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Melanie Vega

from GA

"Edgar Allan Poe is a tortured soul who found a release in the stories he wrote. Throughout his troublesome life he wrote story after story, poem after poem to help himself through the pain. To him these stories were just stories, most likely just to get money. Now, they are known as world renowned artifacts of a man who died so mysteriously."

signed 16 Oct 2020 7:26am | 18245



from Virginia

"I think that Poe accomplished a lot in his life, but most of the things that he was saying, I didn't really understand."

signed 16 Oct 2020 12:58am | 18244



from California

"I found this website through a project for school, and I am awed at how detailed it is and it gives so much info about Poe."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Thanks! =)

signed 16 Oct 2020 12:54am | 18243


Holly Orozco

from United States, Illinois, Earth

"I like some of the poems/short stores that he wrote because as a young kid he went through a lot that a kid shouldn't have gone through. He was a very strong and brave person and I like him for that reason."

signed 16 Oct 2020 12:40am | 18241



from USA,Virginia,Earth

"Keep focusing on yourself."

signed 16 Oct 2020 12:31am | 18240


bailey taylor robinson

from michigan

"I think Edgar was a boring but entertaining person. I like that he is known for his poetry but I do not like that he married his 13 year old cousin that's weird."

signed 16 Oct 2020 12:26am | 18239



from America South Carolina Earth

"Savonte Vaughn"

signed 16 Oct 2020 12:09am | 18238


Walter Berry

from South Carolina

"English 1 assignment"

signed 15 Oct 2020 11:00pm | 18237


jay davis

from virginia

"I hope that edgar lived a better life than i have heard, he didn't deserve to die so early. Im super proud of his success and the impact and has made on so many people's lives."

signed 15 Oct 2020 10:50pm | 18236



from Sumter, Sc USA EARTH

"I looooovvvvvveeee the horror genre so much that nightmares aren't really like nightmares to me."

signed 15 Oct 2020 10:31pm | 18235


Katelyn Mizelle

from Mars

"I had to use this website for a school Webquest, and it is pretty interesting."

signed 15 Oct 2020 10:21pm | 18234


kylan mumford

from earth


signed 15 Oct 2020 10:18pm | 18233


Lydia Cheek

from America

"My favorite story is "The Raven" because it is dark and mysterious."

signed 15 Oct 2020 10:08pm | 18232



from America, California, Earth

"Edgar Allen Poe is cool!"

signed 15 Oct 2020 9:59pm | 18231



from Schaumburg

"Poe was a mysterious man who had suffered in his life but with all the pain he seemed to accomplish a lot of great things"

signed 15 Oct 2020 9:59pm | 18230


Andre Henderson

from United states

"These are very nice poems I like this site."

signed 15 Oct 2020 9:55pm | 18229



from earth

"I dont know"

signed 15 Oct 2020 9:01pm | 18227


Ella Davidson

from Earth

"watch behind you"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Ahhhhhhhhhhh!! *gasps in horror*

signed 15 Oct 2020 8:57pm | 18226


Cooper McCoy

from south carolina

"Its a good website"

signed 15 Oct 2020 8:43pm | 18225


Hannah DuRant

from Earth, Usa, South Carolina

"Poe was a very interesting man!"

signed 15 Oct 2020 8:33pm | 18224


Elayna Simpson

from United States

"I really like this website. Its very informative. My favorite poem/short story by Edgar Allen Poe might be The Tell-Tale Heart. It kept me so interested and on the edge of my seat and was just really good overall. (:"

signed 15 Oct 2020 8:29pm | 18223



from Las Vegas,Nevada

"I love your poem "The Raven" it just so enlightening and I'm doing a research on you and soon will read all of your books."

signed 15 Oct 2020 8:28pm | 18222



from Sumter sc


signed 15 Oct 2020 8:21pm | 18221


Jonee McClain

from sumter sc

"This website really helped me although I didn't use it that much."

signed 15 Oct 2020 8:19pm | 18220


aniyah mack

from sumter, south carolina

"I think this website was okay I didn't really use it though."

signed 15 Oct 2020 8:19pm | 18219



from georgia

"I like tale tell heart a lot"

signed 15 Oct 2020 8:15pm | 18218


anna puzewski

from america

"Edgar Allen Poe's stories are scary... but in a good way!!!!"

signed 15 Oct 2020 7:03pm | 18217


Linton Bupp Jr

from USA, PA, Earth

"EAP and HPL are my favorite guys."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Did you know H.P. Lovecraft read all of Poe's works when he was very young? Lovecraft even wrote a poem about Poe...

