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Gage Garland

from Illinois

"Edgar seemed like the man who would always tell good stories. Whether it be by a campfire, picnic, etc, he would always tell a good story. He also seemed like the type of man who would never think twice about his decisions. He would always go big or go home."

signed 07 Sep 2020 3:15pm 



from Neptune

"Poe was a great writer, even if he wasn't a great person"

signed 07 Sep 2020 3:51am 


Nick Redden

from USA

"Poe was a very detailed author and there is no surprise why he got so popular."

signed 06 Sep 2020 3:22pm 


Tiernan P

from Somewhere near Canada

"His poetry was very deep and descriptive. He was different from other authors during this time."

signed 04 Sep 2020 1:53am 



from Illinois

"Hello, My name is Evelyn Rogalski. As a school assignment we were expected to learn more about Edgar Allan Poe as a person and how he had to struggle before he reached his goal. I don't have a favorite poem or story about him, but reading about all the background knowledge about him was interesting. All this information really meant something. No matter how many challenges Edgar faced, he still pushed through and worked til he got his dream without quitting and I think that's very important."

signed 03 Sep 2020 2:03pm 



from Illinois

"I really enjoyed learning more about the person and it made it so much easier to navigate around the side with the left side having all the categories!"

signed 03 Sep 2020 2:00pm 



from st charled illinois

"this website is not the best but he has some cool quotes"

signed 03 Sep 2020 1:42pm 


Ethan Fox

from Derry, New Hampshire

"Poe has always been one of my favorite writers, he's a beautiful storyteller and he's been a huge inspiration in helping me write my own stories. This website is really really great"

signed 03 Sep 2020 12:42pm 


Jacob Hager

from Illnois

"Poe was a very influential author and poet who made many well known pieces of literature and was the creator of two well known genres."

signed 03 Sep 2020 11:10am 



from St.Charles Illinois

"Poe was a good author and made good poems, but he had problems just like the rest of us. r.i.p"

signed 03 Sep 2020 10:45am 


Macon Shibut

from Vienna, Virginia

"I am a Poe fan from my high school days and... a chess master. Poe either did not understand chess or he deliberately wrote nonsense about it for literary effect. Many years ago I contributed a series titled The Secret Chess Lives of Great American Writers to a chess/humor magazine, in which I annotated chess games in the parodied styles of Poe, Hemingway, et al."

signed 01 Sep 2020 8:48pm 



from Minneapolis, Minnesota

"I have always had a fascination with his writings, which is very odd because I'm the biggest scaredy cat alive. Thank you for this site, I have given the link to several of my friends"

signed 01 Sep 2020 8:12pm 



from Jupiter


signed 01 Sep 2020 2:14pm 



from Canada,British Clombia

"I love the site!"

signed 31 Aug 2020 2:09am 


Jonah Linz

from Tennessee

"Have a Great Day!"

signed 30 Aug 2020 7:46pm 


Barbara Perez

from USA

"Found this site to use with distance learning and my art class with Edward Gorey art and Poe's words. Fantastic to be able to include this site. Thank you for it! Love the connection to the Mask!"

signed 30 Aug 2020 1:33pm 


Richard J. Gagnon

from Watertown, NY

"Always had interest in Poe, only read a few of his works as required in college, now will take the time and effort to delve into this site."

signed 30 Aug 2020 3:09am 


kiera stansberry

from usa

"it was cool i guess"

signed 28 Aug 2020 10:07am 


Jan Avegail Adres

from United States of America

"I think the site is great! It has a lot of information about Edgar Allan Poe's writing. It is a very reliable website to find information about him."

signed 27 Aug 2020 1:57am 


Tyler Potmesil

from United States

"I love the ambition this site takes on to keep tabs on nearly everything about Poe. He was truly an oddball of a person, not living a great life, but being a spectacle to analyse."

signed 26 Aug 2020 2:26am 


Nikolas Primcias

from California

"I like how dark and meaningful Poe's works are and am looking forward to reading more of them this year."

