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Mr.Poe Man

from timberlake, NC

"I am Poe Man and I like this website. It was a little confusing, but I still like the pictures, timelines, quotes, and all that stuff."

signed 05 Nov 2013 9:59pm 


Taylor Despota

from United States

"I love this site. It has many good facts about Edgar Allan Poe. He was such a genius."

signed 05 Nov 2013 9:14pm 


Erik Carlson

from FL, USA.

"My favorite piece of work my Poe is "The Raven". The suspense in the poem can, at times, feel so utterly real due to the fact that it is able to be related closely to many people's lives. It harbors a kind of connection with myself, not due to myself experiencing similar, but by knowing that someone else easily could have."

signed 05 Nov 2013 9:13pm 


Evan Ford

from Florida

"Hi Mrs. Evams!!"

signed 05 Nov 2013 8:51pm 



from United States

"poe is a scary man, who wrote very very very detailed books."

signed 05 Nov 2013 8:47pm 


Briana Carlson

from USA,Minnesota,earth,isanti

"I think this website has a lot of information that is and was useful for my research. Thank you for that whoever made this site. Briana Carlson"

signed 05 Nov 2013 8:31pm 


Aditi Sridhar

from Earth


signed 05 Nov 2013 8:23pm 


Rebecca Klarer

from Florida

"This is for an english assignment and I really don't know what to put."

signed 05 Nov 2013 8:19pm 


Hannah E

from Florida

""All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." a quote by the brilliant Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 05 Nov 2013 8:04pm 



from United States


signed 05 Nov 2013 7:57pm 



from indiana

"Edgar Allen Poe is my favorite poet of all times."

signed 05 Nov 2013 7:48pm 


Kaitlin Gibson

from Florida

"THe site is cool."

signed 05 Nov 2013 7:47pm 


Hannah Hawkins

from North Carolina


signed 05 Nov 2013 7:46pm 


cameron chase

from North Carolina

"Hey how is it going?"

signed 05 Nov 2013 7:43pm 


carmen cavanagh

from united staes, pennslyvania

"poe rules"

signed 05 Nov 2013 7:23pm 



from USA, PA, Earth

"I love Poe's stories!"

signed 05 Nov 2013 7:22pm 


Chase Zimmerman

from north carolina


signed 05 Nov 2013 7:13pm 


Sarah Moyer

from Florida

"Poe is definitely one of my favorite poets. His stories and poems are both scary and intriguing. He was an incredibly brilliant man."

signed 05 Nov 2013 7:01pm 


shawna m

from florida

"edgar allen poe is awesome! he is an amazing writer!!"

signed 05 Nov 2013 7:01pm 


Jacob Mcleod

from Earth, USA, Florida

"Jacob Mcleod was here due to a homework assignment."

signed 05 Nov 2013 6:40pm 



from Cambridge MN

"I think this website helped me a lot."

signed 05 Nov 2013 6:40pm 


Tyler Large

from Fl, U.S.A

"To the original horror story expert."

signed 05 Nov 2013 6:15pm 


Mia Barbin

from FL, US

"I really enjoyed this website because of the many different features :)"

signed 05 Nov 2013 6:10pm 


Chase Toth

from Pennsylvania

"Love this page I'm doing a project on this"

signed 05 Nov 2013 6:06pm 


Joe Dirt



signed 05 Nov 2013 5:45pm 


Giulia Ferrandino

from Florida

"My favorite or EAP's stories is The Tell Tale Heart"

signed 05 Nov 2013 5:29pm 


Tom D

from United States, FL

"This site is really helpful in deciphering all the stories and poems, and has so much information! It was cool finding out information about Poe's early life, his writing, his army life, and everything about him!"

signed 05 Nov 2013 5:26pm 


Briana Salazar

from Candy Land

"One of my favorite poems by Poe would have to be Annabell Lee."

signed 05 Nov 2013 5:23pm 


Riley Smith

from United States of america

"great stories"

signed 05 Nov 2013 5:14pm 


Kayla Davenport

from Florida

"I like this site :)"

signed 05 Nov 2013 5:06pm 


Corey Badala

from The Tardis


signed 05 Nov 2013 4:54pm 


preston hanney

from new port richey, fl

"my favorite story was the raven! its just flat out awesome!"

signed 05 Nov 2013 4:53pm 



from USA

"I love Poe's work. He was a very intelligent writer and very suspenseful."

