning more about him, Also the pictures of him and his house to see where he wrote and worked and came up with all of his ideas was great."

signed 20 Nov 2020 11:08am 



from Alabama

"This site is an amazing way to learn about Edgar Allan Poe and his life."

signed 20 Nov 2020 11:01am 



from UAE

"What do I write here"

signed 20 Nov 2020 5:11am 



from United States

"Poe is such a deep author and I enjoy his eloquent writings. The Tell Tale Heart is my favorite because of the climax."

signed 20 Nov 2020 4:28am 


Solomon SMalley

from United States

"This site is amazing. I think its awesome how you found all this information and put it all on the same website so we can read it. Thank you :)"

signed 20 Nov 2020 2:11am 


Audrey Arinas

from U.S.A., California, Earth

"One of my favorite poems by Edgar Allan Poe is "Annabel Lee." I like that the narrator's love for Annabel Lee remained although she had died."

signed 19 Nov 2020 8:42pm 


Aiden G

from U.S.A

"Be kind"

signed 19 Nov 2020 6:58pm 


Tiancum Naea

from California

"I think he is very inspiring and really I don't get inspired a lot. I love his poems and what he does. I think what really inspired him to do all this was his childhood because that is what inspired me."

signed 19 Nov 2020 6:32pm 


kynnedy smith

from Georgia Leesburg earth

"love the stories"

signed 18 Nov 2020 10:28pm 


Helena Colpaert

from earth Thailand

"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before."

signed 18 Nov 2020 8:49pm 


marayah cook

from fresno, CA

"2020 is the worst year and if we all get thru this it will be amazing. love, marayah cook"

signed 18 Nov 2020 3:47pm 


Erin Richardson

from US, Florida, Earth, Milky Way

"I love the story "The Black Cat", it is amazing."

signed 18 Nov 2020 11:36am 



from Cincinnati

"I enjoyed learning about Edgar Allan Poe with his interesting facts."

signed 17 Nov 2020 7:47pm 


Noah Chandler

from California USA

"I liked reading the site, it had a lot of good information about Edgar Allan Poe, and his literature! I never thought I would be so amazed by the intriguing poems and literature from Poe!"

signed 17 Nov 2020 3:16pm 


John Corvin

from NA, virgina, moneta

"this is a really good site to use. I love his stories and i'm new to edgar allan so i think this was a good experience for me."

signed 17 Nov 2020 11:06am 



from usa,il

"I like this site."

signed 17 Nov 2020 9:24am 


Jaylen Davis

from Illinois

"yoo wassup"

signed 16 Nov 2020 3:30pm 


Lily Stanakis

from U.S. Pennsylvania

"I like tell tale heart."

signed 16 Nov 2020 3:26pm 



from Planet Earth, United States

"Poe has an interesting way of writing. It makes you question morals and how a person thinks."

signed 16 Nov 2020 2:39pm 



from minecraft

"i liked it. it was very edgy"

signed 16 Nov 2020 1:39pm 



from Earth, USA, Illinois

"I think the site is cool. it gives a lot of information"

signed 16 Nov 2020 1:38pm 


Gaviun Taylor

from Grenada, Ms

"I really don't read Poe, I have read The Raven, but I don't remember much. I like Poe's style of writing and how all of his stories are about death. They are very interesting."

signed 16 Nov 2020 12:49pm 


RaJni Washington

from Illinois

"cool pics"

signed 16 Nov 2020 11:52am 


David Williams

from Illnois, United States, Earth

"it is still scary every time i think about it"

signed 16 Nov 2020 10:57am 


nina njoroge

from earth

"I think this is an amazing, information-filled website where anyone can learn about poe. my favorite short story is a tell tale heart, its my favorite because of the suspense it makes the reader gain to fully comprehend the plot."

signed 15 Nov 2020 9:52pm 



from peoria il

"his poems seen to be good that other people used them to copy for their poems"

signed 15 Nov 2020 6:36pm 


Emily Curtis

from Michigan, USA

"Great site! Very helpful! I'm doing a research paper on Poe and religion right now for my college English class, and this site is at least very helpful as far as easily accessing Poe's stories and poems. If you see this in time, I'd appreciate any advice on where to look (what stories/poems, etc) to get more info on Poe and religion (either in his personal life or in his writings). Outstanding site you've got here! Bravo and thank you!! God bless!"

signed 15 Nov 2020 5:58pm 



from katanic

"He's the original goth (:"

signed 14 Nov 2020 11:28am 



from Mississippi

"I actually like this site. It tells you everything you need to know. One of my favorite stories is "The Black Cat" because of the imagination behind the plot. One of my favorite poems is "Annabel Lee" because I just like it."

signed 13 Nov 2020 8:50pm 




"This site is very informative about EA Poe. I have learned a lot about him."

signed 13 Nov 2020 8:49pm 


Smariya Harris

from Mississippi

"It really helps you learn more about Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 13 Nov 2020 3:54pm 


Alfredo Ama

from United States

"I honestly like Edgar Allan Poe's work, it is really interesting and sometimes it is also kinda relatable. My favorite poem so far would have to be Alone, I just read it and I liked it a lot."

signed 13 Nov 2020 2:28pm 


camrin Barnett

from florida

"I like the story called the raven because "The Raven" is a narrative poem by American writer Edgar Allan Poe. First published in January 1845, the poem is often noted for its musicality, stylized language, and supernatural atmosphere. It tells of a talking raven's mysterious visit to a distraught lover, tracing the man's slow fall into madness."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
nice copy/paste from Wikipedia lol

signed 13 Nov 2020 2:07pm 


Tyner Kelly

from United States, Mississippi

"hi hehehe"

signed 13 Nov 2020 1:55pm 



from Flordia

"Great stories"

signed 13 Nov 2020 1:52pm 



from virginia

"i love the raven"

signed 13 Nov 2020 1:48pm 


Jessica Smith

from Florida

"Love the Tell-Tale Heart."

