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from philippines

"edgar allan poe is a great author. cant stop thinking what if ive met him already, man i think he is so awesome. the way he writes a story where you can feel the real emotions as well! :)"

signed 12 Nov 2013 2:32am 


jolina belas

from philippines,manila

""ayah !! " its good that i already know some of Poe stories . and i hope that i can read the remaining stories if i have some enough time .. bye guys .. enjoy readers !!"

signed 12 Nov 2013 2:30am 


rafael kevin juanico

from earth

"i really like it"

signed 12 Nov 2013 2:04am 


ana marie ablaza

from pluto

"his stories really gave me chills and creepy feelings..."

signed 12 Nov 2013 1:20am 


Jee Marie B. Pecson

from Philippines

"so fantastic and amazing so beautiful story hehe. seduce your story"

signed 12 Nov 2013 1:15am 


Julie Ann Janolan

from Philippines

"Poe stories are remarkable because of its unique concepts."

signed 12 Nov 2013 12:27am 


vanessa enriquez

from philliphines

"my favorite story about the edgar allan poe is annabel lee is so exiting to read and discuss ."

signed 12 Nov 2013 12:20am 


mary ann

from philliphines

"Hi:) im maryann by IV-COURTESY . The all Story of poe is so very beautiful ..."

signed 12 Nov 2013 12:12am 



from phillipines

"edgar allan poe's life was a good story and poe was awesome horror writer in all of time ."

signed 11 Nov 2013 10:55pm 


ana teresa domiquel

from philippines

"hi poestories!"

signed 11 Nov 2013 10:46pm 



from America

"Poe was brilliantly creepy"

signed 11 Nov 2013 9:42pm 


Jamie Spano

from United States, Pennsylvania

"I enjoy this site very much because it allows me to learn the life Of Edgar Allen Poe. My favorite story by Poe is the Tell Tale Heart because the suspense in it is extraordinary. The face that his guilt got to him actually makes the story that much more frightneing."

signed 11 Nov 2013 8:10pm 


dante virgil

from earth


signed 11 Nov 2013 7:36pm 


Peng Cheng

from United States of America

"I, personally, respect Poe for his works and literary achievements."

signed 11 Nov 2013 7:08pm 



from The Sun

"poe is cool"

signed 11 Nov 2013 4:51pm 


davantez ward

from marshall county, united states

"i love to read this man's book. Some of the books he have read are really interesting"

signed 11 Nov 2013 9:29am 



from Philippines

"I really like Poe's stories. They're all exciting and mind challenging!"

signed 11 Nov 2013 8:25am 


Patrick Martin

from Philippines

"Edgar Is The One Of The Top Great In Poetry."

signed 11 Nov 2013 7:56am 


Justine S. Alvarez

from Quezon City, Philippines,Earth

"Hello Humans! Edgar Allan Poe was Great. He's Awesome. He has a deep emotions where because of his past."

signed 11 Nov 2013 7:34am 


realyn calma

from philippines

"i love poe stories and one of my favorite is the masque of the red death, and annabel lee. because i love it. the story was so magnificence."

signed 11 Nov 2013 7:18am 


judy sanajan IV-HOPE

from quezon city

"i love most of edgar allan poe's story..and i enjoy gives more lessons and more knowledge...i love poe stories."

signed 11 Nov 2013 7:03am 


Wendy Basijan

from Phillipines

"Hello. I am Wendy Basijan, from Ismael Mathay Sr. High School. I am fourth year student, section Faith. I like the story entitled The Angel Of The Odd. I've learned everything."

signed 11 Nov 2013 5:48am 


Jessa Raguindin

from IvHOPE

"The short story written by Edgar Allan Poe's story The Tell Tale Heart liked the most because it refers to a old man who has a disease."

