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Brianna Sweat

from USA, Georgia, Earth

"i'm signing this because my teacher said to."

signed 26 Aug 2021 9:24am 


Maddisyn Howe

from USA Georgia Earth

"Lordy Jesus"

signed 26 Aug 2021 9:06am 



from Texas

"hi i am caden <br />fav is his short story i love the dark meaning to it"

signed 24 Aug 2021 3:48pm 


Dwayne Johnson

from Hayward, California, Earth

"I am finishing the last details for the "Jungle Cruise" movie. Reading Edgar Poe really helps me calm down and meditate on my acting. These stories really inspire me to do my best on acting. I hope to see you all at the theaters watching my movie!<br /><br />-Dwayne The Rock Johnson"

signed 24 Aug 2021 2:12pm 



from USA, Texas, Earth...

"Hello I am here for school :("

signed 24 Aug 2021 2:01pm 


Addisyn Rogers

from Texas

"Fascinating yet creepy."

signed 24 Aug 2021 12:25pm 


Shepherd Poe

from texas USA

"Hi my name is Shepherd Poe and I think I am related to Edgar Allan Poe"

signed 24 Aug 2021 11:41am 


Anisha Marzana

from London,UK

"Always wanted to read Poe's works and this site has made it that much easier!"

signed 22 Aug 2021 12:34pm 



from India.

"Got to know about him through his poems and was just in love with him. Amazing author. Only if I could make him happy by reading his stories"

signed 21 Aug 2021 11:17am 



from Tx

"I need to read his books. Interested"

signed 13 Aug 2021 10:29am 


Xinyu Zhang

from China

"Allan Poe was and still is the greatest writer in my heart"

signed 27 Jul 2021 11:09pm 


Randy LeBlanc

from McKinney, Texas, United States

"Great site for a great author"

signed 25 Jul 2021 3:18pm 


Dennis Chamberlin

from Monroe, Ohio, United States, Earth

"I'm a huge fan of Poe and his works have influenced my own writing. Well on my way to becoming a published writer and screenwriter."

signed 19 Jul 2021 4:23pm 


Simon McGuire

from Montana

"Thank You for providing all of these marvelous stories by the great Edgar Allan Poe. Thank You for preserving them and sharing them to the world."

signed 19 Jul 2021 12:41am 


Charlie Ford

from United States

"hi this is me and i think that this is a great site."

signed 16 Jul 2021 10:16am 


Leslie Rosenbaum

from VA

"Visited the museum for the first time last week and purchased a family membership. Great place, look forward to 100th anniversary next year!"

signed 01 Jul 2021 10:09am 


David Blonn

from West Virginia

"Great site, great references, thanks"

signed 09 Jun 2021 2:21pm 



from Venus

"i believe in: poe's works' supremacy."

signed 06 Jun 2021 12:30pm 


Carmine P Iantorno

from Loch Sheldrake, NY

"This site is wonderful! As a young boy I had a book of the complete works of Poe. Sadly, some years later, it was destroyed by flood waters. Now, thanks to this site, I am enjoying Poe again, so many years later that it feels as if new to me. Thank you!"

signed 04 Jun 2021 2:42pm 


Hannah Q

from United States, TX

"Poe has a large, expansive forehead that is quite attractive."

signed 24 May 2021 2:33am 



from a country you have heard of before

"I find his work fascinating in many ways, hearing of him really made an impact on my life!"

signed 21 May 2021 4:09pm 



from heil

"I think they're all great"

signed 20 May 2021 5:43pm 


Luz Santiago

from United States

"I teach 8th grade ELA and love teaching the horror genera, Poe being my favorite!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I love when teachers sign the guestbook! <3

signed 19 May 2021 1:35pm 


Tyler Griffin

from Charlottesville, VA


signed 17 May 2021 10:53pm 



from Colorado

"Hi Jimmy's mom! Are you gonna finish that croissant?"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Did she finish it?

