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from united states, Tennessee

""Convinced myself, I seek not to convince." is my favorite quote. In my own opinion I think he's talking about how people try to convince others they're not."

signed 13 Aug 2020 3:59pm | 17688


Kaitlyn Burke

from from United States, TN, Earth

"My favorite poem would be the raven but I hope that everyone is doing okay even during this time."

signed 13 Aug 2020 3:55pm | 17687


ginger smerf

from mars

"it is very easy to go around the site"

signed 13 Aug 2020 3:36pm | 17686



from tennessee, earth

"Edgar Allan Poe was an amazing author, writing mysterious or meaningful poems, stories, and books."

signed 13 Aug 2020 3:30pm | 17685


noah coclough

from united states

"he was very motivated"

signed 13 Aug 2020 2:40pm | 17684


Anna Owens

from United States

"Poe Is an amazing author. He wrote so many amazing poems and stories. I love reading his stories."

signed 13 Aug 2020 2:40pm | 17683



from Tennessee

"Poe, if anything, was persistent. He grew up with many unfortunate events, yet still persisted on becoming an author. He managed, even in poverty, to succeed and write many great, imaginative books and poems. He lost people but still managed to push through and create a legacy."

signed 13 Aug 2020 2:38pm | 17682


Layne K.

from America

"Poe was an incredible author and we can learn so much from his writing! His stories inspired a whole new genre of writing!"

signed 13 Aug 2020 2:37pm | 17681


Caleb Stout

from tennessee

"a great author his book the cask of amontillado is my favorite"

signed 13 Aug 2020 2:34pm | 17680


charles grindstaff

from tn usa

"he seemed like a smart and wise man"

signed 13 Aug 2020 2:25pm | 17679



from Tennessee (USA)

"I think that the stories made by Poe will be shared through generations, due to their unique complexity. I feel that he was a very diverse and successful author, even to this day."

signed 13 Aug 2020 2:19pm | 17678


Benjamin Matney.

from earth

"I love your stories and poems and you were a cool guy"

signed 13 Aug 2020 2:08pm | 17677


Anna Claire Pierce

from United States, Tennessee

"I like Poe's writing because he seems to put lots of deep meaning behind all of his stories, left for you to decide what they mean"

signed 13 Aug 2020 1:48pm | 17676


Claire Li

from Tennessee

"This is a great site! I think that Poe is a great author. He has an awesome diversity of writings and has been through so many hardships in his life."

signed 13 Aug 2020 1:38pm | 17675



from Earth

"I think Poe is a very sad case of young genius getting killed early. All in all I think Poe is a great writer, and I'm glad his works are still being read today."

signed 13 Aug 2020 1:25pm | 17674



from America

"I think his death being similar to the the mysteries he wrote was pretty odd."

signed 13 Aug 2020 1:16pm | 17673


Cooper Reed

from Tennessee

"Poe was a great author who contributed so much to the world of literacy. His death was very untimely just imagine what works he could have created if he had lived."

signed 13 Aug 2020 1:14pm | 17672


Alexis hayes

from america

"I loved reading his story he was a good writer this website is cool!"

signed 13 Aug 2020 1:11pm | 17671



from United States Tennessee

"I like the poem Alone becasue I think it is a good poem and Edgar Allan is a really good author and editor."

signed 13 Aug 2020 1:09pm | 17670



from Kingsport

"Poe was a very interesting author. His poems were good and kinda fun to read, but at the same time kinda creepy. I think if Poe hadn't died he would have been more famous."

signed 13 Aug 2020 12:52pm | 17669



from USA

"Edgar Allen Poe was an amazing author and represents that even through failure to never give up. He wrote amazing books and poems and is a very big part of literary history!"

signed 13 Aug 2020 12:50pm | 17668


Camden Duncan

from America

"I would appreciate if you elaborated on what the poems were about, instead oh just listing them. Otherwise great work!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Sorry, I can't do your homework for you. Thanks though =)

signed 13 Aug 2020 12:47pm | 17667


Seth Wilder

from U.S

"Poe was a great author and his legacy carries on. And his story is inspirational to many."

