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Ryan Levin

from U.S.,FL,Earth

"My favorite story is "The Tell-Tale Heart."

signed 04 Nov 2013 11:06am 



from Pennsylvania

"Was Poe famous for anything else beside his poems?"

signed 04 Nov 2013 11:04am 



from USA

"This is a great and very helpful site!"

signed 04 Nov 2013 10:37am 


jose sosa

from florida, usa


signed 04 Nov 2013 10:26am 


rodrigo mata

from florida, usa


signed 04 Nov 2013 10:24am 


Regene Gill

from United States, IN Earth

"I think that Edgar Allen Poe is a very good writer and a very good publisher. I love his stories some of them are mysteries and very interesting."

signed 04 Nov 2013 10:24am 



from omni middle school

"His poems are beautiful and dark, my two favorite things"

signed 04 Nov 2013 9:56am 



from planet earth

"i love Edgar Allan Poe's stories."

signed 04 Nov 2013 9:54am 



from Boca

"I don't like Poe."

signed 04 Nov 2013 9:38am 


jacob hill

from usa, okalahoma, earth

"i really like the raven "Nevermore""

signed 04 Nov 2013 9:24am 



from evansville, indiana, earth


signed 04 Nov 2013 9:06am 


Madison Satterfield

from North Carolina

"Hello dear friends... I love you!"

signed 04 Nov 2013 8:50am 


Delaney Martin

from United States

"Poe's stories are all very interesting, and I believe the best time to read them is near Halloween."

signed 04 Nov 2013 8:46am 


Gavin Martinez

from pennsylvania

"Edgar Allen Poe is an interesting writer I wish I could have met him in person"

signed 04 Nov 2013 8:46am 


Joseph Ethan A. Dela Cruz

from Philippines

"Edgar allan poe is so cool he is a great writer and very scary :)"

signed 04 Nov 2013 8:44am 


Chance Farmer

from North Carolina

"I enjoy your works of word"

signed 04 Nov 2013 8:36am 


duong nhat lam

from viet nam

"i would like to enjoy website, it's very uesful. i loved it"

signed 04 Nov 2013 7:57am 


Sarah G

from USA, MA, earth

"Edgar Allan Poe was and still is a very famous writer. His works are creepy in a genius way. He is a unique writer that cannot be compared to."

signed 04 Nov 2013 7:53am 


Renz Abril

from Philippines

"If I may, I have Always thought that defining Poe as "macabre literary legend" could be an understatement in itself. He was brilliant in other literary subjects like grotesque, COMIC genres (The Glasses/ the Angel of the Odd, which are GENIAL comic works)."

signed 04 Nov 2013 7:28am 


Devon Granet

from planet X

"I guess my favorite poem by Edgar Allan Poe was the raven because there was always a rapping and a tapping."

signed 04 Nov 2013 6:52am 


charlotte apostol

from 145 tandang sora qc

"edgar allan poe is a good poet af all the times : thank you poestories .com IV-HOPE"

signed 04 Nov 2013 3:21am 


tim j. mckee

from guilford ny usa earth sol

"great halloween reading"

signed 04 Nov 2013 2:22am 


morgan vallee

from evansville, IN

"Very interesting"

signed 03 Nov 2013 11:30pm 


Ariel Aiken

from United States

"Edgar Allan Poe is a good writer and I like his writings a lot."

signed 03 Nov 2013 10:27pm 


jessy m

from earth

"Good stories"

signed 03 Nov 2013 9:23pm 


Jack w

from Medfield

"This website was very helpful for learning about poe. My favorite poem by poe is the haunted palace. He is a very mysterious and interesting man"

signed 03 Nov 2013 9:07pm 


Jordan Mendiola

from North America, Florida, Earth

"I like Poe"

signed 03 Nov 2013 3:04pm 



from North America,Fl,Earth

"my favorite poem is tell-tale heart"

signed 03 Nov 2013 1:51pm 


Emily McKney

from Asgard

"Edgar Allen Poe"

signed 03 Nov 2013 1:16pm 



from Earth


signed 03 Nov 2013 10:40am 


cleo musico

from philippines

"I am glad to visit this kind of website. Full of information and it will help me to answer our school works given by my teacher THANK YOU"

signed 03 Nov 2013 5:56am 


gino aranas

from quezon city

"i want to be registered.."