signed 05 Nov 2013 4:47pm 


Megan Harris

from North Carolina

"Edgar Allan Poe is a creepy looking guy but was a great poet."

signed 05 Nov 2013 4:05pm 


Isabella Gonzalez

from Florida

"I loved this site it helped me a lot on the questions I had. Also my favorite story of Edgar Allan Poe would be Tell-Tale heart, I love the suspense of it."

signed 05 Nov 2013 3:52pm 


Bob Martin

from Roxboro

"This looks good"

signed 05 Nov 2013 3:44pm 


amanda oswalt

from earth

"I like the tell tale heart"

signed 05 Nov 2013 3:42pm 


Kymberly B

from Texas

"Im a high school student and i completely adore all his stories and poems. People are always asking me why i like such dark gloomy stories. I honestly couldnt tell why i just do. i can read them over and over. i even named my black cat edgar to see if anyone would understand."

signed 05 Nov 2013 3:37pm 


sarek goldsmith

from Florida

"Mrs.Evans 1 period"

signed 05 Nov 2013 3:26pm 


Olivia Pinto

from Florida

"Mrs. Evans 1st period class"

signed 05 Nov 2013 3:07pm 


tahya joyner

from aurora il earth

"hi this is a alien"

signed 05 Nov 2013 3:01pm 



from u.s.a

"I am related to poe"

signed 05 Nov 2013 2:52pm 


Carter Brown

from North Carolina

"Edgar Poe is a really good artist."

signed 05 Nov 2013 2:14pm 


Avery Lewis

from USA,Georiga

"the website was very good and full of useful information on Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 05 Nov 2013 2:08pm 


Aidan Casey

from Johnstown, PA, USA


signed 05 Nov 2013 2:08pm 


Nicholas munoz

from United sates florida earth

"Hi guys"

signed 05 Nov 2013 1:37pm 


Makayla D'Amore

from USA

"Poe is a very intelligent and clever writer."

signed 05 Nov 2013 1:16pm 



from georgia


signed 05 Nov 2013 12:44pm 


Zachary Rodgers

from United States, North Carolina

"Edgar A. Poe is one of my favorite poets, and authors."

signed 05 Nov 2013 11:56am 


Tyler alexy

from New port richey FL

"Edgar is very talented and his legend will live on. Hope someone figures out his death"

signed 05 Nov 2013 11:44am 


Jared Brodd

from Fl, Florida

"Hasta luego"

signed 05 Nov 2013 11:41am 



from Uranus

"I think Edgar Allan Poe's stories are a bit creepy but he is very creative while writing them."

signed 05 Nov 2013 11:28am 


kody ridge

from oklahoma

"they are ok"

signed 05 Nov 2013 10:15am 


Kayla Soots

from US, MN, La planet Earth

"I love Poe <3"

signed 05 Nov 2013 9:59am 



from Florida

"Go poe"

signed 05 Nov 2013 9:58am 


dylan hilbert

from usa florida pluto

"I love edgar allan poe"

signed 05 Nov 2013 9:57am 


Tia Gallahan

from Florida, U.S.

"hey yeah bye"

signed 05 Nov 2013 9:54am 


kelsey v

from isanti

"hi poe its kelsey but you probably wont read this cause you're dead."

signed 05 Nov 2013 9:42am 


Chris S

from Florida


signed 05 Nov 2013 9:41am 


Kaia Mergel

from Oklahoma

"love his work"

signed 05 Nov 2013 8:58am 


Jade Pendleton

from North Carolina

"heyyyy ;D"

signed 05 Nov 2013 8:25am 


Katie Fresch

from USA,PA

"I am a really big fan of Edgar Allan Poe thanks to my teacher. She introduced him to us. I adore his stories and poems. The Tell Tale Heart has to be one of my favorite stories by him. Also I love this website, it is fantastic!!!"

signed 05 Nov 2013 7:55am 


Brianna Weaver

from Florida, USA, Earth

"Strange life and amazing works."

signed 05 Nov 2013 7:44am 


Nerrie mae P. Paguntalan

from Philippines

"im from IV-Perseverance of Ismael mathay Sr. high school"

signed 05 Nov 2013 7:20am 


Zachary T

from Earth USA MA

"I think this site is a great source of information on Edger Allan Poe and is a great help. i have been a fan of his writing since middle school."

