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from Earth

"Hello Darkness my old friend"

signed 21 Nov 2019 1:20pm | 16772


Lillian Rishell

from Earth, USA, PA

"I only knew the name of Poe before I went to this website. Now I know that he was an amazing poet/storyteller. He died too soon, and I'd like to thank the founder of this website for telling us about Poe."

signed 21 Nov 2019 9:33am | 16771


trevor fazio

from U.S

"I think the site is good for information about Poe. Its my favorite because of the things they said about his death. I'm really interested in it and i think some people are too because of how mysterious it is."

signed 21 Nov 2019 7:44am | 16770


halie stile

from Pennsylvania

"Poe is a great writer, he shows that these are the things that can happen that we don't even know about. We need to think about helping others so this kind of stuff doesn't happen to them."

signed 20 Nov 2019 10:58pm | 16769


Anna Dalesandro

from United States

"Poe's writing is so haunting and twisted yet so well written. He remains one of my favorite poets."

signed 20 Nov 2019 10:37pm | 16768



from North Carolina

"The site was very useful with my work. It gives you a lot of information about Poe that normally wouldn't all be seen in the same place. I can find basically everything about Poe here and if I ever needed to learn more about Poe I would go here. I have learned Poe is a very talented man but he never got noticed. His work was great and he put in hard work but his life just did not go his way."

signed 20 Nov 2019 10:22pm | 16767


carson culberson

from liberty nc

"Hey Edgar Allan Poe you're a great author I love to read about you and your journey about how you went from nothing to something."

signed 20 Nov 2019 10:19pm | 16766


Travis Cockman

from Liberty

"Poe was a man who saw the world differently. He looked at the darker side of life and used this to his advantage."

signed 20 Nov 2019 9:59pm | 16765


Cianna Mosley

from North Carolina

"I believe Poe is a great author to those of us who like a different style of genre."

signed 20 Nov 2019 9:53pm | 16764


Jaxon Camp

from Pennsylvania

"Edgar Allen Poe is an interesting, determined writer. It is unique that he writes in so many different genres."

signed 20 Nov 2019 9:22pm | 16763


Peja Cruise

from Pennsylvania

"I think Edgar Allen Poe is a nice man who experienced a lot of death and or darkness in his life. Poe takes all of that pain and puts it into drive to create beautiful poems that move the readers emotions."

signed 20 Nov 2019 8:54pm | 16762


Anthony Zang

from United States

"His work ethic was inspirational and he will forever be known as the father of modern horror."

signed 20 Nov 2019 8:54pm | 16761



from pittsburgh

"I think Poe was a good poem writer but i think some are creepy and scary. I think if he wrote his poems and people knew them before he died he would not be depressed and have more money."

signed 20 Nov 2019 7:57pm | 16760


No name

from Earth

"Poe is a really good story author over all, and I think he is an inspiration for many story writers."

signed 20 Nov 2019 7:39pm | 16759


Shayla Booth

from Pennsylvania,United States

"Edgar Allan Poe was a remarkable poet with very extraordinary poems and books. He has inspired many people to write and create their own stories. His eerie and well worded poems have made people think about what they are reading. He also started the detective stories which are personally my favorite type. Overall i love the kinds of stories and poems he wrote. RIP Edgar"

signed 20 Nov 2019 7:21pm | 16758



from Nc and Earth

"i still don't know a lot about Poe but so far i like his Poems and i love learning about his life story and i would like to learn more."

signed 20 Nov 2019 6:53pm | 16757


Karishma Bhagavan

from America, Pennsylvania, Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe is an inspirational author. He has inspired many people, including me, to thinking differently and being mysterious. His poetry has an eerie and mysterious tone that draws you in and wants you to even read more until you can't stop. I have loved his writings ever since I can remember. He truly is an astonishing poet and writer."

signed 20 Nov 2019 6:47pm | 16756


Brennan Jenkins

from Pennsylvania

"I think Poe was creative in his poems and his stories of what he put in them and talked about in them."

signed 20 Nov 2019 6:43pm | 16755


Kim D

from Seattle, Washington

"Love this site. Love this Guestbook."

signed 20 Nov 2019 6:05pm | 16754


Shayla Booth

from Pennsylvania, united states

"Edgar Allan Poe was an amazing poet with many eye opening stories and quotes. He made me think more about what I was reading. I really liked how I had to think about the things he said and break quotes apart to understand his thinking."

signed 20 Nov 2019 5:45pm | 16753



from Earth

"I think Poe was a very talented writer! His stories/poems keep you interested and I love to read interesting stories!"

