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Rayelle Pagan

from United States

"I only read one story by Poe and it was "The Tell-Tale Heart." It was very interesting and thrilling. I enjoyed it."

signed 15 Nov 2013 9:45am 


Dakota Moreno

from USA, IN, Earth

"thanks good website"

signed 15 Nov 2013 8:35am 


Ethan M. Tremain

from Planet Earth

"Here's what I love about Poe: he writes with authority. His tales read as if he's recounting something that actually happened, and he does it with a Gothic verisimilitude that is absolutely convincing. Bizarre as his stories are, they can be believed, in a sense, as having the possibility of actual occurrence in Reality. He writes as if he's been there, and we're compelled to take him at his word."

signed 14 Nov 2013 9:41pm 


Alexander Cahill

from Washington, DC, United States

"I am an aspiring author, and Poe is a great example of a father of modern-day poetry. He melds beautiful words with love and death intertwined with each other, forming beautiful books, and chilling quotes that give us a great literary figure-Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 14 Nov 2013 5:36pm 


kelsey smith

from Macomb,Michigan Earth

"This site is awesome! It gave me a ton of information on Poe and was interesting to navigate through!"

signed 14 Nov 2013 2:01pm 



from Earth

"I think this is a really neat website. I dont really have a favorite story, I like a lot of them."

signed 14 Nov 2013 12:06pm 


maria candelario

from fresno ca.

"i think this is kewl i guess being force to do this in class i GUESS ughhhhh im hella bored im doing this cause im bored sooo... yeah okay peace gewd luck ppl"

signed 14 Nov 2013 11:25am 



from Florida

"I signed it."

signed 14 Nov 2013 11:07am 


Katie Rismiller

from United States, IN, Earth

"Poe has very interesting stories."

signed 14 Nov 2013 9:24am 


craig titus

from south africa

"He was cursed with knowing too much while surrounded by those who knew nothing..."

signed 14 Nov 2013 7:12am 


judy sanajan IV-HOPE

from quezon city

"i love edgar allan poe stories because most of his stories gives more knowledge and more lesson...."

signed 14 Nov 2013 1:23am 



from Indiana

"Edgar Allan Poe is a very dark writer and wrote many interesting works."

signed 13 Nov 2013 8:44pm 


Jayden Hayes

from United States,New York,earth


signed 13 Nov 2013 8:34pm 


ayen constantino

from Philipines baesa

"its a wonderful and mysterious story that if i can solve the mystery of edgar poe's cause of death i will do it..ty"

signed 13 Nov 2013 4:19pm 


Therese Bernaflor Boltron

from Philippines

"My favorite story is "the black cat". This is my favorite because of the way it's written and I love cats and reading horror stories about cat like the way he did this. All of his stories are the best!"

signed 13 Nov 2013 1:21pm 


Ashley Cox

from Union City, IN

"I have to sign this. So there."

signed 13 Nov 2013 12:01pm 


Sequaja Carter

from Georgia

"I Love Edgar Allen Poe Stories."

signed 13 Nov 2013 11:59am 


Morgan Moore

from mississippi

"i heart poe"

signed 13 Nov 2013 11:37am 


Kassandra Gime

from Quezon City, Philippines

"Poe is weird and creepy but I love Poe"

signed 13 Nov 2013 10:53am 


Jeff Ryan

from Earth Philippines

"Edgar allan poe is extremely Amazing :D maybe the poe toaster is actually him. Because of those death theories of him makes it more mysterious"

signed 13 Nov 2013 10:33am 


Levi Wendel

from Indiana


signed 13 Nov 2013 10:22am 


Moses Jude Dela Cruz

from Philippines

"The developers of this site are also filled with zeal and enthusiasm like how passionate Edgar Allan Poe was, this site is very helpful not only to students but to all People who loves to think, read and write. #Thanks, God bless!"

signed 13 Nov 2013 9:58am 


izza villegas

from Q.C Phil.

"my favorite story was the masque of the red death because i love HORROR stories :)"

signed 13 Nov 2013 9:52am 


Arienne Constantino

from Quezon City, Philippines

"Poe was an absolute genius. I think that his reputation then was tarnished by society simply because they weren't ready for his views on the world. Tough luck I suppose, but thank you for this wonderful website. Poe now has a chance to live on where his work can be fully appreciated. =)"

signed 13 Nov 2013 9:46am 



from USA, NJ, Earth


signed 13 Nov 2013 9:39am 


Meysen Guinn

from U.S.

