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from United States


signed 16 Nov 2021 8:45am 


Taylor Coffin

from Iowa

"I love all the stories Poe has written. When you dig deep into them, you can really tell what each story is about. They are all so detailed but to find the details, you have to look for them."

signed 15 Nov 2021 10:15pm 



from California

"Poe changed writing history and showed everyone a different perspective in life with his unique poetry and short stories."

signed 15 Nov 2021 9:16pm 



from Earth


signed 15 Nov 2021 8:19pm 


Nicholas Williams

from United states, Virginia

"I think that Poe is a great writer and is good at hiding his true meaning in his elderly text."

signed 15 Nov 2021 8:08pm 



from Earth


signed 15 Nov 2021 7:34pm 


Skyla Cox

from kentucky

"I think Poe is a really good author and writer and i believe more people should know about his work."

signed 15 Nov 2021 4:48pm 



from Earth

"I love Poes work of art. He truly is talented"

signed 15 Nov 2021 3:39pm 


Maddox Moten

from Kansas

"Poe's stories are true masterpieces that any and all people should read."

signed 15 Nov 2021 1:13pm 


Alex Valdivia

from Kansas


signed 15 Nov 2021 12:58pm 



from usa


signed 15 Nov 2021 12:30pm 


clarence small

from Shreveport, Louisiana

"Edgar Poe is a good poet and I like to read his poems"

signed 15 Nov 2021 12:19pm 


Carlos Flowers

from Shreveport,Lousiana, Neptune

"I actually love Edgar Allan Poe, well mostly his horror books, because they are filled with favorite book from him is The Tell-Tale Heart, because it's like the man who killed the old man was low-key going through the details of why he wanted to get rid of the old man, if i can remember he was going crazy over the sound of a heartbeat...but anyways i love edgar allan poe b/c his stories are just so good, and they cant be matched with today's books/short stories"

signed 15 Nov 2021 12:19pm 


jamiracle Hart

from united states Louisiana

"I'm glad you thought of your mother with the museums. I thought that was cute. It's also sad that you lost your mother at a young age. And you father walked out yall life to. But you became successful and I'm proud of you."

signed 15 Nov 2021 12:17pm 


Peyton Gorman

from United States, Louisiana, Earth

"Edgar Allen Poe is a great author. I love his murder mystery books"

signed 15 Nov 2021 12:15pm 


Amber Jeter

from United States

"Edgar Allan Poe was a great author who put his blood, sweat, and tears in to his work that was the kind of person he was."

signed 15 Nov 2021 12:11pm 


ben g

from ohio

"Edgar Allan Poe was one of the most influential writers in modern history."

signed 15 Nov 2021 12:02pm 


Miles Robison

from Kansas

"a real message"

signed 15 Nov 2021 11:11am 


Christian Keller

from USA,Barbourville, KY, Earth

"Great web page! Thank you for setting this up! I'm using it for school and do not waste time looking for things. Great organizing!"

signed 14 Nov 2021 4:52pm 


Tajanah Barnes

from America

"Edgar poe sounds like a wise and very creative man"

signed 14 Nov 2021 3:42pm 


Jeffery snyder

from Virginia

""Life is not valued until it is lost" you cannot know life until you die"

signed 12 Nov 2021 5:46pm 


Matt Lopez

from Kentucky

"His poems and quotes are great they have meaning about them and they tell stories about him and what he has done in his life ."

signed 12 Nov 2021 5:40pm 


Caleb Horne

from Grenada Ms

"Caleb Horne was here"

signed 12 Nov 2021 3:02pm 


Brady Martin

from United States

"My teacher said you are the best writer."

signed 12 Nov 2021 2:41pm 



from Ohio

"Hi, I am come here from my LA class"

signed 12 Nov 2021 2:26pm 



from earth

"I like his story about the black cat, and how the tables turned on the narrator."

signed 12 Nov 2021 2:25pm 


Anthony Fiala

from U.S.A Ohio Earth

""In our endeavors to recall to memory something long forgotten, we often find ourselves upon the very verge of remembrance, without being able, in the end, to remember." This is my favorite quote."

signed 12 Nov 2021 2:13pm 



from mississippi

"Long live Poe"

signed 12 Nov 2021 2:08pm 




"poe was a good but creepy writer"

signed 12 Nov 2021 1:57pm 




"This is a pretty handy website if you're looking for a few very important details about Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 12 Nov 2021 1:40pm 


Shyanna Harmon

from Kentucky

"Poe is best remembered for his tales of terror and haunting poems. His best poem is To Helen. I read it while I was doing one of my reading assignments and it's really good!! If I could meet him I would be glad I would ask him what author inspired him."

signed 12 Nov 2021 11:51am 


Sophia Springer

from Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe was the best writer ever"

signed 12 Nov 2021 11:15am 



from stratton, ohio


signed 12 Nov 2021 11:14am 


Madison smart

from ohio

"Hey I hope you had fun writing"

signed 12 Nov 2021 11:11am 


Emma Clark

from Ohio

"I'm doing work lol. Um i don't really now what else to say so... BYE!"

