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Riley Timmer

from Louisiana

"I really love this website, it is so useful for anything you need to know about the Poe! Really appreciate all the people that took time to create this, thanks!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Just one person took the time to create this, but thank you!!!

signed 04 Feb 2020 10:01pm 


Ethan White

from Lousiana

"I really enjoy looking at Poe's mustache."

signed 04 Feb 2020 9:58pm 


Samuel Cannon

from usa

"the site is cool and has a lot of cool things"

signed 04 Feb 2020 9:42pm 


Michael Yerby

from America, Lousiana, Earth

"His stories are interesting."

signed 04 Feb 2020 9:06pm 



from Iowa

"Poe seems pretty cool"

signed 04 Feb 2020 6:11pm 


Melody Sabata

from Louisiana

"This is the site to go to if you are doing research on Edgar Allan Poe or if you are wanting to know things about his stories. I love this site."

signed 04 Feb 2020 5:49pm 



from LA

"hi, i was told to sign the guestbook by my teacher and I do not want a bad grade."

signed 04 Feb 2020 5:34pm 


Ben McLain

from Pineville, LA

"This site is very easy to navigate and has a lot of information on Edgar Allan Poe and his stories."

signed 04 Feb 2020 4:57pm 


Owen B

from South Carolina, USA

"Coming to you live from... Inside "the sepulchre there by the sea," with my dead lover!"

signed 04 Feb 2020 3:05pm 


Melody Sabata

from Louisiana

"This is a great site for if you ever need to do research on Edgar or even on his stories."

signed 04 Feb 2020 2:23pm 


Jaylin Pantillion

from Louisiana

"I might be doing this for a project so I can get the grade but all I have to say is I really enjoy Poe's twisted stories because they reel me in and make me think about what could truly be going on in his story."

signed 04 Feb 2020 1:55pm 



from Earth


signed 04 Feb 2020 1:24pm 



from Nevada

"No offense but im doing this for a school assignment and have no idea what im doing"

signed 04 Feb 2020 1:21pm 


linnea white

from u.s mi, earth


signed 04 Feb 2020 12:42pm 


Kennedy Rueber

from Alexandra, LA

"Poe has been one of my favorite writers since I was in junior high"

signed 04 Feb 2020 12:16pm 


Sarah Baudin

from Pineville La, USA

"My favorite story is The Masque of the Red Death"

signed 04 Feb 2020 12:15pm 


Ava Townley

from Louisiana

"My Favorite story would have to be The Masque of The Red Death."

signed 04 Feb 2020 12:12pm 



from Louisiana planet PHS

"Dylan Wade"

signed 04 Feb 2020 12:11pm 


Caitlyn Toralba

from Pineville, LA

"My favorite story was "The Masque of The Red Death""

signed 04 Feb 2020 12:06pm 



from Louisiana, Pineville

"Your stories always had me on the edge of my seat"

signed 04 Feb 2020 12:01pm 


Madisyn Coates

from Louisiana

"My favorite story is "The Tell-Tale Heart" because it was the first story I've ever read by Edgar Allan Poe and I thought it was really cool."

signed 04 Feb 2020 11:57am 


Jack Blair

from USA,Louisiana

"Edgar Allan Poe is one of my favorite writers."

signed 04 Feb 2020 11:34am 


Shariah Jones

from Louisiana

"THis site is great! It has taught me so much about Edgar Allan Poe. Now i know the history of the amazing author behind my readings."

signed 04 Feb 2020 10:58am 


Jordan Fleury

from Louisiana

"I really love Poe stories"

signed 04 Feb 2020 10:52am 



from louisiana

"My favorite poem is Annabel Lee and because it is about unconditional love"

signed 04 Feb 2020 10:52am 



from Louisiana

"this stuff is old"

signed 04 Feb 2020 10:50am 


Hailey Mayes

from Louisiana, United States

"He is an amazing story writer and he really had a power that he put into his stories that let the reader know that there was pain and love and sadness behind his words but that he was trying to inform them of something bigger."

signed 04 Feb 2020 10:48am 


Bailee Asin

from louisiana

"Poe had interesting stories"

signed 04 Feb 2020 10:41am 


Basem awawdeh

from United states

"Good books"

signed 04 Feb 2020 10:34am 


juel holloway

from Louisiana, US.

"I enjoy reading the tell-tale heart, it's my favorite of Poe's stories and I love dramatically reading it."

signed 04 Feb 2020 10:34am 


cole driscoll

from stephenson mi

"this guy is creepy"

signed 04 Feb 2020 10:31am 


Hailey Mayes

from Louisiana, United States

"He had a way with his words"

signed 04 Feb 2020 10:28am 



from Louisiana

"Hi my name is Drew and I wanted to let you know that my favorite short story by you is The Tell-Tale Heart."

signed 04 Feb 2020 9:53am 


tianto clark

from Louisiana

"that his work is really deep and true. it gives a description of life itself and how deep it can be. Poe speaks for the people who cant speak for themselves."

signed 04 Feb 2020 9:51am 


Jaylin Brown

from Louisiana

"Edgar Allan Poe was an amazing artist whose legacy will live on forever."

