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from New Jersey

"Truly I love everything about this website. The air it gives off is that of an old cozy bookstore, or a library. I feel like I could stay here for hours, and I just might. Ashamedly I've only read a handful of Poe's works, but my favorite must be Annabel Lee. While I could go on for ages about how much it means to me, I'll put it simply; it's beautiful. A huge thanks to whoever is behind this website, it's perfectly made and simple to use."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Thank you so much!! =)

signed 07 Mar 2021 1:35am 



from India

"Thank you !!! Your dedication is a sight to sore eyes for whom finding books is as rare as a comet... thank you a lot... and keep up your great and inspiring work!!!"

signed 06 Mar 2021 4:36am 


PJ Edwards

from Texas

"This is a very wonderful Poe site. Thank you for helping me rediscover his amazing writings."

signed 04 Mar 2021 8:54pm 


Cathlea Roxas

from Philippines

"Hi! :)"

signed 03 Mar 2021 1:07am 


Michael Dilbone

from United States of America

"Howdy folks, how do you do?"

signed 02 Mar 2021 11:40pm 



from california

"im a beast and so is poe"

signed 01 Mar 2021 10:49am 


Taylor Hollinger

from Ohio, US

"This guy is a creep."

signed 01 Mar 2021 10:48am 


luka preman

from england, earth

"my favorite of his works would defiantly be 'alone', for some odd unknown reason I seem to gravitate towards it?"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
It's one of my favorites as well

signed 01 Mar 2021 10:32am 


Elijah Stapleton

from United States

"Hello to everyone who's here for school work, because I'm joining you."

signed 01 Mar 2021 9:21am 



from mexico

"hola mi amigo"

signed 01 Mar 2021 9:14am 


Daniel Treadway

from Connecticut

"Signing this for English class"

signed 01 Mar 2021 8:49am 



from mars

"i came to this site for an english project"

signed 25 Feb 2021 10:40am 



from slidell, la

"i'm just here for a project lowkey but poe do be speaking facts ;)"

signed 23 Feb 2021 11:12am 



from Earth, North America, USA. ID

"My friend and agent just referred me to Poe's poetry and short stories. I decided to delve in. Thank you for your website."

signed 18 Feb 2021 7:59pm 


Angel Morrow

from United States

"Edgar Allan Poe may have done things that would've put him in prison in this time period (marrying his 13 year old cousin at 27) BUT he was a literate genius, who paved the way for more professional writers."

signed 18 Feb 2021 9:47am 



from bilaspur,chhattisgarh

"I actually, to be honest, recently found about Mr. Poe as I was reading his short story "the oval portrait" and to my surprise, i don't even know how this happened but i feel like i was instantly connected to the story, like i was living inside it... it was really one of the best moments when you get lost in stories and you don't even care about your surroundings, like you just don't belong there but you're living inside that story. I literally love that feeling. So i am, starting from today, trying to collect these small yet special moments whenever i get time. Also i pray he rest in peace"

signed 16 Feb 2021 9:23am 


Dylan Abernathy

from US Texas Earth

"I like the Raven"

signed 15 Feb 2021 1:38pm 



from texas

"i just find poe's works very interesting with all of the imagery and how he explains what is happening"

signed 11 Feb 2021 6:20pm 


Talia crimiel

from Gorges

"In your opinion does any of this makes sense to you."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Poe, yes. The world, not so much

signed 11 Feb 2021 12:37pm 


Anne M Tomasko

from USA

"Reasonably new to homeschooling, my 8th grade son and I are now studying Poe's poems. Thank you for this incredible site. I've always liked Edgar Allan Poe, but with your deep knowledge of him and his work, my appreciation has increased significantly. God bless!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
This makes me happy!!

signed 11 Feb 2021 10:42am 


James Van Engen

from Illinois

"The site is well-organized and simple to navigate. I like it. Thank you!"

signed 10 Feb 2021 11:27pm 


Jade Anderson

from Bel Air MD

"My favorite Poe story is The Tell Tale Heart. I read that last year in 8th grade when I first learned about Edgar Allan Poe. He fascinates me. I wish I was good at literature like him. I'm terrible at spelling."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
You say you're terrible at spelling but you spelled Poe's name correctly =)

signed 10 Feb 2021 11:50am 



from Hinesville, GA

"Thanks for making this site"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
You're welcome!!

signed 10 Feb 2021 9:41am 



from Chelan County, WA, Earth

"I had to read the Tell tale Heart for school and figured I might as well sign this thing, especially considering one of my closest friends is a MAJOR Poe fan."