signed 12 Nov 2021 11:09am 



from Earth

"It's good?"

signed 12 Nov 2021 11:08am 


Cheyenne Schultz

from Ohio

"Hello! When life is bright, walk through it with a frown."

signed 12 Nov 2021 11:03am 


Gemma Westfall

from Earth

"it is a very nice site, 10/10 would recommend."

signed 12 Nov 2021 10:52am 


Christopher Battle

from Mississippi, United States

"I would really love a book from Mr Poe, On GD."

signed 12 Nov 2021 10:35am 


Pedro Gomez

from Usa

"Hi Mr.Poe I was wondering how you came out with poems with so much feeling? I wanted to know because the poems are so interesting with how tense it feels when you just read it, it's insane!"

signed 12 Nov 2021 9:49am 


aracelli smith

from elgin,south carolina , earth

"my favorite story by him is tell-tale heart"

signed 12 Nov 2021 9:47am 


edgar allan poe


"It is I Edgar Allen Poe and I'm cooler than you"

signed 12 Nov 2021 9:46am 


Demetrious Demarcus

from Illionois, North Korea, mars

"Mrs. McAnally made me do this."

signed 12 Nov 2021 9:29am 


kenneth miller

from elgin

"Hello poe bye poe"

signed 12 Nov 2021 8:43am 


daniel zammarrelli


"because my teacher said"

signed 12 Nov 2021 8:36am 


Brianna Moran


"i loved reading about Edgar Allen Poe and getting to know him better."

signed 11 Nov 2021 11:06pm 



from United States

"I think that Poe was a very great writer and all his poems are interesting. I'm glad that Poe has made those poems!"

signed 11 Nov 2021 9:32pm 


mallie lieffring

from Missouri

"I enjoy reading these poems because they are creepy and keep me on my toes they are very interesting and make you look at the poem from a different perspective."

signed 11 Nov 2021 8:14pm 



from united state, south carolina, mars

"i am actually from mars"

signed 11 Nov 2021 8:04pm 


Kingston Gaines


"Poe's work is a wonderful and confusing art."

signed 11 Nov 2021 4:54pm 


Luis Alicea


"Hi, my name is Luis and I thought this site was fairly easy to use because it was so organized."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
This makes me happy!

signed 11 Nov 2021 4:03pm 


Madilyn Householder

from Ohio

"thank you for letting me use this website I can't wait to learn about Edgar Allen Poe"

signed 11 Nov 2021 2:38pm 



from Leestown Middle School Lexington, Ky

"I think Edgar Allan Poe was a pretty talented author but in all his writings he shows sadness and I think that was going through a lot of depression and so he just wanted to write down everything to make people understand how he was living."

signed 10 Nov 2021 8:04pm 


KC Douthit

from Eaton, Ohio, Earth

"I love reading many things about what he did and what what he was like"

signed 10 Nov 2021 4:17pm 



from USA, Kansas, Earth sadly

"Hello fellow people of the literature world"

signed 10 Nov 2021 4:11pm 


Addison Valadez

from United States, Kentucky, Earth

"Your stories are super cool and inspirational. A book is a dream you hold in your hand."

signed 10 Nov 2021 11:32am 




"I love the conqueror worm thing it is so weird and funny which is right up my alley."

signed 10 Nov 2021 11:12am 


Tyler culpepper

from ohio

"i love poe"

signed 10 Nov 2021 9:43am 



from Illinois


signed 10 Nov 2021 8:57am 


Baylie Hill

from Georgia, United States

"I have liked every Edgar Allen Poe book that I have read."

signed 19 Sep 2021 2:07pm 


Pamela Harju

from Ireland

"My all time favourite poem must be 'Alone' - so relatable! I must make an effort to read more Poe."

signed 15 Sep 2021 10:45am 


Sandi Holland

from Southern US

"I've loved Poe since I first heard "The Raven" when I was a child. I've researched and read about his life. I was inspired to learn that for a time he self-published a newsletter and distributed it. Seems like all of the good writers suffered tragic lives that were unfulfilled, except for their writing. I hate it that they did not become widely-circulated and well-known and loved till hundreds of years after they left us."

signed 14 Sep 2021 9:48pm 


Olivia Mendoza

from USA, Earth

"I like Poe's stories, even though mostly I don't find horror a genre I read. Poe has a interesting take on the world."

signed 14 Sep 2021 7:47pm 



from the swamp

"This website is one of my favorite ways to procrastinate on my actual Language Arts homework."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
If you're gonna procrastinate, why read what Poe wrote about it...
forum > procrastination

signed 14 Sep 2021 9:47am 



from edmonton

"thank you"

signed 13 Sep 2021 3:18pm 


leonel m

from canada

"nice site! :)"

signed 13 Sep 2021 2:44pm 



from Canada

"Very interesting story so far!"

signed 13 Sep 2021 2:22pm 



from Someplace

"Nice. Very lovely."