"I like to read these stories!"

signed 13 Nov 2013 9:39am 



from america,ga,earth

"hey ..!! your stories are great and creepy..!!!"

signed 13 Nov 2013 8:47am 


trisha royales

from earth

"Edgar Allan Poe gives us the many stories that we need. Each story gives us more knowledge and I was able want to read the more story of poe. To find out the many"

signed 13 Nov 2013 7:29am 


marvin villamil

from caloocan city,phillipines

"poe is the best poet writer and its so very interesting !!!"

signed 13 Nov 2013 7:18am 




"This site is the best because all or almost information about Edgar Allan Poe is here."

signed 13 Nov 2013 7:16am 



from baesa quezon city

"i love edgar allan poe because he is a kind of very strong person and all of his poet stories is full of knowledge."

signed 13 Nov 2013 7:06am 


Patrick Julaton

from Manila, Philippines

"Nice Story "The Masque of The Red Death" :)"

signed 13 Nov 2013 6:58am 


Joe Mari Francisco

from Philippines

"I love Edgar Allan Poe's work. He's amazing! And fantastic! Thank you."

signed 13 Nov 2013 6:51am 


Molly Ann Gajo

from Philippines,Quezon City, Earth

"a very awesome website"

signed 13 Nov 2013 6:28am 


John David L. Adrid

from Quezon City, Philippines

"Thanks for all the information about Edgar Allan Poe!"

signed 13 Nov 2013 6:19am 


Berudy Grande

from Quezon City

"You're great!. You're the best Edgar! His stories gives inspirations to the readers like me. His poems and stories is very nice, unique, and also very interesting to read."

signed 13 Nov 2013 6:18am 


Joefer Daduyo

from IvHOPE

"The Masque of the red is one of my favorite story of Poe because its horror and when you rad it its creepy."

signed 13 Nov 2013 6:16am 


Mark Jayson Rolloque

from Philippines

"Instead of characterizing Mr. Poe as "boozy", perhaps you should give him the accolade he deserves Genius"

signed 13 Nov 2013 6:10am 


karen laas

from philippines

"i really like it this poem story of edgar allan poe"

signed 13 Nov 2013 5:54am 


rommel delacruz

from philippines

"i enjoy it very much :)"

signed 13 Nov 2013 5:28am 


Mark Jason Ravina

from Philipines

"Poe is such an incredible writer. I cant blame myself if he always reminded me Dr. Jose Rizal."

signed 13 Nov 2013 5:27am 


Priscilla Sandra Lajom

from Quezon City, Philippines

"hi I'm Priscilla.:) i started visiting this site last week and i found it really awesome :)"

signed 13 Nov 2013 5:17am 


aileen formalejo

from philippines

"hai , there ! I'm aileen formalejo from IV-courtesy . my favorite story is the THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH because this stories are interesting it's a full of mystery . THANK YOU for this story for a lots of learning too us ."

signed 13 Nov 2013 5:16am 


Ecah Paez

from Quezon City, Philippines

"I really really love Edgar Allan Poe. I really like his stories."

signed 13 Nov 2013 5:13am 


stephen joseph coquia

from Philippines, Quezon City

"I learn the whole life of edgar allan poe"

signed 13 Nov 2013 5:08am 



from Quezon City, Philippines

"Hi I'm Aibelle.:) for me, this site was great. it contains many datum where i have gain many knowledge about Poe's Life and his stories."

signed 13 Nov 2013 4:57am 


Princess Erika Ramirez

from Philippines

"Poe is very talented! <3 I love his stories!"

signed 13 Nov 2013 4:53am 



from 615 int obagbag nova Q.c

"I was never kinder to the old man than during the whole week before I killed him."

signed 13 Nov 2013 4:47am 


Mae Alleyssa Cuadra

from Quezon City, Philippines

"Great website"

signed 13 Nov 2013 4:34am 


Christian Soliman

from Philippines

"If I may, I have Always thought that defining Poe as "macabre literary legend" could be an understatement in itself. He was brilliant in other literary subjects like grotesque and - especially- mystery/crime and even COMIC genres"

signed 13 Nov 2013 4:27am 


Chamberlain John Villasista

from Philippenes

"Edgar Allan Poe stories are all interesting even though its kind of weird; still all of his works are world class and it contribute a lot on English literature."