Eternal brood the shadows on this ground,
Dreaming of centuries that have gone before;
Great elms rise solemnly by slab and mound,
Arched high above a hidden world of yore.
Round all the scene a light of memory plays,
And dead leaves whisper of departed days,
Longing for sights and sounds that are no more.

Lonely and sad, a specter glides along
Aisles where of old his living footsteps fell;
No common glance discerns him, though his song
Peals down through time with a mysterious spell.
Only the few who sorcery's secret know,
Espy amidst these tombs the shade of Poe.

- H.P. Lovecraft

signed 15 Oct 2020 6:12pm | 18216


Nick Woods

from South Carolina

"I used this website as a source for my assignment, and I would like to thank you for providing useful information."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
You're welcome!!

signed 15 Oct 2020 6:08pm | 18215


Madison Turner

from United States, South Carolina,

"hello :)"

signed 15 Oct 2020 6:02pm | 18214


Madison Lyles

from South Carolina

"One quote that I like by Poe was "We loved with a love that was more than love.""

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
from Annabel Lee

signed 15 Oct 2020 5:36pm | 18213


Anzleigh L

from South Carolina

"I love reading Poe's stories."

signed 15 Oct 2020 5:30pm | 18212


Camryn W

from South Carolina

"I can't wait to learn more about Poe!"

signed 15 Oct 2020 5:08pm | 18211


Riley Berger

from South Carolina

"I think Edgar Allan Poe is an amazing author due to him being one of the very few authors that helped create the foundation of the horror genre as we know it today."

signed 15 Oct 2020 5:00pm | 18210



from USA, California, Uranus

"it was good. fairly organized."

signed 15 Oct 2020 4:55pm | 18209



from Mars

"The raven is the best! "Nevermore""

signed 15 Oct 2020 4:50pm | 18208


Hayden Wright

from South Carolina

"So sites are pretty scary"

signed 15 Oct 2020 4:42pm | 18207


Carlos Martinez

from United states

"Poe was a really interesting person because he had so much stuff going on in his life and he still wanted to keep on writing short stories and poems so the way he keeps trying and not letting his sorrowness take over was surprising."

signed 15 Oct 2020 4:21pm | 18206


Jakob Bolton

from Georgia


signed 15 Oct 2020 4:17pm | 18205


Tyler Miles

from Earth

"I thought the site was very educational and full of information about Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 15 Oct 2020 4:01pm | 18204


natalie hannon

from sumter sc earth

"I think that Edgar Allen Poe was an inspiration to all writers."

signed 15 Oct 2020 3:27pm | 18203


Harrice Summerour

from My Mind

"I like how the poems are relatable and people could feel how Edgar felt writing the poems"

signed 15 Oct 2020 3:18pm | 18202


Joseph Marez

from US,South Carolina,Earth

"I used this website for an assignment and I learned a lot of things about Poe along the way."

signed 15 Oct 2020 3:08pm | 18201



from USA

"Poe was a pretty cool horror writer and had some pretty interesting stories"

signed 15 Oct 2020 3:06pm | 18200



from Hinesville, GA

"Hello! I wanted to say that I very much enjoyed exploring this website for information on Edgar Allan Poe, and the quotes were a fun section to read and think about. Thank you!!"

signed 15 Oct 2020 3:05pm | 18199


Cinia Bailey

from United States

"Edgar Allan Poe is a very passionate and accomplished author. He has connected with a lot of humans through his short stories and poems. I feel his legacy will continue to expand and touch others."

signed 15 Oct 2020 2:54pm | 18198


Michael Lauzon

from South Carolina

"to the wonderful story writer Edgar Allen Poe"

signed 15 Oct 2020 2:25pm | 18197


Nathan Brown

from Earth

"I'm here but don't know why."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Free will or Determinism. No one knows which

signed 15 Oct 2020 2:25pm | 18196


Caleb Adams

from South Carolina

"This was really fun to learn about and his life story is quite interesting"

signed 15 Oct 2020 2:20pm | 18195


Nikaylah Coprick

from Hinesville,GA

"I was using this site for school, but I genuinely like this site. Its very informational. My favorite poem is A Dream Within A Dream because of the implied theme of questioning the nature of reality. Poe is one of my favorite writers and I love his work."