signed 13 Aug 2020 12:44pm | 17666


Andrew Moses

from Tennessee

"I think the site is very cool and my favorite poem is "Spirits of the Dead"."

signed 13 Aug 2020 12:40pm | 17665


Gracie Egan

from United states, TN

"I think this site has some great information about Edgar Allan Poe. My favorite poem that I read was "Alone" because it makes me think how important it is to make people feel included and not lonely."

signed 13 Aug 2020 12:37pm | 17664


zoey waye

from tennessee

"Dear Edgar Allan Poe, thank you for bringing so much joy to peoples lives through your books. You were a great author"

signed 13 Aug 2020 12:36pm | 17663


Avery Fuson

from Kingsport,Tennessee,U.S.A.

"Poe was an amazing man with great ambition who did what he wanted to do with his life not what others wanted."

signed 13 Aug 2020 12:36pm | 17662


lily hutson

from Tennessee

"Edgar Allan Poe seems like a really cool author and I can't wait to learn more!"

signed 13 Aug 2020 12:34pm | 17661


Caylee McMurray

from Kingsport, Tn

"Edgar Allan Poe is a good poet and a good writer."

signed 13 Aug 2020 12:18pm | 17660


Cam Sewell

from United States

"I love that Poe made the best of his very challenging and sad beginnings."

signed 13 Aug 2020 12:11pm | 17659



from United States

"Edgar Allan Poe is a great poet and author, and I hope many people will remember his great story and works of literature."

signed 13 Aug 2020 12:06pm | 17658


Ashley Foster

from United States

"Very good website! Helped me with my schoolwork and made it very easy to find specific topics."

signed 13 Aug 2020 12:06pm | 17657


Kayleigh Carroll

from Kingsport, TN

"He seemed like a nice guy and a good writer. All of his poems are so amazing and amusing."

signed 13 Aug 2020 12:02pm | 17656


Devin Murdock

from America

"Poe was a very good writer and poet."

signed 13 Aug 2020 11:53am | 17655



from Kingsport

"I think if Poe was still alive he would still be a famous poet."

signed 13 Aug 2020 11:44am | 17654


Delaney Young

from Tennessee

"Poe was an amazing writer, and his imagery is immaculate."

signed 13 Aug 2020 11:39am | 17653



from earth

"i like the site and the poem Alone"

signed 13 Aug 2020 11:39am | 17652


Devin Spears

from Boston

"Poe is a special author due to him being a mysterious writer and he teaches us that not everyone can succeed. Poe had a depressing and lowering story and his books were good but never got the fame he deserved."

signed 13 Aug 2020 11:33am | 17651



from united states

"Poe was a very determined man and strive to be a great and successful author but some things dont happen in a fairy tale but he just started to become successful."

signed 13 Aug 2020 11:30am | 17650



from Tennessee

"Edgar Allan Poe is a very creative person because he was the first to come up with the first detective story."

signed 13 Aug 2020 11:28am | 17649



from neptune

"I think that Edgar was a talented author, who saw things differently than others, which may have been what made him so great"

signed 13 Aug 2020 11:07am | 17648


Rachel C

from America,tennesssee,Earth

"Poe was a very interesting and intelligent man."

signed 13 Aug 2020 11:04am | 17647


Michael Wimberley

from Kingsport TN U.S.