signed 13 Nov 2013 4:24am 



from Philippines

"I LOVE IT! The site was very informative and can really help students like us Sharmaine G. Reyes IV Perseverance"

signed 13 Nov 2013 4:23am 


Marjorie A. Vitug IV-Hope

from Philippines

"Edgar Allan Poe, he inspire me to express my feelings by writing poems. I know, it is kinda weird but this is our passion to express every feeling that we want to. Thank you."

signed 13 Nov 2013 4:17am 


Gaynor, Heidi Claudine

from IV-Perseverance

"Poe's story is one of a kind. Its so great. Not ordinary and very meaningful. Many symbols had used in his story and poem. Some of it are unique enough compare to the other stories. Edgar Allan Poe is awesome! :) I hope Edgar Allan Poe II will be born. :)"

signed 13 Nov 2013 4:06am 


Tuesdat Illyana Erin C. Lagman

from Philippines, Earth

":) i love you edgar allan poe :)"

signed 13 Nov 2013 3:59am 


bueno,efrenmark vi hope

from baesa


signed 13 Nov 2013 3:56am 


raymond chester solano

from Philippines

"I love this site, it has almost all the stories, summaries, and even a wordlist to help understand. My favorite story by him is The Masque of the Red Death. I love all of the detail, the moral of the story, and all the description in it. I am an avid reader of Poe, and of others also so thank you!"

signed 13 Nov 2013 3:47am 


Moises Bautista

from Philippines

"Every Edgar Allan Poe film portrays him as a drunk there is more to him than that. The Raven was stupid and flawed hopefully this one is better done."

signed 13 Nov 2013 3:41am 



from talipapanovaliches

"edgar allan poe is my favorite poet of all times"

signed 13 Nov 2013 3:24am 


Jazzel Anne Jeremias

from Philippines

"This site was so stunning. It has a lot of information and I Love it :)"

signed 13 Nov 2013 3:23am 


luz clarita del rosario


"i love edgar allan poe story"

signed 13 Nov 2013 3:13am 


John Lloyd Salvo

from Philippines

"the story who took my attention was "THE TELL-TALE HEART' . its about longing for freedom yet in the end its up to you how your freedom will be ."

signed 13 Nov 2013 3:11am 


john paul francisco (IV-Hope)

from quezon city philippines

"i want to know more about edgar allan poe."

signed 13 Nov 2013 3:06am 


kim tenedero

from Philippines

"Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite poet of all times.he is very weird but has amazing stories that captivate me.he is great"

signed 13 Nov 2013 2:51am 


Gabriel Navarro

from Phil,IMSHS,IV-Courtesy

"Edgar Allan Poe is a very brilliant and inspiring writer.He traveled and searching jobs in many different states until he accidentally goes to Baltimore.His death is still a mystery"

signed 13 Nov 2013 2:27am 



from quezon city

"This site is very helpful to those student who studying about edgar allan poe, so im very thankful because it help me a lot with my project."

signed 13 Nov 2013 2:22am 



from philippines

"seriously I am not reading a Allan Poe short story but, i read one because its our homework and its required to read, and this is a "Masque of the red death"."

signed 13 Nov 2013 2:07am 


Russle Mariazeta - IV-HOPE

from Philippines

"Hi ma'am Pechon. :D #EAP"

signed 13 Nov 2013 2:01am 


Karen Kaye C. Militante

from Philippines

"I love the works of Edgar Allan Poe even though sometimes it is creepy."

signed 13 Nov 2013 1:45am 


Darlene Barcelon

from Quezon City

"Amazing poet of Edgar Allan Poe! Wonderful !"

signed 13 Nov 2013 1:44am 


thydhesjoy acena IV-HOPE

from tandang sora

"i love poe so Much"

signed 13 Nov 2013 1:11am 


giselle cura

from philippines

"hello :))"

signed 13 Nov 2013 12:57am 


joan gabriel

from philippines manila quezon city

"hi, im joan gabriel of IV-faith in Ismael Mathay Sr. Highschool . i love edgar allan poe. <3"

signed 13 Nov 2013 12:54am 


julie ann

from phillipines

"I too liked Poe stories kase I can not even understand my deep words can really enjoy reading again"

signed 13 Nov 2013 12:25am 



from phillipine

"my favorite story of edgar allan poe is the red death because very like ah story Thank u edgar allan poe"

signed 13 Nov 2013 12:04am 


jan mathew t serquina

from Quezon city

"May favorite story was the raven because it is full of mysteries that someone will solve it . i like it because it was the kind of stories i want."

signed 12 Nov 2013 11:41pm 




"Dear Mr. Poe, I want to say thank you for welcoming me in your website. It's an honor to visit your website."