signed 03 Nov 2013 1:35am 




"Well, there is no question at all ... For me, Edgar Allan poe is the greatest poet of all time.. He has a good style in writing a poem that captivates a reader to read again and again. GOOD JOB!, thank you."

signed 03 Nov 2013 12:15am 


Michael P. Butler

from Surfside Beach, Sc

"I got my first compilation of Mr. Poe's writing when I was about 12 from my older brother and still to this day his writing has never became less vivid. I love this site. Good work on everything."

signed 02 Nov 2013 11:17pm 



from earth

"edgar allan poe have a good poet hes works was impressive ."

signed 02 Nov 2013 10:48pm 


anna jane caldona IVhope

from philippines

"my favorite piece of work by poe is the black cat."

signed 02 Nov 2013 10:25pm 


Jose Miguel Barzuna

from Costa Rica

"Follower of Edgar Allan Poe works!"

signed 02 Nov 2013 11:50am 


Ricardo E Amongo

from philippines

""i love edgar allan poe's work it almost inspires you to to live life being in insane and loving with a dark reality. he was amazing and should be recognized more""

signed 02 Nov 2013 10:48am 


Ecah Paez

from Manila, Philippines

"This is very Educational :)"

signed 02 Nov 2013 8:37am 


Sophia Tabora

from Philippines

"This experience of knowing Edgar Allan Poe has brought me great shock. His way of writing stories is unique, not all people can write such great stories. But some of his creations are a bit weird."

signed 02 Nov 2013 5:04am 


Pedro B. Galgana Jr.

from Quezon City,Manila,Philippines

"Edgar Allan Poe: A good author with creepy stories. ~That's the only phrase i think to describe him at the best way! :)"

signed 02 Nov 2013 1:08am 



from Mt.Olympus Mons, Mars

"I'm here to find out about your earthling, poe"

signed 01 Nov 2013 10:50pm 



from florida

"Edgar allan poe the tell tale heart"

signed 01 Nov 2013 10:34pm 


honey jean daron

from 63 insurance street project 8.

"allan poe hes the best writer :)"

signed 01 Nov 2013 10:25pm 



from Planet One Direction

"I love Edgar Allen Poe's stories! My favorite will have to be, "The Black Cat." Kbai."

signed 01 Nov 2013 10:10pm 


Paul Frankus

from Zarg, Juggalo, Mars

"I relate to Poe and his stories. So when I read his stories it makes me feel as if I'm not the only one that has had problems."

signed 01 Nov 2013 4:49pm 



from U.S.A

"I made a gravestone dedicating Poe"

signed 01 Nov 2013 4:12pm 


Gandalf Freeman

from The Uncharted Lands

"I've come to see Poe."

signed 01 Nov 2013 2:18pm 


Courtney Davis

from Evansville, Indiana

"HAY :)"

signed 01 Nov 2013 1:12pm 



from mars


signed 01 Nov 2013 12:13pm 



from florida

"yay this helped me with my project."

signed 01 Nov 2013 10:39am 



from Evansville

"The Tell-Tale Heart is my first story i've read by Poe and there's something about it that makes me seem as if I'm going insane just like how the old man drove that younger man insane to the point he killed him. When the cops showed he kept hearing the heart beat and he just lost it, just ranting about how he killed him and the heart beat was still there. He went insane and it was breathtaking."

signed 01 Nov 2013 10:19am 


Gaynor, IV-Perseverance

from philippines

"Hey! XD"

signed 01 Nov 2013 9:30am 



from Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe is a terrific writer and I love his stories."

signed 01 Nov 2013 9:23am 



from newark , NJ

"i didnt know poe until now i learned so much bout him :)"

signed 01 Nov 2013 7:09am 


Dannelle Joice T. Dela Cruz

from Philippines, Quezon City

"Edgar Allan Poe's stories are really good. You can really feel all the emotions he's giving in his stories."