signed 20 Nov 2019 4:36pm | 16752



from earth

"Thank you for making this website! I have learned many things."

signed 20 Nov 2019 4:30pm | 16751



from Earth

"I really like that Edgar can find the most random things and turn them into a poem."

signed 20 Nov 2019 4:19pm | 16750


Cassie Manges

from USA

"I think that Poe's poetry is different from the others because he was the first one to write in the horror drama which shows that he thinks outside the box and his mind wonders to different places. The way he writes also shows what he could be like in real life and his past experiences."

signed 20 Nov 2019 3:58pm | 16749


Logan Fox

from North Carolina

"Poe is the greatest author to live"

signed 20 Nov 2019 2:39pm | 16748


Andrew Floyd

from Spring Garden,AL United States

"It is very interesting."

signed 20 Nov 2019 1:48pm | 16747



from Jupiter

"I think this site is fun and it helps me learn about poe. I don't have a favorite poem but he is a good poet."

signed 20 Nov 2019 1:31pm | 16746


Lukas Christian

from Pennsylvania

"Edgar Poe is a great writer who set a path for many other mystery novels."

signed 20 Nov 2019 1:25pm | 16745


Hunter Neilson

from North Carolina

"This is a very good site for learning about Poe and what his accomplishments were."

signed 20 Nov 2019 1:20pm | 16744


Kaiden Maaske

from United States,Iowa,Earth

"Great site and great author."

signed 20 Nov 2019 1:16pm | 16743


Casey Vallecorsa

from Robinson TWNSHIP

"Thank you for keeping a legend alive. As someone who craves mystery I thank you for honoring a man who brought that to so many."

signed 20 Nov 2019 12:48pm | 16742


Jordyn Wolfe

from Pennsylvania

"Poe is an amazing author who made important creative pieces in American literature today!"

signed 20 Nov 2019 12:32pm | 16741


Katie Nation

from Centre,Alabama

"I had to do this for a class."

signed 20 Nov 2019 12:26pm | 16740


C Rose

from Sateren

"Poetry speaks a language only understandable by the strong minded or the crazy"

signed 20 Nov 2019 11:43am | 16739



from earth

"Poe may not have been in the best situation but he was a good writer and that's what matters"

signed 20 Nov 2019 9:59am | 16738


Kirsten Duncan

from USA

"Edgar Allan Poe is one of the greatest poets. Although he is dead, his work still lives. Even though most of his work is very dark, some is also inspiring."

signed 20 Nov 2019 8:26am | 16737


Jayten Beasley

from North Carolina, USA

"This website was very reliable for finding information about Edgar Allan Poe that I needed. It showed me a poem that I really enjoyed. It is called "To The River". I like it because it talks about how beautiful natural beauty is, so it doesn't matter what people think of you."

signed 19 Nov 2019 10:12pm | 16736


Josh Peremba

from USA, Pennsylvania, Earth

"I think this site is a good way to show facts of Poe through his upcoming and throughout his whole life. I also think that it is a good addition to add his poems into your website. My favorite poem is "Dream Land." This is my favorite because I can understand it and process it."

signed 19 Nov 2019 9:16pm | 16735


Katie Jo Staley

from USA, North Carolina, Earth

"Poe was a very interesting author (in a good way). I like how he thought differently about things. His works really stand out from others."

signed 19 Nov 2019 8:38pm | 16734


diamyn austin

from samson,al

"This website is amazing, i love how it tells the story of my favorite author."

signed 19 Nov 2019 3:37pm | 16733


logan stover

from north carolina

"How many books did Poe publish and how did that impact on his life and the way he did things?"

signed 19 Nov 2019 1:37pm | 16732


Lana Salais

from California

"I think Poe is a unique author and his stories were creepy but enjoyable. Sad he had to go so soon."

signed 19 Nov 2019 1:33pm | 16731


Shawn Pinkelman

from Nebraska

"edgar allan poe is a good writer and wrote some good stories"

signed 19 Nov 2019 12:43pm | 16730


Jake Wolfe

from PA, Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe is a great writer and author that comes up with very frightening scenes and event. Poe is a great horror story writer and definitely gives the readers chills."

signed 19 Nov 2019 10:27am | 16728


landon crutchfield

from north caroilne

"Poe as an author. I like poe as an author because he wrote one of my favorite poems and my dad's and it is called the raven. Poe is my favorite writer"

signed 19 Nov 2019 10:10am | 16727



from Earth

"I liked "The Tell-Tale Heart" because of how Poe did the voice of the narrator and how he made the narrator's personality, making the readers wonder whether he is insane or not. I think that Poe was a really good writer."

