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Colin Benson

from Virginia Beach Virginia

"very informational website."

signed 19 Apr 2021 7:52pm 



from Illinois

"Poe is a great writer. I look forward to reading more of his stories."

signed 19 Apr 2021 6:31pm 


Cole Calvin Benson

from MASON

"Poe was one of the most influential poets in history and changed the way we see poetry forever."

signed 19 Apr 2021 2:12pm 


Satoru Fujinuma

from Hokkaido, Japan

"Reading about Mr. Poe is very interesting. He had a life that was liberally seasoned with misfortune and death. I wonder what he would have been able to write, or do if he lived longer than he did, but, it is nice to see that all of these years later, he is still being remembered and celebrated for being one of the best Poets and story tellers that there ever has been."

signed 19 Apr 2021 2:09pm 


Chris Bennett

from Colorado, Grand Junction

"I'm doing this for a Ela class"

signed 19 Apr 2021 11:08am 


Jameson Drake

from USA

"Thank you for all of your inspiration."

signed 19 Apr 2021 10:12am 


Loghan M Phetsadasck

from Illinois

"A Valentine is a good poem because it has a hidden word in it and it was like a love letter to his fiancee."

signed 19 Apr 2021 10:05am 


Lilly Vallina

from ST. CLAIR

"This was an interesting and informational web quest."

signed 16 Apr 2021 11:24pm 


Yorie Meyer

from Collinsville, Illinois

"From the short stories, I've read, written by Poe, I think that he was a talented and creepy author that created good gothic literature short stories for readers interested in short and creepy stories."

signed 16 Apr 2021 3:28pm 


Curtis Schaefer

from Illinois, Earth

"It is incredible how Poe was ahead of his time, to the point, where people in this day and age would appreciate his work if they were to read it."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
That's one of the reasons I built this site!

signed 16 Apr 2021 12:04pm 



from Illinois, United States

"I like how his death is a mystery because he is a mysterious person."

signed 16 Apr 2021 12:02pm 



from USA

"Poe has always been interesting to read because of how morbid his work is. My personal favorite that I've read being the Tell Tale Heart."

signed 16 Apr 2021 11:14am 


Haley Fair

from Illinois

"I think your site is accurate and a very good rep of what Poe was like :))"

signed 16 Apr 2021 10:04am 



from around

"Wow! What a guy!"

signed 16 Apr 2021 9:14am 


britney anglin

from collinsville il

"very nice"

signed 16 Apr 2021 8:46am 


molly kennedy

from bellevue, wa

"Edgar Allan Poe seems like he was a very talented poet. I think his style of writing was very unique and he was extremely creative."

signed 15 Apr 2021 8:28pm 



from United States


signed 15 Apr 2021 10:11am 


Jace Mallicoat

from Earth

"He was an interesting person that married his cousin and died young."

signed 15 Apr 2021 9:28am 


Adri T

from Washington,United States

"Your stories are amazing and kept me hooked!"

signed 14 Apr 2021 4:18pm 



from Earth

"Edgar Poe seems like he was an amazing poet. I really enjoyed reading some of his work."

signed 14 Apr 2021 3:06pm 



from USA

"I enjoyed reading his poems! There were many verses that made me able to imagine so many beautiful, yet dark and gloomy places. I kind of want to try and write poetry now, but I know it will never be as good as Poe's compositions haha."

signed 14 Apr 2021 2:15pm 



from Earth

"I thought the site was delightful! It had such great information and was exactly the resource that I needed. I would totally recommend this site to anyone wanting to learn about Poe."

signed 14 Apr 2021 12:26pm 


Federico Massera

from USA

"This site is really enjoyable and is easy to read especially all the poems and books."

signed 14 Apr 2021 12:07am 


E Jones

from USA

"I just read "A Valentine" and I am fascinated how Poe was able to write a poem and hide the name of the woman he loved within the lines of the poem. It must have taken a lot of effort and creativity to write that poem."

signed 13 Apr 2021 10:44pm 


Dylan McCabe

from United States

"I learned a lot about Poe"

signed 13 Apr 2021 8:57pm 



from Washington

"Poe is a very good author I love how in his poems have rhymes!"

signed 13 Apr 2021 7:59pm 



from slovakia

"Poe you are a great author. I like that you have cool spooky stories that make people sit up and focus because the stories are so scary and interesting."