signed 11 Nov 2013 4:31am 


James Emilio Dufale

from Philipines Proj 8 Quezon City

"i like so much the story about edgar allan poe and i really like what kind of strength of poe what he experience in his life what ever his age in younger or older he done successfully but it end by a mysterious death that no one can know what is the truth cause of death of poe and that's all TY"

signed 11 Nov 2013 4:11am 


Lorraine Jean Mabbayad

from Metro Manila, Philippines

"Must read Poe's Writings :)"

signed 11 Nov 2013 3:55am 



from manila

"i like the poe stories"

signed 11 Nov 2013 2:46am 



from united states, illinois


signed 10 Nov 2013 10:31pm 


Aissa Cabrales

from Earth

"The Tell-Tale Heart is my favorite story ever!!!! Poe is an excellent writer."

signed 10 Nov 2013 6:27pm 


Joshua Shores

from united States

"Poe is a good poet his stories speak to the heart."

signed 10 Nov 2013 1:54pm 



from Texas,U.S.

"Edgar is my favorite poet/author of all time ever since I was a little girl. I understand his dark humor since I as well have dark humor. I might be only 13 but I love his maddening, terrifying, and depressing stories."

signed 10 Nov 2013 1:19pm 


philip bowen

from chicago

"love the black cat"

signed 10 Nov 2013 1:07pm 


Joshua t

from USA Ventura ca

"Poe is new to me but I am fascinated by his history and verse as well his stories. In only a short period of time he has opened my eyes to an endless possibility with words."

signed 10 Nov 2013 12:44pm 



from philippines

"i like best is the story of the black cat because of many theories about second cat."

signed 10 Nov 2013 8:07am 


hennyssy aguilar

from wonderland,saturn

"he's truly a great poet."

signed 10 Nov 2013 3:13am 


Annabel Lee

from IvHOPE

"Annabel Lee is one of my favorite even though its not a short story but i still love it. Because it talks about how much he love the girl. Thoug many years has pass but his love for Annabel Lee remains. and not forgotten."

signed 10 Nov 2013 2:12am 


Cassidy Pelletier

from United States

"Greetings to any of my classmates reading this. He's just a Poe boy from a Poe family!"

signed 09 Nov 2013 7:06pm 



from Florida

"Edgar Allan Poe is pretty ok. You know my English teacher told me hes a Literature Master."

signed 09 Nov 2013 6:32pm 



from louie, toot-town, marzz

"I love Poe!!"

signed 09 Nov 2013 3:10pm 



from Philippines

"This site is wonderful. I can say what I want to say on Edgar Allan Poe's works. This site is useful for every students or people that wants to learn more about Edgar Allan Poes Life and Works."

signed 09 Nov 2013 11:41am 


Jessa Mae Moncano

from Philippines

"The Masque of The Red Death is my Favorite because im amazed on how Poe wrote and how he did the concept of the story. It gives me the idea about DEATH. That we can never avoid it when the time came ."

signed 09 Nov 2013 10:36am 


IV-Hope Laura Benawe

from philippine

"Edgar allan poe is a great author, specially when i read the story of the masque of the red death !!"

signed 09 Nov 2013 9:04am 


joana hubilla

from phillipines earth

"i love the edgar allan poe's stories :)"

signed 09 Nov 2013 7:22am 


jovert cabides

from philippines

"Edgar allan poe is my most favorite poet writer. I learned a lot about his work and it gives a knowlegde and inspiration to become a writer."

signed 09 Nov 2013 5:57am 


Magbitang, Marc Joshua M.

from Philippines, Quezon City


signed 09 Nov 2013 4:42am 


Johnrys S. Tadeo

from Philippines

"Hi, for me Edgar Allan Poe is very weird, creepy, but all his stories captivate me mostly "The Masque Of The Red Death". I guess he is born to be strong, because even though there's a lot of problems he faced he can still overcome those problems and make those problems as an inspiration to do a story that will be an inspiration for somebody." Thank you Ms. Pechon for this project, i really enjoy."

signed 09 Nov 2013 3:59am 


Kate C. francisco

from Philippines

"Hi, My name is Kate Francisco From IV-Courtesy I read some poem of Edgar allan poe . it was amazing peom 'Annabel Lee' And story of The Masque and Red Death."