signed 18 Nov 2019 8:50pm | 16725


Marvin the Martian

from Mars

"We don't have such art on my planet. I'm very happy I found this website. Much gratitude from Mars."

signed 18 Nov 2019 8:09pm | 16724



from United states, CA, Earth

"I think that Edgar Allan Poe is a very good, and detailed writer because he makes very good poems and short stories."

signed 18 Nov 2019 6:52pm | 16723


Ella Oberhart

from Iowa

"this is a really cool and reliable website to learn more about poe"

signed 18 Nov 2019 3:03pm | 16722


Jackson Lamb

from North Carolina

"I believe Poe's art has many hidden meanings, some of which are hard to comprehend."

signed 18 Nov 2019 1:42pm | 16721



from El Capitan Middle School

"I liked your story "The Tell-Tale Heart" but I wonder how you died. It remains a mystery but I heard you might've died from suicide, murder, or wet diarrhea."

signed 18 Nov 2019 11:24am | 16720


Jack Lyle

from Earth,US,SC

"Poe was a very intriguing microcosm of the standard person in any time and society. We all have a regular facade, but underneath, hidden well from all others, we have darkness, we have instability, and most of all, we all have big freaking problems that we never really talk about. He simply separated himself by expressing his issues in intriguing and representational ways."

signed 17 Nov 2019 9:48pm | 16719


jae lindsay

from florida

"my favorite edgar allan poe story would have to be The Tell Tale Heart because he doesn't know wheather or not he is a mad man."

signed 17 Nov 2019 4:06pm | 16718


Ethan Villa

from USA Ohio Mars


signed 17 Nov 2019 1:06pm | 16717


Landen Mock

from Alabama

"Poe is a great author and worked very hard at all of the things he did."

signed 15 Nov 2019 1:11pm | 16716



from guehos, Mars

"meh its ok I guess"

signed 15 Nov 2019 11:19am | 16715


John Trembly

from Greenville, SC, Earth

"His poems were entertaining and a joy to read."

signed 15 Nov 2019 9:44am | 16714


Ayden Wrampe

from USA,North Carolina,Earth

"This site is really good for info if I could I would give it 5 stars."

signed 15 Nov 2019 9:40am | 16713



from Indiana


signed 15 Nov 2019 9:32am | 16712


Isabella Avila

from America,California,Earth

"hey :)"

signed 15 Nov 2019 2:28am | 16711


Morgan C.

from Earth

"This website is amazing and very interesting to read, I think my favorite poem from Poe has to be, Alone."

signed 14 Nov 2019 9:55pm | 16710


Kayla Juarez

from Ruth Musser Middle School,CA

"Hello! I really love your website. It really opened my eyes and let me see through a new perspective. To me, Poe is an amazing author with incredible and awe-inspiring talent. I'm looking forward to reading more of his works off your website, and possibly even creating some of my own poems and stories! Sincerely, Kayla Juarez"

signed 14 Nov 2019 9:20pm | 16709



from China, Jiangsu, Nanjing

"Quite interested in Edgar Allen Poe's story, and I've read Poe's 'The Fall of The House of Usher' before. I appreciate the website founder give me the info that Allan Poe write other types of stories and can't wait to read them."

signed 14 Nov 2019 8:25pm | 16708


matthew p

from kansas


signed 14 Nov 2019 3:42pm | 16707


Myles Poe

from McMurdo Station, Antarctica

"Respect to Poe!"

signed 14 Nov 2019 2:34pm | 16706


Kaleb Hancock

from South Carolina


signed 14 Nov 2019 2:06pm | 16705


Trinity Jenkins

from Earth

"Poe is my role model, who died too soon."

signed 14 Nov 2019 1:33pm | 16704



from Kansas, United states

"My favorite poem is Annabel Lee because it is a really heartfelt poem."

signed 14 Nov 2019 12:49pm | 16703



from California

"I think it's a really good site. They have good information. My favorite story from Edgar Allan Poe is Tell-Tale Heart."

signed 14 Nov 2019 11:46am | 16702


Michael Clark

from Nashville,GA

"I can't name another writer that has given me as much chills as Edgar Ellen Poe."

signed 14 Nov 2019 10:01am | 16701



from United States, PA

"I only read one of Poe's poems and I got chills. His writing is so captivting."