signed 01 Nov 2013 2:57am 


Raven VanSickle

from Earth

"My name is Raven (and I'm sorry to say I wasn't named after The Raven.) All of Poe's works are masterpieces in my opinion, but I have to say that my favorite is Masque of the Red Death. I don't honestly know why, but every Halloween I read it and I love it more and more every year."

signed 01 Nov 2013 12:24am 


Robin Royall

from Wisconsin

"No one has as much in common with Sir Edgar Allan Poe as I. Other than J.D. Salinger, Sir Edgar Allen Poe is my favorite author and poet. I love his stories The Raven. It shows that he had a sense of humor."

signed 31 Oct 2013 9:43pm 


Kalub M. Thompson

from Buffalo, NY, Earth

"This site really does help if you're doing a school paper or just looking for a scare at night. Edger Allan Poe is a great writer."

signed 31 Oct 2013 9:40pm 


Jane P. Kirstein

from Trost District, Wall Rose

"I think my favorite work of Poe is his poem "The Raven". I found it amazing that he was able to write something that not only sounded beautiful, but was able to communicate much emotion and suspense. It is no wonder that Poe is considered a literary genius."

signed 31 Oct 2013 9:19pm 


Eliza Sharff

from USA, Massachusetts, Earth

"I am very interested in learning about this morbid and amazing writer. This site is extremely helpful and very easy to use! Thank you!"

signed 31 Oct 2013 7:45pm 


mekali felton

from maryland, united state

"i love your short stories and your poems. they are so tragically romantic and it really grabs my attention. i especially love THE BLACK CAT. its just so creepy but sweet."

signed 31 Oct 2013 6:57pm 



from earth

"poe forever"

signed 31 Oct 2013 5:43pm 


Natasha SassyPants

from Planet Churros

"Although at first I thought Poe was just some creepy guy I learned he had a good reason to be. He had suffered so many tragedies that influenced his writing and poetry. It's what made them so real."

signed 31 Oct 2013 5:23pm 


gabriel pestana

from earth

"hi ms rose"

signed 31 Oct 2013 4:46pm 



from Flordia, USA, Earth


signed 31 Oct 2013 2:35pm 



from Boca Raton

"Edgar Allan Poe is a great poet and if I ever want to be a poet I will look up to him"

signed 31 Oct 2013 1:52pm 



from LA,US,Venus


signed 31 Oct 2013 1:12pm 



from United States,Fl,Earth

"I <3 J BALVIN!!!"

signed 31 Oct 2013 12:59pm 


Kathleen L

from USA

"Edgar Allan Poe had to go through a lot in his life and it shows through in his stories. He often incorporates fear and insanity into his stories. I think this is due to his childhood and the rough time he has gone through. However, his stories are gripping and are wonderfully written."

signed 31 Oct 2013 11:01am 


Kerry C.

from Enoch UT

"Excellent site! Thanks for "putting it out there.""

signed 31 Oct 2013 10:49am 



from far far away

"My favorite poem from Poe would probably have to be The Raven. It is a good poem and the movie is very interesting too."

signed 31 Oct 2013 10:41am 



from far far away

"I really love poe's work! The Raven is my favorite. I love how dark his stories are."

signed 31 Oct 2013 10:40am 


Colbie Tryon

from Ohio

"Happy Halloween."

signed 31 Oct 2013 10:40am 


Tina Epperley

from ohio

"poe is my favorite writer"

signed 31 Oct 2013 10:37am 


Alex Lambert

from Boston MA

"Poor guy all of his closest loves all died of TB."

signed 31 Oct 2013 10:15am 


Michal Hill

from United States,Lousisana,West M

"I thick I can learn many things form this site."