signed 15 Oct 2020 2:15pm | 18194


Karson Ruighaver

from South Carolina

"Help me"

signed 15 Oct 2020 2:13pm | 18193


Kathryn Raymond

from South Carolina

"Learning about Edgar Allen Poe and his stories is very interesting!"

signed 15 Oct 2020 2:06pm | 18192



from Earth

"Ducks say we wo!"

signed 15 Oct 2020 1:49pm | 18191



from Illinois

"I find Edgar Allan Poe to be an inspiration. No matter what hardships and bad luck he had throughout his life, he kept pushing for his dream and made it a reality."

signed 15 Oct 2020 1:47pm | 18190


Tiffany Solano

from United States, New Jersey

"This website was very informative! It has made me learn much more about Edgar Allan Poe. :)"

signed 15 Oct 2020 1:38pm | 18189



from America, New Jersey, Earth

"I like this site because I can learn a lot about Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 15 Oct 2020 1:30pm | 18188


Ethan Morris

from south carolina

"hello people"

signed 15 Oct 2020 1:25pm | 18187


avery dollar

from school,lee count,Georgia eart

"the tell tell heart cartoon was funny because at the beginning of the story he kept looking at you weird and then he would just randomly scream for no reason at all"

signed 15 Oct 2020 1:25pm | 18186



from USA

"he deserved better when he died and shouldn't have gone out the way he did"

signed 15 Oct 2020 1:19pm | 18185


Michael Savage

from United States, Illinois, Earth

"I really like some of the poems that Edgar Allan Poe has written, he has gone through a lot of struggles in his life and I really respect him for that. Since he was able to keep going on and continue to write poems even with what has happened to him."

signed 15 Oct 2020 1:04pm | 18184



from Earth

"I think that Edgar Allan Poe is very mysterious person and author. I feel he's misunderstood as both a person and an author. I think he used his writing skills as a way to cope with the pain that hes gone through. His work is pretty interesting to me I like the way he words things and I don't really have a problem with the darkness of it all."

signed 15 Oct 2020 1:04pm | 18183


Rayan Jaber

from Schaumburg IL

"You are very creative and thoughtful when it comes to poetry, your thoughts are put out there with meaning and thoughtful words."

signed 15 Oct 2020 1:03pm | 18182



from Earth

"Poe is a person of mystery, the unknown, a melancholic atmosphere, yet he has created multiple art pieces that trigger a sense of rejuvenation from the readers."

signed 15 Oct 2020 1:02pm | 18181



from Illinois

"I think this site is very informative and gives a lot of interesting facts about Poe. Hope he is happy now."

signed 15 Oct 2020 1:01pm | 18180



from USA

"I believe Edgar was a kind man Questioning something he knew nothing about just like any of us in this modern time."

signed 15 Oct 2020 12:59pm | 18179


Bad bleep

from California

"I am Keira, I am 13 years old and am an 8th grader in California. My favorite story by Poe is The Raven because it is exciting to me and I love the way he worded it."

signed 15 Oct 2020 12:57pm | 18178


Casey Osborne

from America, Illinois

"Truly a revolutionary of our time."

signed 15 Oct 2020 12:57pm | 18177



from USA


signed 15 Oct 2020 12:56pm | 18176


Skye Frantz

from United States, Illinois, Earth

"Poe was an author that put much thought into his work and is an inspiration for others who love to write stories and poetry."

signed 15 Oct 2020 12:55pm | 18175



from illinois

"i like how he makes it about his experiences and emphasizes how he is feeling throughout his life."

signed 15 Oct 2020 12:53pm | 18174



from Jupiter

"Happy death day"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Poe died on October 7, 1849

signed 15 Oct 2020 12:53pm | 18173


Alex Bochenek

from Earth

"Poe was an amazing author that changed how we thought about the meanings in his works."

signed 15 Oct 2020 12:41pm | 18171



from United States

"Edgar Allen Poe is very inspirational and many things can be learned from his life such as the gift of love. Edgar loved writing about the power of love and I believe we all should express appreciation and love towards people we care about in our lives."

signed 15 Oct 2020 12:40pm | 18170


brooke howard

from sumter,sc earth

"This was an awesome experience."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I'm really happy you liked it!

signed 15 Oct 2020 12:39pm | 18169


Stefano Hidalgo

from Chicago.