signed 09 Feb 2021 1:11pm 



from Florida

"This website was very helpful in teaching me more about Poe and what his life was like"

signed 05 Feb 2021 7:22pm 


jacob steinberg

from Florida

"if I was named Edgar id be a good writer too"

signed 05 Feb 2021 4:22pm 



from Earth

"I think Poe is a fantastic writer. He really knew how to keep things suspenseful and mysterious. I'm always engaged in his writing. I'm always scared for what happens next."

signed 05 Feb 2021 1:42pm 



from illinois

"I think Poe's work is fantastic and so different from the writers nowadays and it makes me so happy seeing more people who enjoy it like i do"

signed 05 Feb 2021 1:16pm 


Thomas Mosca

from Florida

"Edgar Allen Poe was a very strange person, but it can't be said that he was not talented. At the end of it all, Poe created incredible works such as The Raven, as well as countless poems that have solidified himself as one of the greatest authors/poets."

signed 05 Feb 2021 12:46pm 



from Naples florida

"I think Edgar Allan Poe was a very interesting person with a backstory no one really knows too much about. I feel LIKE WE DO NOT KNOW a lot of things about him, He was kind of a very on the low person and didn't talk about how he was feeling or really expressed it."

signed 05 Feb 2021 11:42am 



from Earth

"Signed, Yes. :)"

signed 03 Feb 2021 9:44pm 


natalia strunk

from United States

"I love Poe's poem Annabel Lee"

signed 29 Jan 2021 12:18pm 


christian Trestrail

from Ellijay,Georgia

"I have learnt this is one weird guy. I think he may need help. too many big words. please be a bit more precise. thanks."

signed 29 Jan 2021 10:15am 



from Florida, USA

"I enjoy Poe's works as he is able to tell a story in a grotesque way that people come back to. My favorite story is Tell Tale Heart."

signed 29 Jan 2021 8:19am 


lilly p

from georgia

"Edgar Allan Poe was a very interesting author from his work to even his life. some parts of his life were a little more than interesting like marrying his first cousin at the age of 14. Even the story he wrote had some twisted tail or some tarball ending for some one. Although his work was twisted it is very good and is always fascinating to read"

signed 28 Jan 2021 9:40pm 


Ezra knell

from Earth

"I like his poem the raven"

signed 28 Jan 2021 7:42pm 


Jacoob Johnson

from USA, CA

"Thank you for all of the wonderful resources. It was very interesting to learn more about Edgar Allen Poe."

signed 28 Jan 2021 6:12pm 



from united states, georgia, earth

"very interesting!"

signed 28 Jan 2021 8:43am 



from flrioda

"its creative how we have an amazing poet like poe. I just remembered a book by him that I use to read."

signed 27 Jan 2021 9:51pm 



from Florida

"This website has given me a better understanding of Poe. He was more interesting than I originally thought, and I firmly agree with the fact that he was born in the wrong time frame. I learned that he had many hardships, yet still continued his passion for writing. I consider that quite admirable."

signed 27 Jan 2021 6:06pm 



from Florida

"Poe was a brilliant Author"

signed 27 Jan 2021 2:49pm 



from Florida

"Edgar Allan Poe was quite different than any other writers; he brought about his life in a imaginative way and short storytelling of mystery and horror, because of his poems this brought interest in the 19th century and to this day."

signed 27 Jan 2021 2:39pm 


Ethan Rutledge

from Mars

"Edgar Allen Poe has proven to be a foundational poet for all of society. He's proven himself to be a pivotal author in regards to the evolution of literature. Thank you Edgar Allen Poe."

signed 27 Jan 2021 12:53pm 


Autumn Breanne Gilley

from ST. CLAIR

"I think Poe was a very interesting and creative author. His stories had so much thought put into them and his stories are always fun to read. His life is interesting and he was such a hard worker to get through his life."

signed 27 Jan 2021 9:40am 



from Michigan

"Edgar Allen Poe was a good poet and I really like the poem The Raven."

signed 26 Jan 2021 7:27pm 



from Michigan

"The Raven is a good poem with lots of detail. Poe had an interesting life"

signed 26 Jan 2021 8:40am 


Vanessa Madl

from From Ludington, Michigan

"I'm Vanessa and I'm in 8th grade. I recently have been doing some research on Poe and something surprised me in an odd way, but for the most part I think he was very interesting and very unique in his own way."