signed 04 Feb 2020 9:49am 


ryan craig

from anasia, glorkon, neptune

"hi, my name is Ryan and I might be an alien."

signed 04 Feb 2020 9:49am 


JaColby Sheppard

from United States

"My Favorite poem by Poe is "The Raven" and i feel as Poe made a big impact on the poets and poetry community we have today and it has even effected and influenced the movies and tv series we have to this day."

signed 04 Feb 2020 9:45am 


Morgen Johnson


"Poe's writings make me think more than I do when I read other books or writings. His way of taking real life things or thoughts and making a similar story out of it create a wonderful work of wording."

signed 04 Feb 2020 9:40am 


Ben Sturdivant

from Pineville


signed 04 Feb 2020 9:39am 


christiana gibson

from United states

"I'm really interested in finding out more about Edgar Allan Poe He is an interesting man by the looks of things."

signed 04 Feb 2020 9:38am 


Kameron Mattocks

from Saturn

"A human doing human work"

signed 04 Feb 2020 9:33am 


Halle LeGier

from United states,Louisiana,Earth

"I have signed it- Halle Legier"

signed 04 Feb 2020 9:06am 



from Louisiana, United States

"Poe was a very unique man but he knew how to write poems that caught peoples attention, and i wish he was still around to write more poems."

signed 04 Feb 2020 9:01am 


Connor Morrow

from Louisiana

"I like Poe because he has a very realistic outlook on life and by doing that he set himself apart from all the other poets."

signed 04 Feb 2020 8:57am 


Nicholas Odom

from Pineville

"I think this site is really cool if anybody enjoys reading Poe like i do."

signed 04 Feb 2020 8:54am 


Johnmark bell

from United States

"masque of the red death"

signed 04 Feb 2020 8:51am 


Colby Littleton


"I admire how Poe went through many different hardships but still managed to make his life successful. He also left a legacy behind his name because of his famous writings."

signed 04 Feb 2020 8:44am 


Ellen Lucas

from Louisiana, United States

"My favorite poem by Edgar Allan Poe is "Annabelle Lee"."

signed 04 Feb 2020 8:42am 



from Louisiana

"This website is nice."

signed 04 Feb 2020 8:37am 


mohammad abdelsalam

from pineville louisiana

"a very strong poet"

signed 04 Feb 2020 8:35am 


hannah winget

from Pineville, Louisiana, Earth...


signed 04 Feb 2020 8:33am 


Malaya Mercado

from Nevada


signed 03 Feb 2020 11:41pm 


Jovondre Ravare

from Pineville, Louisiana

"I don't always read books, but when I do its a Edgar Allan Poe book"

signed 03 Feb 2020 9:33pm 


raneen issa

from pineville, louisiana

"Thanks for the amazing poems!"

signed 03 Feb 2020 9:22pm 



from United States

"My favorite story by Edgar Allan Poe is "The Masque of Red Death" that we recently read. I love the "bizarre" nature of the castle with all the winding rooms and how the glass windows to a corridor of lights corresponded with the color. I found that all of the symbolism was very interesting to me, also."

signed 03 Feb 2020 9:18pm 


Kylie Bohannon

from United States, Louisiana

"The Raven was the first work of Poe's that I had read before I knew who he was"

signed 03 Feb 2020 9:11pm 


Natalie Wilson

from Pineville, LA

"The Monkey's Paw, because it uses a horror story theme to show karma, and be careful what you wish for."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
"The Monkey's Paw" is a short story written by W. W. Jacobs, NOT Poe. See

signed 03 Feb 2020 8:44pm 



from Planet Earth

"My favorite room in "Masque of the Red Death" would be the violet one."

signed 03 Feb 2020 8:33pm 


Ben Sturdivant

from united states

"Hi Mr. Horaist :)"

signed 03 Feb 2020 7:23pm 


Socorra Coody

from Louisiana

"My favorite poem written by Poe is "Annabel Lee". This is my favorite poem because the theme of this poem is "love never dies"."

signed 03 Feb 2020 6:42pm 


Gabby Hardy

from Iowa

"was Poe a genius or just insane?"

signed 03 Feb 2020 6:01pm 


Ashlee Scherr

from USA, Montana

"I am using this for an assessment on his work. Which it isn't an easy one. I think this website is nice. I love The Raven, because it is easy to understand unlike the others."

signed 03 Feb 2020 3:20pm 


Riley Timmer


"Honestly I really love this site, it has so much useful information within it. We have this assignment in English class where we have to answer 21 questions about Edgar Allen Poe, because we just read his short story, "The Masque of the Red Death". Mr Horaist usually gives us an assignment after we read something like that. But in all honesty this has been fun exploring and using all the helpful information in this website to help me just about almost fill out my whole paper. I really appreciate all the time and effort that went in to making and putting together all this information."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
I love to hear these stories! I'm really happy it helped!!

signed 03 Feb 2020 2:32pm 



from louisiana

"I'm here for school."

signed 03 Feb 2020 2:29pm 


Jaslyn S.

from U.S. Louisiana

"Live life to the fullest."

signed 03 Feb 2020 2:29pm 



from earth

"my favorite story of Poe's is tale tell heart because its such a bizarre and interesting story and it keeps you on the edge or your seat whenever you read it.its amazing how creative and weird he was with his stories."

signed 03 Feb 2020 2:25pm 


Kou Leeflang

from NV Las Vegas earth


signed 03 Feb 2020 12:42pm 


Harrison Dandridge

from Virginia

"I think this site is very cool and creepy. Edgar was a heavy drug and alcohol user, which made his stories so creepy. My favorite poem was Alone. Thank you for the website."