signed 13 Sep 2021 2:03pm 


John Fincher

from Georgia,United States


signed 13 Sep 2021 10:30am 



from Canada

"Edgar Allan Poe was a very unique writer."

signed 12 Sep 2021 11:27am 


Icon Roazol

from Canada

"Hi! My name is Rustico, but call me Icon, and I approve of this site about Edgar Allan Poe himself."

signed 10 Sep 2021 4:06pm 


Krishna Patel

from Edmonton Alberta

"Great stories :)"

signed 10 Sep 2021 3:21pm 



from Canada Alberta Earth

"Edgar allan Poe is my favourite Author because of his past and struggles."

signed 10 Sep 2021 2:56pm 



from Earth

"I just read "The Tell-Tale Heart"...did anyone else find it creepy? Wait, it's Poe: it should be."

signed 09 Sep 2021 1:12pm 


Gatz A. Wildmann

from Somewhere in the Woods

"Hallo my friends :-)"

signed 09 Sep 2021 7:41am 


Isis Daniela Ramirez

from California

"My favorite poem by Edgar Allan Poe is "To the One in Paradise" he describes the beauty and his love for his wife so delicately in the poem."

signed 08 Sep 2021 3:54pm 


Carter Steed

from Georgia

"For ELA class"

signed 07 Sep 2021 6:57pm 



from Idiania

"Poe forever more"

signed 07 Sep 2021 2:15pm 


danika woods

from earth

"My name is Danika Woods, my favorite is Silence- A fable. It tells the horrors of silence, and is told by a demon which in my opinion is actually really cool."

signed 03 Sep 2021 4:45pm 


Natalie Leonesio

from Tennessee

"My favorite poem of Edgar Allen Poe's is Annabel Lee. Its my favorite because it describes a love so strong that I believe everyone longs for. One that tests others regardless of age and lasts past death."

signed 03 Sep 2021 4:20pm 



from Tennessee

"Thank you for this! Poe is an incredibly interesting person and it's always awesome learning more about him. Also, my favorite is the Tell-Tale Heart!"

signed 03 Sep 2021 3:13pm 



from Tennessee, United States

"I love the organization of this site and how everything is so easy to find and access. My favorite story is probably "Tell-Tale Heart." Poe was a highly intelligent and well educated man, which definitely reflects in his works, as seen through the variety of people, places, times, and emotions to draw from in his stories. His works will undoubtedly stay in the minds of the world for a long time yet."

signed 02 Sep 2021 5:38pm 


Marcela Mabel AlvareZ

from Buenos Aires

"Hola muy interesante el Blog lo estamos trabajando en una clase de ingles.<br />Saludos Cordiales Marcela."

signed 02 Sep 2021 4:52pm 


Steve Procter

from US, Washington, earth,

"No message."

signed 01 Sep 2021 8:04pm 


audrey tripp

from usa, georgia, earth

"Edgar Allen Poe is a very creative and interesting person to learn about"

signed 01 Sep 2021 4:15pm 


Cassidy Sellers

from Georgia

"The site is really neat and organized. I like it."

signed 01 Sep 2021 2:30pm 


Quentin Stephens

from Mars

"I was here"

signed 01 Sep 2021 1:34pm 



from United States

"Hey, How are you doing?"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I'm good, thanks!

signed 01 Sep 2021 11:00am 


Kyler Knox

from georgia

"school project"

signed 01 Sep 2021 10:30am 


Orion Benson

from United States, New Mexico, Earth

"I really love Edgar Allan Poe. He is one of my favorite Authors ever. His works really keep me up at night in a good way."

signed 31 Aug 2021 8:44pm 


sophi Gross

from Indiana, USA

"My favorite story is The Raven. I'm not a reader, i dont like it. i got bored one day and picked up this book. i fell in love the first couple of pages. he makes it seem like you're there, and you can feel what they did. hes amazing."

signed 31 Aug 2021 4:06pm 



from Indiana USA


signed 31 Aug 2021 11:19am 


Ethan Coleman

from Nahunta,Georgia,Earth

"Nice reading about you"

signed 31 Aug 2021 10:32am 



from USA

"I love the site! really good information!"

signed 31 Aug 2021 9:34am 



from Indiana

"Mr Edgar"

signed 31 Aug 2021 9:15am 



from USA


signed 31 Aug 2021 8:55am 


Abygale Ann McGill

from USA Georgia

"this is for a school project. .UWU."

signed 30 Aug 2021 4:07pm 


Alexandra Foster

from Illinois, America

"I find Edgar Allan Poe to be a great inspiration for my writing. I pity people who haven't ever read a single one of his pieces, He can create such masterpieces. The way his words flow with such rhythm in his poems and stories can catch the eye of any reader. I love how this website is able to deliver these great tales to a wide variety of people, I hope everyone enjoys this!"

signed 30 Aug 2021 1:35pm 


Katie Fike

from IN

"This is a really great website, I learned many things about Poe and he shows great inspiration."

signed 30 Aug 2021 1:27pm 


Daniel Palomo

from United States

"Love Poe."

signed 26 Aug 2021 11:48pm 


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