signed 25 Jan 2021 9:47pm 



from america, californa, earth

"the stories are scary but I am ok with that"

signed 25 Jan 2021 2:39pm 


Savannah Dahlem

from America, Illinois, Pluto

"Poe did not have a happy life even if he was considered successful, but success doesn't always equal happiness. His poems and short stories will forever be a part of literature. His works engraved into society."

signed 25 Jan 2021 12:56pm 


Anthony Zaricor

from United States, Illinois, Earth

"Poe has some of the most vivid and interesting poems I have ever read."

signed 25 Jan 2021 10:51am 



from Earth

"This site is very cool and easy to navigate through. Edgar Allan Poe was a very interesting man to say the least and I like to learn about his life and read his poems."

signed 25 Jan 2021 10:51am 



from texas

"He was one of the greatest authors of all time, and it is a shame what happened to him. He will always be remembered."

signed 24 Jan 2021 9:47pm 


Landon king

from USA Michigan earth

"He was a very dark person who wrote a lot of dark poems. He married his 13 year old cousin which is weird but back then wasn't as weird. So to sum him up he was not your normal celebrity type person when he was around."

signed 24 Jan 2021 9:16pm 


Katie Teske

from Michigan

"This website helped me learn a lot about Poe and how interesting his life was. So thank you."

signed 24 Jan 2021 8:23pm 



from USA, Michigan, Earth

"My favorite poem by Edgar Allan Poe was the poem A Dream Within a Dream, it was my favorite because it puts a twist on your perspective of life, if life is all but an illusion, etc. Thanks to this site I got to know more about Edgar Allan Poe, thank you. Also, if Edgar Allan Poe is reading this hi, and I loved your poetry it helps and lets people know that they can express themselves just like you did, and for that I thank you."

signed 24 Jan 2021 12:21pm 


Vickie Johnson

from Texas

"I have always found a place in my heart for Poe's writing. Although most all of his work is sad and deep, when a person feels sad, it probably helps that we can look to the work and realize everyone witnesses sadness in their life at one time or another. I personally love "Annabel Lee" the most in the poetry section. Thank you for creating the site. I love it."

signed 22 Jan 2021 9:05pm 


Adriel Franco

from United States, Kentucky, Earth

"I found this site very factual and interesting. I would definitely recommend this site to someone willing to find out all they can Edgar A. Poe. Very accurate!"

signed 22 Jan 2021 12:08pm 



from Michigan

"He was smart and cunning very short though and he is the reason that the ravens exist."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Yes, the Baltimore Ravens exist because of Poe =)

signed 22 Jan 2021 9:18am 



from ST. CLAIR

"I absolute love his poems!!! This is an amazing site."

signed 22 Jan 2021 12:19am 


Daniel Clayton Hamon

from ST. CLAIR

"Poe was a man with a lot of troubles on his way up. He had some hard times and they are what made his stories have meaning. Although he is gone his stories are what we pride him on. Even if they are a bit on the darker side."

signed 21 Jan 2021 6:49pm 



from marissa IL

"I enjoyed reading about his life and knowing more about him now"

signed 21 Jan 2021 6:45pm 



from Illinois, USA

"I enjoyed the poem "The Raven.""

signed 21 Jan 2021 6:23pm 


Andrew Ernst

from USA Marissa Illinois earth

"I think that Edgar Allen Poe was a man that had much sorrow, and fear in his life and he took that sorrow and fear and put it into his stories and poems."

signed 21 Jan 2021 6:08pm 



from Michigan

"Poe a pretty cool writer, but he kinda weird for marrying his cousin, but I liked the raven so he cool."

signed 21 Jan 2021 12:05pm 


Halle Ransom

from U.S Tx

"The Masque of the Red Death"

signed 21 Jan 2021 11:41am 


Evan Ahlers

from Marissa Illinois

"this man was good at writing"

signed 21 Jan 2021 11:34am 


riley jamison

from united states

"His poems make me want to see inside of his mind to get a glimpse of how he could create such well written pieces."

signed 21 Jan 2021 10:52am 



from Michigan

"Poe was a really great poet and he has a lot of good poems. In his poem Alone, it was what he was feeling in his head and what he was seeing and thinking."

signed 21 Jan 2021 10:52am 


Kendra Krause

from Earth

"Poe was a really good writer who wrote interesting stories."

signed 21 Jan 2021 10:43am 


Gaje Sellers

from Marissa IL.