signed 13 Nov 2020 1:16pm 


John Bombeo

from Canada, Alberta, Earth

"My teacher told me to do this, so here I am."

signed 13 Nov 2020 12:48pm 



from peoria IL

"hi, byeeeeeee"

signed 13 Nov 2020 12:09pm 


lexi ross

from FL

"It was a really interesting book to read."

signed 13 Nov 2020 12:00pm 


Macy Richard

from florida

"I did this for language arts not for my own liking."

signed 13 Nov 2020 11:44am 



from Earth

"i love poe"

signed 13 Nov 2020 10:38am 



from united states


signed 13 Nov 2020 10:30am 



from Vero Beach FL

"I like some of his books. I think his website is cool because it is different than other websites."

signed 13 Nov 2020 10:15am 



from Va

"Landon Miller"

signed 13 Nov 2020 10:06am 


Big Larry

from USA

"Tell em' Big Larry sent ya"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I did. They rolled their eyes.

signed 13 Nov 2020 9:41am 


Jayden Ford

from Florda

"For a school thing"

signed 13 Nov 2020 9:40am 



from Earth

"I like the cat story."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
That would be The Black Cat

signed 13 Nov 2020 9:39am 


Jared Stanley

from United States, Florida, Earth

"dude bro man"

signed 13 Nov 2020 9:39am 


Summer Booker

from Earth

"Tell-Tale Heart is my favorite book because I just like how he tells it and the plot. It's very interesting. I recommend it 10 out of 10."

signed 12 Nov 2020 10:25pm 


Leonardo Quezada

from U.S.A, California, Earth

"This is an amazing website to look through the famous poems of Edgar Allen Poe with all information that you would need or want to learn about."

signed 12 Nov 2020 8:06pm 


Kenny Rodriguez

from New Jersey

"I liked it :)"

signed 12 Nov 2020 6:16pm 


keithrick stewart

from grenada,ms earth

"i love your writing wish u were still alive"

signed 12 Nov 2020 5:23pm 


Arce'ana Lindsey

from Mississippi

"I think Edgar is very talented and the work he did at his time was just really different and unique"

signed 12 Nov 2020 5:07pm 


Kody messersmith

from Mississippi

"How yall doing down under"

signed 12 Nov 2020 3:14pm 



from USA

"Edgar Allan Poe was an amazing poet. He broadcasted his feelings through poetry and used beautiful metaphors."

signed 12 Nov 2020 2:53pm 



from North Carolina

"I'm only here for school. Not that big of a fan but some interesting stories."

signed 12 Nov 2020 2:38pm 



from US, Florida, Earth

"I am Betsy from the US. I really enjoyed the story "Silence- A Fable". I love how he described the environment so nicely. I also enjoyed how the story climbed to the climax, then there was a sudden calmness. The Silence was described very well too."

signed 12 Nov 2020 1:30pm 


Abram Burt

from America

"I'm visiting for online school November 12/ 2020. Have you found a vaccine for the corona virus yet?"

signed 12 Nov 2020 11:32am 


Hayden Hobbs

from Mars

"RIP to my guy Edgar"

signed 12 Nov 2020 10:32am 


Casey Clanton

from United States

"Favorite poe story is tell tale heart. Its a very interesting story set up in a very unique way"

signed 12 Nov 2020 10:05am 


Easton Kellow

from USA Florida

"Hi I was told to do this for my class!"

signed 12 Nov 2020 9:33am 



from alabama

"Poe's life is very interesting but sad at the same time. He had a lot going on and tried to stay strong. I could sit here and explore this whole website because it's interesting to learn about."

signed 12 Nov 2020 12:16am 




"I like the site it helps me learn about Edgar Allen Poe"

signed 11 Nov 2020 12:07pm 


Peyton VanG

from USA, Ohio, not sure the planet

"This is a great website! I loved learning more about Poe!"

signed 11 Nov 2020 11:28am 



from Alabama

"my name is mason"

signed 10 Nov 2020 2:51pm 



from north carolina

"this was a fun assignment and it helped me understand poetry a little more than I did a few days ago so thank you"

signed 10 Nov 2020 12:04pm 


Maliah Klemisch

from Lubbock, Texas

"The poem that is really my favorite is 'Annabel Lee' because it really shows the true meaning of love. It shows what love is supposed to feel like, what love is supposed to look like. And I hope someday that I will find a love like Edgar and Annabel Lee's love."

signed 10 Nov 2020 11:58am 


Persia D

from Earth US Pennsylvania

"no thank you"

signed 10 Nov 2020 11:56am 


noah V

from usa florida earth

"I like this site because it is really good if you want to find out facts on Edgar Allen Poe"

signed 10 Nov 2020 11:38am 



from Virginia

"The Tell-Tale Heart was my first story I have read from Edgar Allen Poe and it was very interesting."

signed 10 Nov 2020 11:22am 



from pennavinna

"hi I like the raven book you made"

signed 10 Nov 2020 11:05am 



from Ohio

"I like the information"

signed 10 Nov 2020 10:27am 


Ian Jones


"I love this site and what has been done with mr. poe's works. My favorite is the tell-tale heart. this is because maybe he is describing someone he knows."

signed 10 Nov 2020 10:25am 


Jena Cullifer

from United States

"I really like Edgar Allen Poe's Stories because they are very spooky and I love reading them near Halloween. In 6th grade I did a report of him and I got so in depth and I loved it."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
That's how I started. I think it was 6th grade as well. That winter, my grandmother gave me an old, well worn volume of Poe's work. A few years later I built this web site.

signed 10 Nov 2020 9:37am 


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