signed 14 Nov 2019 9:11am | 16700



from California

"He is a great writer, his work is very good and his poems are deep and creative."

signed 14 Nov 2019 8:34am | 16699



from California

"Edgar Allan Poe was an amazing writer that influenced many people."

signed 14 Nov 2019 3:02am | 16698



from earth

"Poe was a very smart man and he was very good at making others get creeped out from his stories."

signed 14 Nov 2019 2:10am | 16697


Madeline Mora

from America

"My favorite poem was "Dreamland" because it made me think dreams are just as real in your mind as they are in the real world"

signed 13 Nov 2019 11:39pm | 16696


Bodhi Beam

from California

"Edgar Allen Poe's literature is a inspiring subject and I appreciate that you are a reliable source to recite his works."

signed 13 Nov 2019 10:48pm | 16695



from California

"Edgar Allan Poe had a very interesting life and it is projected in all of his work."

signed 13 Nov 2019 10:26pm | 16694


Ethan Scott

from U.S., California

"Poe is a very great author and my favorite poem is The Raven since it is suspenseful."

signed 13 Nov 2019 9:19pm | 16693



from california

"I wish I met such a writer. If I was born back then, I assure you I will tell you your date of death."

signed 13 Nov 2019 8:22pm | 16692



from california

"My favorite story was The Raven because it made you think about what he was thinking and it made you feel a certain way. It was like creepy, and i was satisfied with it."

signed 13 Nov 2019 8:20pm | 16691



from California

"Edgar Allen Poe is a very talented and appreciated poet."

signed 13 Nov 2019 8:20pm | 16690


Ethan DeRoulet

from U.S.A. Kansas . mars

"I think this is a really good website for Poes readers who want to know more."

signed 13 Nov 2019 7:55pm | 16689


Clarence Buliag

from CA, Rancho Cucamonga

"I think that Edgar Allan Poe is a great author. This is because his dark stories interest me to read more dark books like "The Tell-Tale Heart"."

signed 13 Nov 2019 7:35pm | 16688



from EARTH

"Edgar Allan Poe was an amazing writer, and a renaissance man in my eyes."

signed 13 Nov 2019 7:14pm | 16687


janelle lang

from de soto, kansas


signed 13 Nov 2019 4:53pm | 16686



from Florida

"I'm just starting to learn about Poe, but so far i think most of his work is kind of dark. I'm interested in reading more of his work."

signed 13 Nov 2019 3:51pm | 16685



from earth

"Poe led a dark and morbid life. His dark sense of death and sorrow was often incorporated into his works which are still loved today for his wondrous use of words. While Poe's death may remain a mystery he will continue to live on, in his very well known works."

signed 13 Nov 2019 2:33pm | 16684


Suriya MIles

from California


signed 13 Nov 2019 11:29am | 16683


Alfredo A Garcia

from Alabama

"Thank you Edgar Allen Poe, very cool!"

signed 13 Nov 2019 10:19am | 16682


Sierra Mccarthy

from Jacksonville, Fl

"Edgar Allan Poe has a nice mustache."

signed 13 Nov 2019 7:25am | 16680



from Cybertron, Alpha centauri

"I have officially read all of the stories and poems by Edgar Allan Poe on this site and I hope some are added soon"

signed 12 Nov 2019 3:14pm | 16679


Alex h

from Minnesota

"Thank you for teaching me"

signed 12 Nov 2019 2:57pm | 16678



from U.S

"Thank you for teaching me more about Poe."

signed 12 Nov 2019 2:51pm | 16677


James Reames

from south carolina


signed 12 Nov 2019 1:47pm | 16676


lucas porras

from earth

"I do not trust this site so don't use my info"

signed 12 Nov 2019 12:08pm | 16675


Yvette T.

from U.S.

"Thanks for keeping a legacy alive through the written word."

signed 12 Nov 2019 9:17am | 16674


Danny N

from United States, Minnesota, Eart

"I dont understand, but I love it!"

signed 12 Nov 2019 9:07am | 16673



from FL


signed 12 Nov 2019 8:11am | 16672



from Us,California

"My favorite story was a tell-tale heart because it was so suspenseful."

signed 11 Nov 2019 10:03pm | 16671


Catherine Anne Vaughn

from Usa,Ga,Earth

"I am a 8th grader learning about Poe,I have only read Tell-Tale Heart,this site really helped me understand who he was,and help me understand a little bit about the importance of history (mostly the law change in who you can marry)."

signed 11 Nov 2019 9:24pm | 16670


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