signed 26 Aug 2020 12:15am 


Tommy Nguyen

from California

"I never knew about Poe until he was brought up in my English class but I'm glad I was able to learn about him. I've never been truly interested about an author and his works until now. I've always been a fan about the human mind and psychology and after reading "Alone", it's not an understatement to say that I'm intrigued by his work and will definitely check out his other works."

signed 25 Aug 2020 10:24pm 



from Tennessee,usa,earth

"you're very creative. loved your story, and you original"

signed 24 Aug 2020 10:20am 



from maharashtra, india

"this is my favourite site, thank you so much."

signed 23 Aug 2020 12:09pm 


maci claire brooks

from tennessee

"i think that poe's life was very interesting and i liked it"

signed 21 Aug 2020 11:57am 



from Tennessee

"I think the site would be cool to visit one day. My favorite story was when I learned about when Poe was originally buried, he was placed in an unmarked grave."

signed 21 Aug 2020 10:25am 



from Tenneessee

"I think Edgar Allen Poe is a great author and has a lot of good poems that have themes that people live by."

signed 20 Aug 2020 11:52am 



from california


signed 18 Aug 2020 4:23pm 


Analeesa Perez

from California Hesperia

"I think Poe is a cool person to do research on."

signed 18 Aug 2020 4:08pm 


Anthony Martinez

from United states of america

"I like Tell-Tale heart by edgar allan poe"

signed 18 Aug 2020 4:01pm 



from California

"samantha verduzco"

signed 18 Aug 2020 3:56pm 


Jesse Chavez

from Hesperia

"Allan seems like a very dark guy, like i mean a very bad human being"

signed 18 Aug 2020 3:52pm 


Joshua Orozco

from Venus

"Like his stories they're interesting."

signed 18 Aug 2020 3:52pm 


alex cornejo

from usa,california,mars

"the aliens say hi from mars"

signed 18 Aug 2020 3:45pm 


Armando Jimenez

from America, California, Earth

"This site gave me information I needed. Very good."

signed 18 Aug 2020 3:44pm 


Chris Ines

from California

"The Raven watches"

signed 18 Aug 2020 3:38pm 


Manuel Hernandez

from United States

"Weird stories but it's for school."

signed 18 Aug 2020 3:37pm 


Brayden Lovell-Spahr

from hesperia

"this is for my Poe assignment."

signed 18 Aug 2020 3:13pm 


Diego Rios

from California

"love him"

signed 18 Aug 2020 3:13pm 



from California

"I enjoyed this website and what I've learned today."

signed 18 Aug 2020 2:55pm 



from tennessee

"in memory we will always remember poe for his poetry and stories"

signed 18 Aug 2020 2:07pm 



from California

"good morning!!!!!!!!"

signed 18 Aug 2020 12:42pm 



from California

"Hello this site is good for information."

signed 18 Aug 2020 12:40pm 


Valerie perez

from united states, califorina


signed 18 Aug 2020 12:36pm 


Raul Limon

from U.S. CA Earth

"Yo boy Raul was up in here."

signed 18 Aug 2020 12:35pm 



from United states,california,earth


signed 18 Aug 2020 12:32pm 



from earth

"hi peoplez"

signed 18 Aug 2020 12:29pm 


Jorge Hernandez

from California

"I think this site is helpful."

signed 18 Aug 2020 12:27pm 



from USA, California, Earth

"I've read the Angel of the Odd and Berenice"

signed 18 Aug 2020 12:27pm 


Chris valdea

from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, W

"Hi, what are you doing?"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Well, I'm sitting at my computer, approving Guestbook comments. It's midnight and the wind is howling outside. I may take a break in a moment and venture into the night...

signed 18 Aug 2020 12:24pm 


Omar Espericueta

from America,California, Earth

"I signed the guestbook"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
You certainly did! Amazing!