signed 31 Oct 2013 9:27am 


hannah may balsam mikels

from alabama

"i believe Edgar allan poe was murdered"

signed 31 Oct 2013 9:19am 


Marta Walewska

from Earth


signed 31 Oct 2013 9:09am 


DeLana Saunders

from U.S., Princenton, WV, Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite author and poet ever. I love his dark and beautiful imagination. None of his writing has any dull moments. I love him to death . If he was alive I would marry him in a heart beat."

signed 31 Oct 2013 9:07am 


christopher jon m. pascual

from proj 8 Q.C , Philippines

"i like the stories of poe it's so very amazing what stories that he do and his love life and biography ..:D"

signed 31 Oct 2013 7:38am 


marvin villamil

from caloocan city,phillipines

"edgar allan poe is the great poet"

signed 31 Oct 2013 6:44am 


apostol charlotte fronda

from proj.8 qc

"hi mam pechon"

signed 31 Oct 2013 5:17am 


Jaemie Carlin Neve B. Coquia

from Philippines

"I really like the story "Masque of the Red Death". This story teach us a lesson: it would be something like, no matter how hard you try to ignore the passing of time, and the bad things in life, they're still there and you still die and you cant ignore it because there is nothing you can do about it. notice how in the story everyone gets quiet when the clock tolls. Because all of us will die someday."

signed 31 Oct 2013 3:05am 


agunos,rochelle q.

from phillipines

"Hi my name is rochelle agunos I love Poe's stories becaues most of it is horrifying and I love horror stories."

signed 31 Oct 2013 2:10am 


john paul francisco (IV-HOPE)

from quezon city, philippines

"I wanted to be part of this page so that i can learn more about edgar allan."

signed 31 Oct 2013 12:29am 


Kenny Woods

from Tupelo, Mississippi

"So Creepy!"

signed 30 Oct 2013 11:54pm 


theresa dana

from monterey,usa,earth

"I've heard a lot about Poe, and haven't read as much of his works as I want to. Anyway, we probably would gotten along pretty well if we had existed on Earth at the same time."

signed 30 Oct 2013 10:38pm 


Katie Huggins

from Georgia

"My favorite story is The Raven. This is because I really like how The Raven was dark and mysterious. Edgar used so many creepy words to make it dark. It was also tied in with Poe's life which was really interesting. The Raven is full of suspense and imagery and Poe did a great job with painting a picture of the atmosphere. Poe writes a lot of dark things but I feel that this story is the best one"

signed 30 Oct 2013 9:52pm 


Katelyn Brasgalla

from Michigan, United States

"I enjoy this website. It tells me all about Poe and the poems he has wrote. Its very understandable and accessible."

signed 30 Oct 2013 9:19pm 



from Usa

"Most reliable Poe site... Has all the answers to my questions and all his stories"

signed 30 Oct 2013 8:12pm 



from United States,Fl,Earth


signed 30 Oct 2013 8:09pm 


Alina Bogdanov

from Boca Raton,Fl.Earth.

"Hi I've read a couple of your poems and they are amazing. your work will live on for centuries."

signed 30 Oct 2013 7:48pm 


Eunice the Unicorn

from Rainbow Falls, Candyland

"I think this site was very helpful and informative.It was easy to use and very organized. My favorite Poe story would have to be Tell Tale Heart, because it discusses how one thinks he does something great, but in reality does not realize the consequences that his boastfulness will lead him to.I like how Poe could completely terrify someone just through the reality of everyday events and thoughts."

signed 30 Oct 2013 7:19pm 



from Earth,nourth America,America,m

"I love "Tale-Tale Hart" the best out of all of his stories."

signed 30 Oct 2013 7:05pm 



from ohio

"The raven is really scary and makes you want to read over and over again"

signed 30 Oct 2013 6:20pm 


Ollie Kaye

from Gotham City, USA

"I've loved Poe and his stories for the longest time. He's inspiring and wonderfully creepy. :)"

signed 30 Oct 2013 6:11pm 


Vivian Peralta

from united states


signed 30 Oct 2013 5:54pm 


klaver wilson

from Auburn, WA

"he's an amazing poet"

signed 30 Oct 2013 4:58pm 



from My TrapHouse


signed 30 Oct 2013 4:27pm 


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