signed 13 Apr 2021 4:50pm 



from earth

"I think Poe was an amazing author, he experienced much pain and sorrow in his life, but instead of feeling sorry for himself, he wrote inspiring stories about his struggle, and entertained others. Because he had worked through the pain and made a name for himself, i truly believe he will never be forgotten."

signed 13 Apr 2021 4:15pm 



from Earth

"Which of his books were his favorite?"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
That's a good question! I'll have to research it

signed 13 Apr 2021 4:01pm 


Juan Ortiz

from Californa, earth

"it was for a assignment"

signed 13 Apr 2021 2:51pm 


Clara Ziegler

from United States

"My Name is Clara and I'm a 7th grader. This is such a great website, and Its nice to see all these things that Poe has done. I like the poem "Alone" It felt very deep and visual."

signed 13 Apr 2021 2:47pm 


Adelle Brandt

from USA, Virginia, Earth

"I liked the short story "The Black Cat" because, in the end, it surprised me. All of Edgar Allan Poe's work that I have read so far is very thrilling, interesting, and very deep!"

signed 13 Apr 2021 1:50pm 


Shaina Potts

from Earth


signed 13 Apr 2021 12:22pm 



from america

"hii :D i love poes poetry and books"

signed 13 Apr 2021 12:11pm 



from NY, USA

"Keep up the good work man."

signed 12 Apr 2021 7:31am 


Madison Duncan

from tennessee

"i love poe's stories"

signed 09 Apr 2021 1:18pm 


Emma Reed

from Earth, United States,Wisconsin

"Edgar is a very cool and scary dude at the same time. Thank you for making the lovely website."

signed 09 Apr 2021 10:50am 


Kinsley Carroll

from Earth

"its cool to learn about this stuff but its also kinda creepy"

signed 08 Apr 2021 6:40pm 


Donovan Knight

from Wisconsin Walworth Earth

"I like his quote memories because its crazy how true it is and how much it happens. Thats like a daily thing and i relate to it a lot. Its also putting it into a deeper meaning"

signed 08 Apr 2021 5:32pm 


Peter Muurman

from Groningen, Netherlands

"What a wonderful site thank you very much!"

signed 08 Apr 2021 4:43pm 



from colorado


signed 08 Apr 2021 12:10pm 


Tessa Smith

from Erwin, North Carolina, USA

"This site is really nifty! Thank you for putting this together. My favorite Poe story is The Masque of the Red Death. I'm nearly obsessed with the description of the abbey, and sort of wish it was a real place I could go see. Again, thank you for putting this together, wonderful person!!!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
You're Welcome =)

signed 07 Apr 2021 10:46pm 


Insaf Elkhadiri

from New York, The United States

"Edgar Allan Poe was a special person and his writing method is very unique. Sometimes it is not easy to understand some words, which makes his stories distinct and linguistically useful."

signed 06 Apr 2021 2:48pm 


shyla m terpe

from Connecticut

"idk my teacher made me haha, love poe tho"

signed 06 Apr 2021 2:46pm 


Ethan Schuelke

from Lavinia, Covjov, Pluto

"Edgar Allen Poe is still alive from my dimension."

signed 06 Apr 2021 2:24pm 



from Connecticut


signed 05 Apr 2021 9:20am 


Robert Lopez

from TX

"I appreciate that someone has mas a site where fans of Poe can read his works"

signed 03 Apr 2021 11:08pm 


Rayne White

from Paintsville Kentucky, Earth

"I love everything about Poe! Hes amazing. Wish I could meet him in real life."

signed 31 Mar 2021 11:06am 


Emma Stephens

from Tennessee, United States,Earth

"It was for the assignment..."

signed 30 Mar 2021 11:55pm 



from North Carolina

"Thank you for compiling this website! I love the stories, especially the "Cask of Amontillado." Keep up the good work!!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
You're Welcome!! =)

signed 30 Mar 2021 1:25pm 


Desire' Mckie

from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"I think Poe is a very good poet. My favorite poem of his is "Alone" because it talks about past experiences he's been through. I love how he makes his poems and stories about things he been through, I think it really helps people relate to it."

signed 28 Mar 2021 5:17pm 



from north carliona

"it is a cool site. i think it is good cause it a dead poets history about him"

signed 26 Mar 2021 2:20pm 



from Wisconsin

"Poe is a very unique person, he has gone through a lot of troubles throughout life, and for that I see him as a very strong man, he went through the army, prepared to see the worst and best of people, his poetry and stories may have seemed odd, but that is what it is all about, writing in the way you feel is right, and explaining it through your eyes, I find his stories quite interesting and his poems meaningful. To me this man is a very interesting and unique guy, but he is strong for enduring what he has, and who he turned out to be."