"Poe was a great inspiration for what we describe as a short story"

signed 13 Aug 2020 10:53am | 17646



from kingsport tn

"A very talented and amazing author"

signed 13 Aug 2020 10:40am | 17645


Ethan Garrett

from USA, Tennessee, Mars

"Poe as an Author in my opinion was really good. He is better than most poets."

signed 13 Aug 2020 10:40am | 17644



from Tennessee

"Poe's books have inspired others to not give up because even after you're dead you can still become famous."

signed 13 Aug 2020 10:39am | 17643


Michael Fanning

from Kingsport TN, Earth

"I really like the writing style Edgar has because, it shows different techniques you can use while writing a poem."

signed 13 Aug 2020 10:23am | 17642


James Watts

from Kingsport, Tennessee

"I've never been a big fan of literature, but I think Edgar Allan Poe is really interesting. My favorite poem of his has to be "The Haunted Palace"."

signed 13 Aug 2020 10:22am | 17641



from Earth

"Your work is brilliant, so glad I get the opportunity to read it!!"

signed 13 Aug 2020 10:19am | 17640



from Tennessee,U.S

"Thank You for making this website! It is very informative and has lots of great information. I hope you continue to update this site and have more people learn about Edgar Allan Poe!!"

signed 13 Aug 2020 10:19am | 17639


Izabella Dye

from Tennessee

"I think that Edgar Allan Poe is a very unique writer. He has a very good choice of words, and gets the main idea across."

signed 13 Aug 2020 10:03am | 17638



from Us,tn

"I like the site is very interesting."

signed 13 Aug 2020 9:58am | 17637


Drew Murdock

from Earth

"I liked the poem Alone. I also think it's cool how his death is a mystery."

signed 13 Aug 2020 9:57am | 17636


Sarah Siner

from United States, tennessee

"I think that Edgar Allan Poe's story is very interesting and that he had amazing ideas as a writer."

signed 13 Aug 2020 9:55am | 17635


haden girod

from usa

"weird job"

signed 13 Aug 2020 9:50am | 17634


jace stokely

from usa

"I think Poe is a really good author and a deep one to that's why I like his poems, quotes, etc."

signed 13 Aug 2020 9:45am | 17633



from tennessee

"his poems changed a whole genre and his impact was very big"

signed 13 Aug 2020 9:43am | 17632


Justin Cheng

from Tennessee

"Poe is an amazing author who made amazing stories and changed the career of writing and the mystery genre."

signed 13 Aug 2020 9:37am | 17631


Ryann Ingram

from Earth

"I quite enjoyed learning of this person, and I can't wait to learn even more. I still need to learn a little more to read some of these poems, but I still enjoy the quotes all the same."

signed 13 Aug 2020 9:30am | 17630



from earth

"I think that Poe as an author was influential to many because he was the first to make a living off of writing fully. So I think that he was a very important factor to writing today."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Poe had a very hard time making money as a writer. He struggled all his life. But he was the first to create a detective character that solved crimes by using deduction and forensics. We can learn a lot from Poe. But making money was not one of his best skills.

signed 13 Aug 2020 9:02am | 17629



from Tennessee

"I kind of have a hard time understanding Poe, But most of his pieces sound interesting!"

signed 13 Aug 2020 9:00am | 17628



from United States

"I think this site is good because you can go to other resources if you need to "I have great faith in fools; My friends call it self-confidence." I like that one a lot"

signed 13 Aug 2020 8:49am | 17627


Jo Mclsin

from tennessee

"Im here for school but his stories were cool... Dang I might have to become a poet too."

signed 13 Aug 2020 8:49am | 17626



from kingport tn

"Have a good day! Alone by edgar allan poe is a really good poem. Much love from Kingsport TN."

signed 13 Aug 2020 8:41am | 17625


Kayden Douthat

from Kingsport Tennessee

"Poe was a magnificent author."

signed 13 Aug 2020 8:13am | 17624


Sadie Cheshier

from Kingsport, TN

"Poe is a good author because he makes things mysterious and suspenseful that you want to know what happens"

signed 12 Aug 2020 4:09pm | 17623



from tennessee

"whats up"

signed 12 Aug 2020 1:30pm | 17622


Sydney Spillett

from Tennessee

"I think you are an amazing writer and i cant wait to read some of your poems you published."

signed 11 Aug 2020 7:15pm | 17621


Kerry R.