signed 09 Nov 2013 3:55am 


Danica Aquino

from Philippines, Earth

"Hello, I'm new here. I just wanna drop by. And do this as a good hobby by reading Poe's stories whenever I have spare time, :)"

signed 09 Nov 2013 3:53am 


bea nuela lacurom

from hope

"allan poe is good"

signed 09 Nov 2013 2:05am 


Amiel Soliman

from Philippines

"Among all the stories written by edgar allan poe,i liked the most is the THE MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE. Because it is a story that contains lots of mystery. To be honest,this is the 2nd story written by poe that I read,the other one is the masque of the red death. he is awesome,but I hate the part that he married her 13 year old cousin. But in the other side,I think he is a cool and mysterious person"

signed 08 Nov 2013 11:47pm 


Russel M. Padagas

from Philippines, Asia, Earth

"for me Edgar Allan Poe is a successful man because despite of all his trials that he struggles he continue to persuade his dreams"

signed 08 Nov 2013 10:53pm 



from Indiana, U.S.A

"Poe was a good and mysterious man. He was very wise, and brought out the best emotions."

signed 08 Nov 2013 3:00pm 



from I am not sure

"I love Edgar Allan Poe, if you have not read the poem alone you must."

signed 08 Nov 2013 12:11pm 


Percy Jackson

from The Argo II

"Where are you Annabeth?"

signed 08 Nov 2013 9:55am 


Ma. Carmela Falqueza IV-Perse

from Quezon City

"I think this site is good for the Poe's Fanatics/Lovers. My favorite Poe story is "The Spectacles" because the comedy and romance that i like to be in the story are merged :"> (The Spectacle-a great little comedy and about love at first sight.)"

signed 08 Nov 2013 9:45am 



from clarksburg wv

"i like your poems."

signed 08 Nov 2013 9:10am 



from philippines quezon city

"i like the story of the masque of the red death becuase there are many lesson to be learned"

signed 08 Nov 2013 4:09am 


villaviray noe franz

from quezon city,philippines

"edgar allan poe is a great one in history can be compared to his work"

signed 08 Nov 2013 3:30am 


Christine Bustamante

from Quezon City, Philippines

"Poe is a very good poet. His works are really interesting and I love it especially His poem "Annabel Lee". And I was really inspired with that poem."

signed 08 Nov 2013 1:57am 


Ma.Kiana Yleh Elpedang

from Philippines

"Edgar Allan Poe stories are so amasing!"

signed 08 Nov 2013 1:10am 


Mark Melle Pernia

from Philippines, Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe's work are so fantastic. I want to know him better. His works are bizzare and I really love it. I hope I have that kind of talent too."

signed 08 Nov 2013 1:09am 


marianne bantog

from quezon city

"edgar allan poe was very cool... i like his stories, actually i definitely love it.. he was mysterious, i guess"

signed 08 Nov 2013 12:05am 


Shalee Magbitang

from Philippines, QC , Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe is a fantastic and mysterious writer , I really like his story "The Oval Portrait" because it describes the true meaning of everlasting love"

signed 07 Nov 2013 11:41pm 



from earth

"I love Poe's work, I think its unique, insane and amazing. My favorites are "the raven" and "the tell-tale heart"."

signed 07 Nov 2013 8:25pm 


Chichi Obisesan

from MARS


signed 07 Nov 2013 4:21pm 


Quinn Muchnok

from Pennsylvania


signed 07 Nov 2013 2:56pm 


Destiny Wainscott

from America, Indiana, Earth

"Poe was a genius and a great artist! His work is outstanding!"

signed 07 Nov 2013 2:26pm 


ashlyn richard

from louisiana

"your books are awesome"

signed 07 Nov 2013 1:46pm 


stanch meat

from Ballground GA

"I see why its called the tell tale heart"

signed 07 Nov 2013 12:35pm 


joe tockey

from potts camp, ms

"Mrs. Miller from pchs is teaching us about Edgar Allen Poe"

signed 07 Nov 2013 11:50am 



from uk london


signed 07 Nov 2013 11:36am 


Trystan Waller

from Gallifrey


signed 07 Nov 2013 10:24am 


Ty Wilkerson

from mississippi

"heyy how yall doin my name is Ty Wilkerson i live in mississippi. My teacher is mrs.miller and we are learning about poe"

signed 07 Nov 2013 10:06am 



from Mars

"Um hi lol"

signed 07 Nov 2013 9:14am 


jill hearts nolAN



signed 07 Nov 2013 9:00am 


jennieffer cagadas

from 615 int Nova Q,c

""The Raven". Others may have read one of his more popular dark and creepy tales like, "The Fall of the House of Usher" or "The Tell-tale Heart"."