signed 25 Mar 2021 11:35am 


Jessie Morris

from United States

"Thank you for creating this wonderful site!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
You're welcome!!

signed 25 Mar 2021 8:07am 



from Michigan

"I enjoy Poe as an author because of his dark humor."

signed 24 Mar 2021 4:41pm 



from Aalst, belgium

"Great site, impressive work! For some weeks now wandering through the work and the world of Poe. Most intrigued by the gothic stories. Poe is really great in creating this atmosphere of mystery and suspense. Especially like The Fall of the House of Usher, The Tell Tale Heart, and The Black Cat. Cask of Amontillado also gave me the goose bumps"

signed 24 Mar 2021 4:10pm 



from United States

"Edgar Allen Poe is such an inspiring and imaginative poet. Although some of his poems can be dark, they are always interesting. All of his work has some sort of meaning behind it, whether that be from his past or just a reference."

signed 23 Mar 2021 9:23pm 


Ava Geitman

from Frankenmuth, Michigan

"Poe had a hard life but his writing helped him through everything. His past was an inspiration."

signed 23 Mar 2021 8:52pm 



from Wisconsin

"This website helped a lot with a project. Thanks a lot for all you do"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
You're welcome!

signed 23 Mar 2021 4:14pm 


Christian Rice

from Wisconsin

"Poe is dope"

signed 23 Mar 2021 2:18pm 


vanessa ross

from united states,Wisconsin,earth

"I think this is a great site to find awesome information on Edgar Allen Poe and i think he was a really great writer."

signed 23 Mar 2021 11:32am 



from Frankenmuth, Michigan

"I like Poe as an author because while I was reading some of his poetry in that section, all of his writings give you a visual image of what he is trying to say in the poem. I also like how he includes the descriptive details so it makes it easier to visualize."

signed 23 Mar 2021 8:21am 


Elijah Wenburg

from Michigan

"I think Poe was an author who wrote about what he was going through in life and in some cases he wrote about being sad and alone."

signed 22 Mar 2021 11:43pm 



from Earth

"You were a great author and your works were amazing and encourage me to write more."

signed 22 Mar 2021 10:50pm 


austin hergenreder

from The United States, Michigan

"This has brought more insight into some of his works. It is weird to think that this writing is from the 1800's."

signed 22 Mar 2021 10:28pm 



from Michigan

"Edgar Allan Poe's poems all had a special mood to them."

signed 22 Mar 2021 10:04pm 


Jack McCallum

from Untied States

"I thought this was an awesome trove of knowledge about Poe. And there is much potential to keep on expanding or you can keep it as it is."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I try to add new poems and stories to the site each year. The amount of work Poe produced in his short lifetime is staggering.

signed 22 Mar 2021 9:17pm 


Rosemary Brenner

from Frankenmuth, MI

"Edger Allan Poe was someone who was not given enough credit for his work, he was a great author."

signed 22 Mar 2021 7:52pm 


Raquel Hernandez

from Michigan

"I think that Poe was very inspiring to other poets. Also that his poems were full of meaning and true feelings."

signed 22 Mar 2021 6:06pm 



from Michigan

"The Raven was a really touching poem"

signed 22 Mar 2021 4:26pm 


Lexis Wiskur

from United States of America, MI

"Edgar Allen Poe should be recognized as someone who was the heart and soul of writing and poetry. Even though he was poor, he still made a way to publish and get the job done as one of the most important writers."

signed 22 Mar 2021 4:12pm 


Landen Wise

from Frankenmuth,US,MI Earth

"I think Poe came from a long way to where he is now because he had a struggling life and made it better from writing a lot of stories and haunted poems"

signed 22 Mar 2021 3:38pm 


Emma M.

from Michigan

"Edgar Allen Poe has written many great works of literature. I especially like the rhythm and rhyme of his poem, Eldorado."

signed 22 Mar 2021 3:32pm 


Dakota Anderson

from United States, Michigan Earth

"I think that Edgar Allen Poe was a beautiful writer. I love his poem "Alone" I think that he tried to express how he felt that he could not find joy. But I think he was a very special writer."

signed 22 Mar 2021 2:38pm 



from United States,Michigain,Earth

"I loved learning about Edgar Allen Poe and his fantastic stories."