signed 18 Aug 2020 12:23pm 


yonatan orozco

from america, United states, earth


signed 18 Aug 2020 12:22pm 



from earth

"I loved his books and I loved reading the raven"

signed 18 Aug 2020 12:12pm 


Timothy Lara

from Hesperia ca

"There is a lot of good books in the poestories site for reading"

signed 18 Aug 2020 12:11pm 


Faith Green

from California, Earth


signed 18 Aug 2020 12:09pm 


Griffon DeVinney

from Venus

"Bless You"

signed 17 Aug 2020 3:04pm 


Luke Nash

from United States, Tennessee

"Hello, Mr. Allan Poe, I am writing this because your legacy on writing allowed me to read some of your poems and short stories in school!"

signed 17 Aug 2020 8:03am 


Cara Cooper

from United States, Tennessee.

"I am super interested in Poe as a writer! I think learning about him and his poems/stories is super interesting."

signed 16 Aug 2020 11:34pm 


Amaris Bell

from U.S.A

"It's fun to think of stories and characters to put with some of his poems. Characters that aren't him, of course. I hope to read more of his poems in the future, because they definitely deserve to be read."

signed 16 Aug 2020 10:08pm 


Adan Carter

from Tennessee

"I love these poems and some of his stories."

signed 16 Aug 2020 4:01pm 


Camron Davis

from North America Tennessee Earth

"I think that he had very terrible nightmares so he wrote about them so that he can get what he wanted to say off of his chest."

signed 16 Aug 2020 9:11am 



from kingsport

"When I read your writings I feel happier that someone who lived in the 1800's felt the same way i do today. I don't know exactly why but it makes me feel like someone gets me."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Same. That's how I ended up building this site back in 2005.

signed 15 Aug 2020 10:42pm 



from united states, Tennessee

"I think that Edgar Poe is an amazing writer. I'm from a school in Tennessee, and we're writing about your poems and they are amazing. i really love reading them, keep doing what you do."

signed 15 Aug 2020 10:02pm 



from China

"For years I have been reading Poe's stories in chinese version translated by others but earlier this year I started to read the original version by myself under quarantine. Thanks to this website I learned a lot reading while having fun. This year has been extremely tough and hope everyone stay safe and healthy!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I hope you're doing well and I think it's wonderful you are reading the original versions!

signed 15 Aug 2020 12:15pm 



from America

"He was a talented writer."

signed 15 Aug 2020 11:10am 


Lacey B

from USA

"I enjoyed reading Poe's poems. I hope he lived a good life."

signed 14 Aug 2020 11:35pm 


Aiden Rhoton

from Tennesee

"Edgar was a very talented mysterious writer who should have gotten more credit for his poems and short stories. It would have been interesting to see all of the writing he could have done had his life not ended too soon"

signed 14 Aug 2020 10:41pm 



from united states

"I enjoy reading Edgar Allan Poe's work"

signed 14 Aug 2020 9:43pm 


Amber Cowden

from United States,TN, Kingsport

"In every work of Edgar Poe's, is so awesome and good to read from beginning to end."

signed 14 Aug 2020 9:10pm 


natalie jenkins

from Tennessee

"I think Poe is underrated as an author. It's great that he wrote in so many different genres so there is most likely something out there for everyone."

signed 14 Aug 2020 8:41pm 


Lucy Hughes

from Tennessee

"This is a very interesting site and it gives lot of interesting facts about Edgar Allan Poe"

signed 14 Aug 2020 8:37pm 



from my home

"i like edgar allan poes poems theyre pretty cool"

signed 14 Aug 2020 7:59pm 



from earth 3

"Poe will always be remembered because of his great work his work was creative and amazing"

signed 14 Aug 2020 5:40pm 


Jackson Jones

from Kingsport, Tennessee

"I think Poe was very smart, but he was dark. This is a good site."

signed 14 Aug 2020 4:21pm 



from America Tennesse Earth

"I think the poem Annabelle Lee is cool"

signed 14 Aug 2020 4:00pm 



from Tennessee

"Poe is a great author, my favorite quote is "Convinced myself, I seek not to convince." because it teaches that no need to ask for others' approval of your ideas."