"I really like your horror stories. I wish you were around longer to keep writing them. I wonder what truly happened to you..."

signed 21 Jan 2021 9:45am 



from Canada

"Great site! I have a few favourite stories, but if I HAD to choose one, it would be "The Cask of Amontillado". I look forward to reading more stories on your site."

signed 21 Jan 2021 9:39am 



from Mars

"His poems are cool."

signed 21 Jan 2021 8:58am 



from USA

"hi i like NASCAR"

signed 21 Jan 2021 8:52am 


Thierry A Leguay

from Quebec

"Thank you for making this site."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
You're welcome! I hope you enjoy it!!

signed 20 Jan 2021 1:13pm 


Allie S.

from United States,Arkansas, Earth

"Great Website! I really enjoyed hop frog."

signed 20 Jan 2021 11:51am 


Kendall DEan

from Texas

"My favorite poem made by Edgar Allen Poem is 100 percent Annabel Lee. It has been the most beautiful poem that I have read and ever time I hear it, I get so happy."

signed 20 Jan 2021 10:48am 



from Texas

"Poe is one of my favorite poets and writers. He was very creative and different."

signed 20 Jan 2021 10:41am 


Maverick Vrazel

from Texas

"This website has taught me many things. It was organized very well and helped me get what I needed fast."

signed 20 Jan 2021 9:15am 


noel starr

from earth

"wow cool beans"

signed 20 Jan 2021 12:28am 


emma quintanilla

from north america texas

"my favorite story is the raven"

signed 19 Jan 2021 10:03pm 


Lia Johnson

from Texas

"I may be in high school right now, but throughout my time in school I've read so many poems and stories of his thanks to one of my teachers. (I feel like she has an undying love for him)."

signed 19 Jan 2021 5:59pm 



from Texas

"Poe was a crazy author who had many hard times to use as fuel for his incredible stories that have now become popular well known stories."

signed 19 Jan 2021 1:51pm 


tanner woods

from texas


signed 19 Jan 2021 1:39pm 


Joseph Miner

from Texas

"Edgar Allan Poe is an incredible writer and I hope more people read his works"

signed 19 Jan 2021 11:45am 



from Texas

"my favorite poem is Annabel Lee because when I first heard it in 7th grade I fell in love with it."

signed 19 Jan 2021 8:55am 


Sam Peterka

from United States, Ohio, Earth

"Heyyyyy. I'm signing this because its an assignment. lol."

signed 15 Jan 2021 3:56pm 


the midget who seeks revenge

from earth

"hop frog :D"

signed 15 Jan 2021 2:58pm 


Jordan Kendzior

from North East PA

"Hello fellow human beings... greetings from a planet called Earth. I have severe depression, so reading Poe calms my nerves. I honestly don't find him creepy, just entertaining. I write way creepier stories... have a GREAT DAY!"

signed 15 Jan 2021 1:53pm 


Rosa Garcia

from Dominican Republic

"Finally, I found a site where i can read the greatest stories of all times!"

signed 14 Jan 2021 5:42pm 



from Australia

"Hello! I love horror stories and I love Poe. Thanks for making this site and collecting all of his great stories."

signed 13 Jan 2021 11:17am 



from Earth

"I think Poe's personal story is intriguing and his works are equally so in the mystery of how exactly they came about from his imagination even though we have a basic idea of "where" they come from"

signed 12 Jan 2021 11:34pm 


Ethan W

from U.S Tennessee

"wassup other poe fans! im actually here for school, but im a big fan of poe!"

signed 12 Jan 2021 3:36pm 


Bailey Whitley

from Tennessee

"I enjoy many of the books that Poe writes because of the sense of drama and scariness he brings to life."

signed 12 Jan 2021 2:28pm 



from TX, USA

"hey lol"

signed 12 Jan 2021 12:54pm 


Jaden Preslar

from U.S TN Earth

"My favorite poem by Edgar Allen Poe is 'The Raven.'"

signed 12 Jan 2021 10:18am 



from Earth

"EAP is honestly pretty cool."

signed 11 Jan 2021 8:06pm 



from Earth

"I love this site because it gives you an inside of Edgar Allan Poe's life. One of my favorite story by Edgar Allan Poe is "The Tell-Tale Heart". This is because it's the first one that I had ever read."

signed 08 Jan 2021 8:33pm 


Tanvir Islam

from Earth,United States,new york

"I think his stories are fascinating"

signed 08 Jan 2021 6:11pm 


cheyenne honeycutt

from dayton, ohio

"Edgar Allan Poe as an author was amazing he told many stories as short stories, this helped keep my interest in his writings. can't wait to read more of his stories."

signed 08 Jan 2021 4:49pm 



from somewhere over the rainbow

"I came here for homework and I'm happy my teacher assigned us this work now, thanks!"

signed 08 Jan 2021 2:57pm 


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