signed 07 Nov 2013 8:51am 


Jenny Asong

from Philippines

"There is a fine line between genius and insanity. Many have trod that fine line. If I had the chance to spend a fireside evening in conversation with anyone I could choose, he would be high on the list."

signed 07 Nov 2013 7:44am 


Jerome Buenaventura

from Philippines

"Edgar Allen Poe falls into the "gothic romance" section of historic american literature. He believed true love was portrayed through death and heartache. BETTER PEOPLE?"

signed 07 Nov 2013 7:24am 


Maan Reyes

from Philippines. Earth.

"Hi! I want to say thank you for those who had created this site. You are helping student like me a lot. Thank you."

signed 07 Nov 2013 7:12am 


Amber Russell

from Pennsylvania


signed 07 Nov 2013 6:59am 


Lyncee Aguilar

from IvHOPE

"Among his stories i like most is The Angel oF The Odd because it talks about the man who supports himself only. And this story give us a moral lessons that in every life theres always a problem."

signed 07 Nov 2013 3:42am 


Ricardo Amongo

from Philippines

"I agree and Poe's statement reflects an unfortunate truth about human nature, To vilify another often comes from a place of envy, as an attempt to control, break one's spirit,"

signed 07 Nov 2013 3:32am 



from philippines

"best stories =')"

signed 07 Nov 2013 2:36am 


mark lazariciu

from river ridge on the planet eart

"Edgar is my friend and im in ms. Evans class"

signed 06 Nov 2013 7:53pm 


matthew nolf

from milky way galaxy

"Poe is out of this world."

signed 06 Nov 2013 5:07pm 



from Pluto

"Good website"

signed 06 Nov 2013 12:22pm 


Austin Rodman

from Pennsylvania

"the Tell-Tale Heart is my favorite story"

signed 06 Nov 2013 11:27am 


Riley Whitlatch

from Florida

"Riley Whitlatch Mrs. Evans 5th period class"

signed 06 Nov 2013 10:24am 


Hannah Thadieo

from Connecticut

"I really liked this website for some of the things that I was looking for but not all of it."

signed 06 Nov 2013 9:34am 



from earth


signed 06 Nov 2013 9:26am 


Christian Caingat

from From Earth

"The best Story"

signed 06 Nov 2013 8:54am 


Jesse Cash

from Florida

"I'm a princess"

signed 06 Nov 2013 8:36am 


Clarisa Gagui

from philippines

"Edgar Allan Poe is a great poet, a nice and brilliant man, he do many poems, who catch our attention to read his works. My favorite in his work is the Tell-Tale Heart because, this piece catch my feelings, and because of that,My pleasure to visit this this website. Thank You :)"

signed 06 Nov 2013 8:12am 



from usa, florida

"this site was a good information source"

signed 06 Nov 2013 8:11am 


Grace Hardy

from Earth

"This site is amazing and I learned so much about Edgar A. Poe."

signed 06 Nov 2013 7:55am 


ella mae traquena IV HOPE

from philippines

"the edgar allan poe story was so very interesting . and i learned more about edgar allan poe life and story . i love read the THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH .."

signed 06 Nov 2013 5:19am 


Hannah Strahl

from Pennsylvainia

"I really like Edgar Allen Poe's mysteries!"

signed 05 Nov 2013 11:39pm 



from Florida

"I think he is a very good poet."

signed 05 Nov 2013 11:09pm 



from USA

"hello kids"

signed 05 Nov 2013 10:48pm 



from U.S.

"Good stories."

signed 05 Nov 2013 10:40pm 



from evansville, IN

"poe is an awesome poet and writer!"

signed 05 Nov 2013 10:00pm 


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