from Ijamsville, MD, Earth

"Poe has an incredible number of stories, all of which are fascinating. I never tire of reading his stories! Thanks for putting them in the same place to read! "I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.""

signed 04 Aug 2020 4:06pm | 17620



from Indonesia, Earth

"Heyyo! A few days ago I bought Poe's book about The Black Cat from the bookstore in my language and enjoying it so much. And the book was the one that guides me here. Quite rare for me to see Poe's stories except bookstore (which is also rare to see) and Project Gutenberg. Well, I guess Poe's works didn't stop at 'The Black Cat' so I wish to see more here! XD"

signed 03 Aug 2020 11:40am | 17619


Walter Smith

from United States, IN

"Really nice job, because it is not overly academic... as an academic, I applaud you."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Thank you sir!

signed 02 Aug 2020 10:53am | 17618


Dan Quickel

from U.S.A., KY

"Love his short stories"

signed 01 Aug 2020 7:19pm | 17617


Andrei Tsurcan

from Republic of Moldova, Chisinau

"Love the design of the site and the accessibility of every text online. Placing everything without any downloads was a very clever decision. Best regards."

signed 29 Jul 2020 1:31pm | 17616


TJ.Mon Ami

from Indonesia

"I love this so much about story and poetry"

signed 25 Jul 2020 3:58am | 17615


Brandy Olive


"Glad i came upon this site"

signed 23 Jul 2020 10:13am | 17614


Gabriela Diaz

from Jupiter and Callisto

"Edgar Allan Poe is my world... I love how in every story and poem he portrays love, darkness, insanity, delusion, imperfection, adoration... Reading his work is another kind of Happiness!! Thank you for creating this site. We all are drawn to darkness after all."

signed 22 Jul 2020 1:50am | 17613


Jean Bush

from Hollywood CA

"Excellent site. I love Poe after discovering him as a child. I have my own collection of spooky poetry and always say I am an Edgar Allan Poe kind of girl."

signed 21 Jul 2020 2:57pm | 17612


Reid N. Rebbeck

from Boston, MA

"I have a lot more of Poe's works to still explore, but right now King Pest left the perfect taste in my mouth."

signed 14 Jul 2020 9:58am | 17611


Chris Jones

from Billings, Montana, USA, Earth

""The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether" is my favorite, later made into a movie adaptation starring Ben Kingsley and Michael Caine in 2014 titled "Stonehearst Asylum". This story is dear to my heart!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Wow, I did not know about the film! I will have to check it out!!

signed 14 Jul 2020 5:08am | 17610


Avery Milller

from North Pole

"I really like bands I play drum major"

signed 09 Jul 2020 9:20pm | 17609


Kendal turner

from US, VA, Earth

"The Tell-Tale Heart was my favorite. It scared me half to death but fun fact, it's writing style is only found in 2 other stories"

signed 02 Jul 2020 3:03pm | 17608


Samantha Binns

from Raleigh, North Carolina

"Although I have always been aware of Poe, it is in the last week that I have become familiar with his work. I was keen to research and learn more about his work and life so though this line of research, discovered your website. Thank you so much for a comprehensive and informative place to come to learn more about him. Especially useful is the glossary and explanation bank, so that I can fully understand and appreciate the language. Your site has been built with love and is a great memorial for his life and work. Peace, love, ravens and darkness x"

signed 28 Jun 2020 8:23pm | 17607


Larry L Lightner

from Florida

"This site is awesome."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:

signed 27 Jun 2020 4:46pm | 17606


Emily Johnston

from USA, KY, sadly Earth

"This is a wonderful site! The Raven is my favorite, because it reminds me of how my soulmate left me and how I'll never be happy again. It's nice to know I'm not the only one to feel that way."