signed 17 May 2021 11:58am 


Richard Han

from Underground, China, Earth

"Poe's "The Black Cat" makes me want to raise a black cat lol. Tbh Poe is my favourite author."

signed 17 May 2021 8:30am 


Ivy Marie Rose

from Nebraska

"hey My name Is Ivy rose, and It's my special opportunity to sign the guess book"

signed 14 May 2021 11:39am 



from USA

"Thank you"

signed 13 May 2021 10:01pm 


Katy O

from Minnesota

"I haven't decided my favorite they are all great"

signed 13 May 2021 12:59pm 


Nadia Recourt

from U.S.A, California, Earth

"I think that this website is pretty cool. I like how it has a bunch of different sources where you can learn about Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 12 May 2021 12:27pm 



from Idaho

"there is a wide selection of research sources on this site"

signed 11 May 2021 6:44pm 



from earth,america minnesota


signed 11 May 2021 5:05pm 


Bentley W.

from another planet.

"Was looking for 'The Pit and the Pendulum' and stumbled on a whole library of Poe's works. Super glad I found this website so I can read everything all in one place. I'm definitely gonna stick around :)"

signed 10 May 2021 7:09pm 


Audrey Medrano

from United States of America, Cali

"I love Poe's poems a lot!"

signed 10 May 2021 6:29pm 


esly hamilton

from minneapolis mn

"yes poe"

signed 10 May 2021 12:24pm 


Willem Benefield

from U.S

"I have so far only read The Tell Tale Heart, but I found it to be a really good story. I think I would definitely want to know how he came up with such a creepy, weird story."

signed 10 May 2021 12:18pm 



from United States of America, CA

"Edgar Allan Poe wrote wonderful stories!"

signed 10 May 2021 10:43am 



from San Diego CA


signed 10 May 2021 12:49am 



from California

"nice poems :)"

signed 09 May 2021 11:18pm 



from Earth

"Earth is a planet."

signed 09 May 2021 1:44pm 


Brighton Tuohy

from California

"I signed"

signed 08 May 2021 2:37am 


Trinity Warrick

from united states, CA , Earth

"I think this is a great website it's organized and easy for me to find more stuff about him."

signed 08 May 2021 2:24am 


Ivan Rivers

from California

"This is cool."

signed 08 May 2021 1:44am 


Andrena Jirjis

from Earth

"Those are some poems-"

signed 08 May 2021 12:12am 



from California

"This site was very helpful, thank you."

signed 08 May 2021 12:12am 



from El Cajon

"My favorite poem from Poe is "Annabel Lee" because it is about his deceased wife and he talks about how much he misses her."

signed 07 May 2021 8:33pm 



from California

"Poe's poems are really amazing and he has such an interesting life story."

signed 07 May 2021 7:50pm 



from WA Seattle, earth

"I loved learning about Edgar Allen Poe!"

signed 07 May 2021 7:37pm 



from United States

"You're super cool keep up the good work."

signed 07 May 2021 6:47pm 


Harry Lintner

from MN, US, earth???

"I only signed this because my teacher made me lol"

signed 07 May 2021 12:57pm 



from Earth

"Chris was here"

signed 06 May 2021 8:01pm 


Yuri Ortiz

from California, USA

"I think that site is wonderful and it is very helpful when it comes to wanting to learn about Poe. This site has been very handy for me when it comes to learning something new."

signed 06 May 2021 3:14pm 


Isaiah Kasawa

from California

"Edgar Poe is an amazing poet!"

signed 06 May 2021 12:06pm 



from United states

"It sad that the author had to suffer so much to become the poet that we remember today. I am thankful to have an amazing poet once in this world."

signed 06 May 2021 10:19am 



from walworth

"Poe is a great author and learning about him and his stories was nice"

signed 06 May 2021 9:04am 


Cian Caldera

from San Diego, California, Earth

"Um I just filled this out because it was part of an assignment."