"I just did some research on Edgar Allen Poe. I found his life story so interesting like how his death is a mystery. Everything that he had to go through and still he found a way to be successful as a writer. I guess the dark things that he went through had a big influence on his poetry."

signed 15 Oct 2020 12:21pm | 18168


Nicole LaFrenere

from Illinois

"Im a student at Schaumburg high school and I really enjoyed learning about Edgar Allen Poe and the site is very resourceful and useful. Thank you."

signed 15 Oct 2020 12:04pm | 18167



from Earth

"I would just like to appreciate your hard work and for allowing many others to access this information! I am very glad to be learning about Edgar Allan Poe, and learn the knowledge that he carried, but of course, that wouldn't have been possible without these provided information! Thank you Allan Poe! His soul may Rest In Peace."

signed 15 Oct 2020 11:56am | 18166



from Illinois

"Your works are kind of cool."

signed 15 Oct 2020 11:50am | 18165



from Illinois

"I love the poem valentine. Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays. He even hid the name Of the girl it was about within the poem which is very cool to me. When I read the poem, I try not to think about the fact he married his 13 year old cousin."

signed 15 Oct 2020 11:46am | 18164



from Hinesville

"I liked the poem A dream within a dream. His life story is amazing and what he did in the short amount of time is inspiring."

signed 15 Oct 2020 11:44am | 18163



from Illinois

"I think Edgar Allen Poe is an interesting person with a unique mind who in his life went through so much tragedy."

signed 15 Oct 2020 11:37am | 18162



from Earth


signed 15 Oct 2020 11:36am | 18161



from Illinois

"He was a great author and had many accomplishments with everything he did. There will probably never ever be anyone as good as him"

signed 15 Oct 2020 11:33am | 18160


Baili Mckim

from south Carolina

"Hi, my name is Baili and a cool fact about me is that I play soccer."

signed 15 Oct 2020 10:50am | 18159



from Hinesville Georgia

"I really like Poes stories because they have a cliffhanger and I also like how mysterious he is in his stories because you dont know what will happen next. If he was still alive I would tell him to write more stories for me to read or I would ask him to give me his stories to keep forever."

signed 15 Oct 2020 10:42am | 18158



from Virginia

"Thank you for this site it is very interesting."

signed 15 Oct 2020 10:42am | 18157


Eliza Gutierrez

from Georgia

"Mr. Edgar thank you for changing literature. You impacted so many peoples lives with your amazing work. You will always be remembered, R.I.P you crazy talented man."

signed 15 Oct 2020 10:08am | 18156


Katherine Rattray

from America

"I think Poe is very ambitious and driven to have the amount of success he acquired even though his life was at an all time low."

signed 15 Oct 2020 9:59am | 18155


Joshua Greene

from USA, Virginia

"Its an interesting site."

signed 15 Oct 2020 9:45am | 18154



from Virginia

"His work is very interesting and some of his poems I can relate to"

signed 15 Oct 2020 8:44am | 18153


Hailey Ebbers

from lee county,GA

"I love the book The Tell Tale Heart because it shows how many people in this world can hate people for one thing and it also shows how you can feel so bad for doing something you shouldn't have done."

signed 15 Oct 2020 8:35am | 18152



from Earth


signed 15 Oct 2020 4:06am | 18151


Kevin Howell

from New York

"I think that Edgar Allen Poe was a good writer even though he had trouble in the beginning as a writer. I think he had a big imagination."

signed 15 Oct 2020 12:18am | 18150


Alyssa A.

from U.S.A

"Your life story was really sad. I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that. I really wanna know what happened to you!!! R.I.P"

signed 14 Oct 2020 11:55pm | 18149



from Virginia

"I think he was a good writer."

signed 14 Oct 2020 11:44pm | 18148



from earth

"Edgar Allen Poe was an amazing author with the most outstanding poems I have ever read in my life."

signed 14 Oct 2020 10:55pm | 18147



from USA,Virginia,Earth

"Poe is a very Intelligent man that had an interesting life. His books were very deep."

signed 14 Oct 2020 10:16pm | 18146



from Virginia

"I think Poe is the example of not giving up because he had nothing in college but he kept going and had a good career"

signed 14 Oct 2020 9:57pm | 18145



from USA

"I really love the style in which he writes his poetry."

signed 14 Oct 2020 9:32pm | 18144



from West Virginia

"Edgar was an amazing poet. His poems were so touching, deep and most importantly how he felt as a person. He was passionate about what he did and never gave up which makes him who he is."

signed 14 Oct 2020 9:02pm | 18143


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