signed 26 Jun 2020 5:23pm | 17605


E.J. Hammon

from Greensboro, NC

"My #1 favorite story by Poe is The Masque of the Red Death. The inevitable death of the party-goers, despite all attempts to avoid the plague, is always at hand. Their attempts to ignore it are revived during the chiming of the clock, every hour, on the hour. Of course, one would be remiss not to allude to the similarities to the Red Death and Covid-19. Though seemingly less deadly, it's just as contagious. I adore Poe's murder mysteries (Marie Roget, Rue Morgue) and select poems. Thank you for providing this website where I can connect with my hero digitally."

signed 26 Jun 2020 9:57am | 17604



from Missouri

"Poe has helped me, and continues to do so, through extremely tough and dark times. He is an inspiration for imagination and survival.
Thank you Mr. Poe."

signed 25 Jun 2020 11:13am | 17603


ella ritter

from brazil

"it's an absolute joy to spend my time on this website, delighting myself on such beautiful, chilling stories. i know almost all the words to the tell-tale heart, William Wilson and the Mask of the Red Death by heart."

signed 16 Jun 2020 10:04am | 17602


Xenlusian Reizo

from Montana

"I love this website. Definitely one of my favorites! I adore the anticipation of Poe's horrifying yet jaw-dropping tales."

signed 15 Jun 2020 3:04pm | 17601


md tawhidul islam

from Dhaka

"want to read all"

signed 11 Jun 2020 8:02am | 17600


Simyes Facen

from United states

"I feel this site is very well organised and helpful."

signed 02 Jun 2020 10:47pm | 17599


Sue Guo

from China, JiangSu

"Love Poe!!! Cannot find too many his works in my country, so really thank this stie! Thank you!"

signed 02 Jun 2020 11:54am | 17598



from United States, Texas, Earth

"Hello, I am Faye. I love your site my favorite of Poe's writing as of right now is Never bet the devil your head. I am excited to explore all yall have on this site and find some new favorites thank you for creating it."

signed 02 Jun 2020 5:40am | 17597


Linda Hicks

from MI,USA, Earth

"I just found a quote from The Tell-Tale Heart and wrote it in gel ink and spilled coffee and couldn't read it so I decided to try to find it since I'm so "not busy" during this pandemic. As I was looking for the quote, I came across The Mask of the Red Death, which seemed appropriate to read at this time. I know we studied Poe in high school, but I was not the literary type way back then. So I think his vocabulary may have been a deterrent. I do enjoy it now 50+ years later. thank you for all the work you put into this site. I will be back"

signed 30 May 2020 12:14pm | 17596



from District of Columbia

"Thank you for helping me complete my last high school project :)"

signed 27 May 2020 5:05am | 17595


Misty Hawley

from Fort myers Florida

"I like your site"

signed 24 May 2020 3:15pm | 17594


Amina Watson

from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Terra

"Some stories have quotes in foreign languages at the top. Translations would be much appreciated. And, any hope of more stories sometime? Thanks so much."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I'll try to add more stories in the coming year

signed 24 May 2020 12:36am | 17593


Tim Terrill

from Colorado Springs, Colorado, US

"I love the site. I first read POE's works around the fifth grade, And at 64 I pull them out and reread at least once a year. He wrote from the depths of his Soul...and I cant think of any other writer in my experience who could capture the passion, or engage his audience they way his hypnotic style seems to accomplish. Thank you for your work in creating this wonderful tribute to The Master of American Literature!"

signed 22 May 2020 8:49am | 17592



from North carolina USA earth

"i have nothing to say really its just that all poe's stories give me the creeps and goosebumps"

signed 19 May 2020 2:09pm | 17590


Jaxon Kelly

from Illinois

"What do you yell at Edgar Allen Poe right before he crashes into a tree? Poetry"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:

signed 18 May 2020 3:01pm | 17589



from USA, Forida

"Annabel Lee has touched me since my 7th-grade literature class... (25 years). Mostly because this has to be the most beautiful piece of work, at least that I have ever come across."

signed 17 May 2020 1:12am | 17588


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