signed 05 May 2021 11:17pm 


James Manos

from U.S.A., California, Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe is such a great poet. I wish I could meet him."

signed 05 May 2021 10:42pm 


Jake Campbell

from California

"I signed the book."

signed 05 May 2021 7:33pm 



from California

"I love Edgar Allan's poem "Annabel Lee.""

signed 05 May 2021 7:22pm 



from San Diego

"I love Alexander Poe's poems."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I think you mean Edgar Allan Poe. Alexander Poe (born March 21, 1974) is a bobsledder who represented the United States Virgin Islands.

signed 05 May 2021 7:11pm 


Josh Kunath

from Washington, USA

"Poe is confusing and mysterious in the ways of his writing."

signed 04 May 2021 11:19pm 



from china

"I opened my eyes, only to find death had come inside long time ago."

signed 04 May 2021 1:22pm 


Anthony Feranandez

from Colorado,USA,


signed 04 May 2021 10:08am 



from California

"The site is really good for researching and finding different facts about Poe. My favorite poem is "Annabel Lee" because you can tell how much Poe loved and missed Virginia."

signed 03 May 2021 5:12pm 



from United States

"If you were still alive would you change the style of your writing ? Do you have any unreleased poems stored anywhere?"

signed 03 May 2021 4:39pm 


Semieyah Jesters

from United States, MD - Maryland,

"I'm a True Lover of Poe and i and every other fan appreciate the work you put into this website. LOVE IT!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Thank you so much!!!

signed 01 May 2021 11:18pm 


Mya Antonucci

from Earth

"I love Edgar's scary but sad stories and that he was such a unique writer!"

signed 01 May 2021 11:11am 


Natalie B.

from Earth

"I find this Website about Edgar Poe very interesting. Thank you for all this info about him and his wife, it helped me with my class work."

signed 30 Apr 2021 11:55pm 


shanese and jade p.

from idk bro honestly

"whatz up homiez!"

signed 30 Apr 2021 10:56am 



from Baltimore, Maryland

"I LOVE your site. I have read all the stories in here and this is where I got the inspiration for my tattoo. I have a whole sleeve of different Edgar Allan Poe stories and I used your site for references that my tattoo artist could use. So thank you!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Wow, that's amazing! I'm so happy this site was an inspiration!! I would love to see the artwork. If you like, you can message me through the contact page.

signed 30 Apr 2021 12:54am 


Mac Anderson

from Georgia

"I love the hop-frog story!"

signed 29 Apr 2021 3:27pm 


Ceres Gatalli

from The Catacombs of Romania

"I am so glad to have found this site! Thank you so much for putting this together."

signed 29 Apr 2021 2:32pm 


Andy jurad

from america

"hi my name is andy jurado i love to be on the guest book"

signed 28 Apr 2021 12:17pm 



from CA,USA

"yo, it's me"

signed 27 Apr 2021 7:32pm 



from Grand Junction, Colorado

"This is a great website, super interesting guy."

signed 27 Apr 2021 7:25pm 


Aliya West

from United States


signed 27 Apr 2021 7:07pm 


Lucas Vasquez

from California.

"I feel bad for what Poe went through, and I am amazed how much he wrote."

signed 27 Apr 2021 3:09pm 


Uriel Segura

from California,US

"He is a very interesting man and a very good man but WHY WOULD HE MARRY HIS COUSIN!!! SHE WAS ALSO JUST 14!!!"

signed 27 Apr 2021 12:44pm 


Lily Jade

from Colorado, USA

"This is pretty cool man! This really helped my research project"

signed 27 Apr 2021 11:13am 


Saul Arreola

from U.S, California

"I really like these stories and I haven't even started reading one. They seem really great! Especially because I love mystery and adventure books."

signed 26 Apr 2021 11:39pm 


Bryan Griffin

from Illinois

"I'm a big fan of Poe's work. I wish more people knew about his comedies."