signed 12 Nov 2013 9:56pm 


Chuck Norris

from Alderon

"I find you, you dont find me"

signed 12 Nov 2013 11:21am 



from United States, MS, Earth

"This is my favorite Edgar Allan Poe website."

signed 12 Nov 2013 10:50am 


Paguntalan, Nerrie mae P.

from Philippines

"Im from IV-Perseverance"

signed 12 Nov 2013 9:24am 




"Hi! I'm Kate Morales. The Masque Of The Red Death of Poe is one of my favorite because I'm so impressed in the flow of the story and how he made the twists in the story."

signed 12 Nov 2013 8:28am 


Cielo, Sharmaigne Jelle C.

from Philippines

"The story of Edgar Allan Poe is really interesting. Even though, the story of him is little bit weird and creepy at the same time, but still, it can caught the interest and attention of all the people who will read his stories and the story of his life. And all of his story is great. :)"

signed 12 Nov 2013 7:59am 


roy jr


"I enjoy reading but it's hard to me to choose whats the best for me but It's All good .. The Site and everything ..."

signed 12 Nov 2013 7:27am 


Mary Jane N. Boñaga

from Manila, Philippines

"Hi, my name is Mary Jane, this site tells a whole story about Edgar Allan Poe. My favorite is THE TELL-TALE HEART, because this story are full of mystery. Poe is the greatest writer ever."

signed 12 Nov 2013 6:51am 


Patrick Julaton

from Manila,Philippines

"Assignment <3"

signed 12 Nov 2013 6:27am 


Rhea Vina C. Altas

from Philippines

"My favorite Poe story is "Eleonora", a love story. For me Edgar Allan Poe is the best writer in the world! His stories inspired many people. You will not regret if you try to read his stories and poems :) Thank you, because i've learned so many-many lessons :)"

signed 12 Nov 2013 6:22am 


Derrick Jeter Coquial

from Philippines

"Thanks a lot on this site. I can now complete my project. I love you Edgar Allan Poe"

signed 12 Nov 2013 6:22am 


Adrian Atienza

from Philippines

"Hi, Thanks for this helpful and useful site. This website contains lot of information about the Life of "Edgar Allan Poe"."

signed 12 Nov 2013 5:23am 


Josan Dale Macalipay

from Philippines

"Many critics can't do It, but presume to criticize those who can and do, whatever IT might be -- painting, writing, sculture, music, film."

signed 12 Nov 2013 5:09am 


jalene gutierrez

from philipines

"I love the "THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH" that Edgar Allan Poe wrote . And i want to know more about Edgar Allan Poe and for me he is great writer ."

signed 12 Nov 2013 5:00am 



from philippines

"my favorite story is "the masque of the red death" because in this title I'm thinking why was it becomes as the masque of the red death. when I finish to read it I'll say aaaah!! and I'll understand it carefully."

signed 12 Nov 2013 5:00am 


Ar-Jay R. Barricante

from Philippines, Asia, Earth


signed 12 Nov 2013 4:51am 


alfonso ela (IV-HOPE)



signed 12 Nov 2013 4:37am 


Joy Rosales

from Manila,Philippines

"Edgar Allan Poe is a great writer, thou he had unlucky experiences, it influence him to be strong and to write a beautiful stories and poetries. I love Poe :)"

signed 12 Nov 2013 4:22am 


Patrick Martin

from Philippines

"The Masque of the Red Death is amazing. Edgar Allan Poes command of the language in this piece is excellent, in my opinion. I can read this over and over and still find absolute pleasure in it. I recommend it to everyone! It's incredible even though it's short."

signed 12 Nov 2013 4:19am 


Ivy Faith Abobot

from Philippines

"I love some of Edgar Allan Poe's works because of its uniqueness and wonderful strategy in writing and literature."

signed 12 Nov 2013 4:04am 



from Dhaka, Bangladesh

"Kickass site, the creator should really be proud."

signed 12 Nov 2013 3:36am 


Vanessa Clanza

from Manila, Philippines

"I really enjoy this site. It helped me in making my project relating to Poe. Edgar Allan Poe is amazing author and poet. I love all of Poes work. He wrote very interesting stories."

signed 12 Nov 2013 3:09am 


vincent lerick abad

from earth

"it really really good"

signed 12 Nov 2013 2:44am 



from pillipines

"ilove u <3 sincerity ms. pechon"

signed 12 Nov 2013 2:35am 


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