signed 14 Aug 2020 2:18pm 



from Earth

"I think Edgar Allan Poe's poems are truly beautiful! I read The Conqueror Worm on this site, and I thought it was really good! I read some of his quotes too and they were beautiful as well!"

signed 14 Aug 2020 1:08pm 


Hunter Couse

from Earth, U.S, Kingsport TN

"I think this site is one of the better ones for researching Poe's life. Very informational, and houses many of his works. A high-quality web site, I love it."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:

signed 14 Aug 2020 1:01pm 


Jilliyn R

from U.S

"Your writing is amazing, beautiful, and very inspiring."

signed 14 Aug 2020 12:36pm 


Sophia Davis

from kingsport, Tennessee

"Poe's seems like a good person but im not that big of a fan but his writings and poetry are good"

signed 14 Aug 2020 12:22pm 



from USA

"i think Poe was a great writer and a inspiration for all. He had the highest level of literary skills and put them to good use!"

signed 14 Aug 2020 11:24am 



from TN

"Poe's poems are very interesting to read."

signed 14 Aug 2020 11:19am 


Eli Marlow

from Mars

"I think that Poe was a very interesting author. I love the darkness of his stories."

signed 14 Aug 2020 10:59am 


Bob Bob

from Earth

"Good and interesting books"

signed 14 Aug 2020 8:58am 


Megan winegar

from USA

"Po was a very good writer and i can see that he has had a very eventful life. he is very inspiring."

signed 14 Aug 2020 8:23am 



from earth

"We are learning about Poe in school, and I think he has really interesting writing techniques."

signed 14 Aug 2020 1:35am 


Zeke Williams

from USA Tennessee Earth

"I think this site is a great way to look back on Edgar Allan Poe's poems to figure out what kind of poet he was and his feelings about his writings."

signed 14 Aug 2020 12:07am 



from earth

"Poe writes very beautiful poems. I'm sure he could've written a lot more beautiful poems if he had the opportunity."

signed 13 Aug 2020 10:57pm 


Mia Sanders

from king-sport Tennessee

"like this site"

signed 13 Aug 2020 10:31pm 



from E a r t h

"I guess Poe had pretty cool poems"

signed 13 Aug 2020 10:13pm 


Charlie Schuman

from In quarantine

"This site is a cool site because it has everything you would want to know about Edgar Allen Poe."

signed 13 Aug 2020 8:47pm 


Jonathan Russell

from United States

"My favorite poem Poe made was a tell tale heart"

signed 13 Aug 2020 8:46pm 


Lauren Maynard

from Tennessee

"Edgar Allan Poe had a very different taste in writing than others of his time. Many probably liked to write about happy things in life, but Poe focused on the more painful things in life such as death and pain. His style of writing is different than I normally like, but I find his writings very interesting and entertaining."

signed 13 Aug 2020 8:41pm 


Ava Grace

from United States, Tn

"I think Poe is a mysterious intriguing author"

signed 13 Aug 2020 7:53pm 



from earth,tennessee,u.s.a

"he liked his job he was passionate about what he did."

signed 13 Aug 2020 7:26pm 



from Earth

"this was a great site and very informative."

signed 13 Aug 2020 7:24pm 



from U.S.

"Edgar Allan Poe was a great author, and I wish we knew what or who killed him."

signed 13 Aug 2020 6:45pm 


Madeline Stewart

from Planet earth, north America,TN

"I really love the poems and the books that he writes because they are all so pure and it tells a story, not just about himself, but of his life and the people's lives around him. The poems show a great deal of wisdom and truth and also showing his experiences and thoughts. Though his death is unknown, his spirit is still there still showing his wisdom and purity. His work got so far which made him a successful author and person."

signed 13 Aug 2020 6:27pm 


Kailee Ann Conner

from United States

"I like all of Poe's quotes and poetry. Poe is a great writer."

signed 13 Aug 2020 5:52pm 


Sawyer Starnes

from Tennessee

"He seems like an atheist who cried out to God on his death bed."

signed 13 Aug 2020 4:28pm 


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