signed 26 Apr 2021 3:30pm 



from deleno

"We are learning about Poe and this help a lot. :)"

signed 26 Apr 2021 1:11pm 


Jill Gettelson

from West Hollywood, CA

"I LOVE this site. I've been using it for quite a while now. I am a Poe nut and teach English. I torment my students with all things Poe :) They love it. This is my go to site for all things Poe. Thank you!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
You're welcome!

signed 25 Apr 2021 1:02am 


Cameron D

from Illinois

"I really liked the the quote "It will be found, in fact, that the ingenious are always fanciful, and the truly imaginative never otherwise than analytic."."

signed 24 Apr 2021 9:55pm 


Madeline Dukes

from USA, SC

"This site is incredibly helpful, resourceful, and quite interesting!! This was really fun to read and learn about Edgar."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
This makes me happy!!

signed 23 Apr 2021 9:47pm 



from virginia beach, virginia,earth

"your poems really interest me, Mr. Poe."

signed 23 Apr 2021 4:29pm 


Lara S.

from NYC

"I'm very glad to have found a collection of Edgar Allan Poe's works online. He apparently wrote a hell of a lot more than I ever imagined, haha! "Berenice" is bound to be my favorite by far; the twist at the end always catches me."

signed 23 Apr 2021 2:04pm 



from virginia

"Hi :)"

signed 23 Apr 2021 11:16am 


Jaxon Clark

from Agave, Florida, Venus

"I've been waiting so long to be on this list!!!!!! Yesssss! Let's goooo!!!"

signed 23 Apr 2021 10:13am 


adam foley

from usa

"so basically I think he was a very good author because at the time in an age, he came out with a lot of books and he turned out to be a really good writer and they didn't even get that paid well when they were in that time frame because they have changed so much from how it is now."

signed 21 Apr 2021 10:41am 


Derrick Kunkle

from Illinois, United States

"Edgar, was a good writer, very curious, very suspicious, and very odd. The poems that were written were very well put together in many ways. He was an amazing write and author."

signed 20 Apr 2021 6:39pm 


Lavender Krupp

from Bowling Green, OH

"Thank you for this website. I use it every year during an EA Poe webquest for my HS ELA students. :)"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
You're Welcome!! I love to hear things like this =)

signed 20 Apr 2021 2:03pm 


Lauren Cox

from Jupiter

"I had to do this for school. O-O"

signed 20 Apr 2021 11:17am 


Carlee Thomas

from Mercury, Marshport, Mars

"I'm so excited to be a part of this."

signed 20 Apr 2021 11:13am 



from Colorado

"Honestly, I'm only doing this for school because I have to. But Edgar Allan Poe seems like a cool dude, I'll make sure to read some of his work."

signed 20 Apr 2021 11:02am 


Samuel Usselton

from Illinois

"Edgar seemed like a down to Earth guy just wanting to explore life and understand himself better. I respect that a lot and seem to find a lot of myself in him. It sucks he only got the recognition after he died though. Yet, it is good that he his much appreciated now."

signed 20 Apr 2021 1:02am 



from Collinsville, IL


signed 19 Apr 2021 10:27pm 


Isabella Torres

from Texas-Dallas

""The only way for man to preserve his freedom is to always be willing to die for it" - Edgar Allan Poe."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I do not think this is a quote from Poe. But here are some similar quotes:

"If you're not ready to die for it, put the word 'freedom' out of your vocabulary."
- Malcolm X

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
- Benjamin Franklin

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be."
- Thomas Jefferson

signed 19 Apr 2021 9:20pm 


Stevie P.

from Pluto

"I think that Edgar Allan Poe may have been a little scary, but would inspire a lot of people to write their own poems and short-stories."

signed 19 Apr 2021 8:41pm 


Anadela Rodriguez

from North Carolina

"My favorite story is the Masque Of The Red Death, it just relates a lot to the 2020 pandemic."

signed 19 Apr 2021 8:23pm 


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