signed 22 Mar 2021 2:21pm 



from United States

"I relate to many of his poems. The words speak of experience, pain, joy, and life itself. I feel many others can feel the words too."

signed 22 Mar 2021 2:05pm 



from minnesota, U.S., earth

"All i have to say is "thank you" both to the creator of this site, and to Edgar for creating the stories that help shape the planet today."

signed 22 Mar 2021 12:54pm 


Samuel Rice

from USA, Michigan

"Edgar Allen Poe seems like a very dark but interesting writer."

signed 22 Mar 2021 9:43am 



from Michigan

"I really liked reading the poems, I liked the Tell-tale Heart one because it made me shiver and I always like to read a thriller once and a while"

signed 22 Mar 2021 9:37am 



from Sao Paulo

"eai, bom eu gosto muito do conto o Barril de Amontillado pq e sober vinganca, e conseguir se vingar de algum e algo demorado e que requer um bom planejamento"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I'm glad you liked The Cask of Amontillado =)

signed 20 Mar 2021 8:56am 



from United States,Planet Earth

"Hello! I am a newcomer to Mr. Poe's work and poetry in general. "Annabel Lee" and "The Raven" are my favorites so far."

signed 19 Mar 2021 12:58am 


Rylan Kruse

from United States

"I feel like Poe is a great poet who's work and influence is still relevant today."

signed 16 Mar 2021 11:24pm 



from USA

"I think this site is OK."

signed 16 Mar 2021 5:42pm 


Haley Mayberry

from king Mountain

"this is a creepy page"

signed 16 Mar 2021 4:08pm 


Steven Schuh

from Walworth, WI

"This was an interesting website. It had a lot of information about Edgar Allen Poe. I hope you enjoy it like I did"

signed 16 Mar 2021 9:28am 



from United States

"I enjoyed The Haunted Palace by Edgar. It's so happy yet bittersweet when it comes to the end. I will always enjoy his works and will continue reading them."

signed 16 Mar 2021 8:41am 



from Indianna

"I really liked the poems a lot."

signed 15 Mar 2021 9:43pm 


James O.M

from Earth

"Poe was ahead of his time with the darker side of his imagination. People fear and criticize what they don't understand. He would've been more understood in today's times but possibly less famous."

signed 15 Mar 2021 8:36pm 


Madalyn M

from United States, North Carolina,

"Poe is an inspirational individual. He shows that even though you may have a traumatic past it doesn't have to stop you from succeeding in life."

signed 15 Mar 2021 2:09pm 


Aiden Orth

from Fort Wayne, In

"Poe is a great author and his legacy continues 200 years later."

signed 15 Mar 2021 12:14pm 


Stacy Forsythe

from Walworth Wisconsin

"I think Poe was a great author and I really liked learning about his life and reading some of his poems and quotes that he lived by."

signed 15 Mar 2021 10:48am 


Sage Absher

from bessemer city, NC

"It had shown me what that has once been hidden and has given me a great amount of entertainment."

signed 15 Mar 2021 8:50am 


Shane Cline

from Virginia

"The Raven was my favorite Poe story."

signed 14 Mar 2021 9:08pm 


alexandra gilliland

from bessemer city

"I love poe's poems"

signed 14 Mar 2021 2:52pm 


step d lueders

from Washington

"woe to he that ignores true nature"

signed 12 Mar 2021 3:46am 


alexis hayes

from toombs county highschool

"I look forward to reading his stories"

signed 11 Mar 2021 10:47am 


Ace Morrison

from Indiana, USA, Earth, Milky Way

"I've been writing essays about Poe's writing and I've realized how deep his poems and stories really are. I also never realized that he wrote mysteries either. Thank you for providing this site! Thanks!"

signed 10 Mar 2021 11:37am 


Phoebe W

from The blue house down the hill

"His poems were tragic and bleak just like his life. Just like this guestbook. All of these messages written in hope to be read and acknowledged crying out from the void of the endless black hole of the internet. All hoping to in desperation that someone will remember them but just like our life we too will also be forgotten."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Well, I just read your guestbook message! Good job!! Also, did you know you can Search the guestbook?

signed 09 Mar 2021 10:33pm 


Ben Anderson

from U.S,Virginia

"I think this site is amazing! because its so cool to learn about edgar allan poe and how he lived!"

signed 08 Mar 2021 11:21am 



from Somewhere

"Edgar Allen Poe is a very talented writer. I like reading his short stories."

signed 07 Mar 2021 8:25pm 


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