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
Poe may have been a drinker but there is no evidence he was a drug user at all. After he died, Poe's rival and enemy published untrue claims about Poe being an alcoholic. These rumors still persist over 200 years later even though never proven.

If you really want the detailed truth, please see this page from the Edgar Allan Poe Society.

signed 03 Feb 2020 12:27pm 


emma nessmith

from Louisiana

"poe is love poe is life"

signed 03 Feb 2020 12:18pm 



from Earth, Unitedstates,Iowa

"wow bro"

signed 03 Feb 2020 12:11pm 


Mateo Ramirez

from Davenport IA

"I really enjoyed this website, it gave me a lot of information about him and his mind and it's kind of interesting"

signed 03 Feb 2020 12:05pm 


Elizabeth Campbell

from Iowa

"Have a good day!"

signed 03 Feb 2020 12:05pm 


Aliviah Duffey

from IOWA


signed 03 Feb 2020 12:04pm 



from united states

"loved this website!!"

signed 03 Feb 2020 10:55am 


Myanna Russell

from Iowa

"It is very good"

signed 03 Feb 2020 10:08am 


aleah ardoin

from US, LA, Earth ONE


signed 03 Feb 2020 10:02am 


Ayva Parker

from Iowa


signed 03 Feb 2020 10:01am 


ben utter

from davenport iowa usa

"its a great site."

signed 03 Feb 2020 10:00am 


Merin Crowder

from Iowa

"This is for a webquest"

signed 03 Feb 2020 9:56am 


Kaylee Peters

from Davenport, IA, USA

"I'm doing this for schoolwork ngl"

signed 03 Feb 2020 9:53am 



from USA

"I was forced to do this"

signed 03 Feb 2020 9:48am 


Jessa JEwell

from Earth

"I love poes work"

signed 03 Feb 2020 9:13am 


ramzi abdel jabbar

from US, LA, Earth ONE

"Great stories"

signed 03 Feb 2020 9:11am 


Caleb W. Brevelle

from United States

"Site provided useful information to students."

signed 03 Feb 2020 9:04am 


Korina Smith

from Iowa,USA,Earth


signed 02 Feb 2020 10:24pm 



from Earth

"Poe was unappreciated for his time."

signed 02 Feb 2020 8:35pm 



from New Zealand, AUckland, Earth

"I personally love the poem 'Black Cat' because of the way it is written. I also love the expression of emotions throughout the piece. Thank you Edgar Allan Poe, you are an amazing writer."

signed 02 Feb 2020 4:33pm 


Jacob Fee

from USA

"The Raven and it is pretty much just because of how unique and interesting it is"

signed 02 Feb 2020 12:35pm 



from Ferguson, Mo

"A Poe fan for decades. Most recently visited Sullivans Island, SC where he was stationed at Fort M and where "Gold Bug" was inspired. I've visited his home in Baltimore as well as paid my respects at his gravesite. I am fascinated by his stories and by cryptograms. I'm looking to learn more on how to solve them!"

REPLY from Robert Giordano:
If you're interested in cryptograms, take a look at my resources listed at the end of this page:

signed 01 Feb 2020 7:25pm 


Nathan Hodges

from usa iowa earth

"english class #15"

signed 01 Feb 2020 5:26pm 



from earth

"i have to do this for school but it is interesting at least"

signed 31 Jan 2020 5:33pm 



from Earth

"This website was very helpful so thank you for that."

signed 31 Jan 2020 5:19pm 


Rayna Gottschalk

from Iowa

"I've read a few of Poe's stories and I took a liking into them because they never got boring. I've read "The Raven", "the fall of the house of usher" and "The tell-tale heart"."

signed 31 Jan 2020 4:17pm 



from california


signed 31 Jan 2020 2:28pm 


George Rangel Martinez

from America, Nevada, Earth


signed 31 Jan 2020 11:51am 


Kevlar Richardson

from Robertsdale, AL

"Doing a project on him as we have to do it on our favorite author. Thanks for the resources."

signed 31 Jan 2020 11:14am 


elizabeth hendershott

from earth

"im scared of you"

signed 31 Jan 2020 11:00am 


Alexa Hernandez

from Wasco,USA,California,Earth

"It's alexa and we are reading The Tell-Tale Heart and it's kinda scary but a great story so far!"

signed 30 Jan 2020 10:35pm 


Alexander Espino

from United States

"Hi how did you come up with your stories they are really creepy and i hope the Tell-Tale Heart is a good book and it sounds like a cool book so hope its good don't let me down."

signed 30 Jan 2020 9:17pm 


Sean Rush

from New York

"Hey how is it"

signed 30 Jan 2020 6:55pm 


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