signed 05 Nov 2013 7:12am 


Kate Maleck

from florida

"love poe"

signed 05 Nov 2013 7:04am 


Brandi Geraets

from Pennsylvania

"Enjoying learning about mr. Poe"

signed 05 Nov 2013 7:03am 



from England

"Useful website"

signed 05 Nov 2013 5:20am 



from japan

"i think edgar allan poe was a good man with a dark mind"

signed 05 Nov 2013 12:30am 


Niang Huai

from P.A, USA

"His stories are creepy which makes it interesting!"

signed 04 Nov 2013 11:30pm 


patrick consbruck

from earth

"i dont like it"

signed 04 Nov 2013 10:52pm 



from Massachusettes

"I like this website- it is easy to understand and get to which parts you need. My favorite short story by Poe is probably "The Tell-Tale Heart" because it is mysterious, questionable and eerie at times."

signed 04 Nov 2013 10:24pm 


Ryan S.

from USA

"I learned a lot about Edgar Allan Poe and i think his life is very interesting."

signed 04 Nov 2013 10:23pm 


Emmey Cobb

from North Carolina

"Hey, I'm signing this guestbook because I have to.... Edgar Allan Poe is creepy and interesting."

signed 04 Nov 2013 10:19pm 


sean w

from us boca raton

"very interesting"

signed 04 Nov 2013 9:07pm 


Emily O

from Massachusetts

"I love Poe's stories. They are whimsical and creepy. The perfect combination."

signed 04 Nov 2013 8:27pm 


Jack D

from Massachusetts

"Edgar Allan Poe was an excellent poet, I love his combination of creepiness and factual evidence within his poems."

signed 04 Nov 2013 8:25pm 


Selena Aviles

from USA, PA

"I'm learning about Poe in class and I think this is a great site to show to my teacher! I've only read "The Raven" and I already love his style. My class is reading "The Tell-tale Heart.""

signed 04 Nov 2013 7:34pm 


katy yarboro

from United states, north carolina

"I liked learning about Edgars life."

signed 04 Nov 2013 6:03pm 


morgan battalin

from united states , florida

"omg yay had to do this for an assignment ...... but I don't know what this does ^_^ oh well XD"

signed 04 Nov 2013 5:53pm 



from North Carolina

"This website has a lot of cool information."

signed 04 Nov 2013 5:52pm 


Melanie B

from Earth

"My favorite short short story by Edgar Allan Poe is "Tell Tale Heart". I like it because Poe does a great job of setting the mood of the story and making it very suspenseful. I found it interesting to learn about his childhood from this website. Now I can see where Poe gets some of his ideas to write about."

signed 04 Nov 2013 5:09pm 


Alyssa Kent

from stanford RD harlem GA Earth

"I love The Tell Tale Hart"

signed 04 Nov 2013 4:32pm 


Cassidy Whitfield

from Roxboro, NC

"This was a great site and would recommend it to someone."

signed 04 Nov 2013 4:19pm 


Kayleigh Long

from Roxboro. NC

"Edgar Allen Poe is amazing! I wish he could know how famous he is now."

signed 04 Nov 2013 3:56pm 


Madelilne B.

from USA

"Edgar Allen Poe is a very interesting man. He is very creative and he writes great stories."

signed 04 Nov 2013 3:02pm 


Samantha Theron

from florida


signed 04 Nov 2013 2:39pm 



from Wonderland

"I love Edgar Allan Poe, and this website told me a few interesting things I did not know about him. Love it!"

signed 04 Nov 2013 2:32pm 


Valerie Pellegrino

from Florida

"My favortie Poem by Poe is "Annabel Lee" because I love the plot behind it. Poe is an amazing poet."

signed 04 Nov 2013 2:21pm 



from Earth


signed 04 Nov 2013 2:08pm 



from florida

"i love poe!"

signed 04 Nov 2013 1:52pm 


Amy Yuhas

from America, Pennsylvania, Earth

"I like the Tell Tale Heart."

signed 04 Nov 2013 1:39pm 


Emily Watkins

from Roxboro, NC

"This website is very good. I like how it gives the title of what the information is about, it makes it a lot easier to find things!"

signed 04 Nov 2013 1:19pm 



from U.S.A, florida, earth


signed 04 Nov 2013 1:05pm 


Mireille S

from earth, florida

"my teacher and i use this site to do research thanks so much for the help."

signed 04 Nov 2013 12:54pm 


Chase Dietsch

from Evansville indiana

"Love poe."

signed 04 Nov 2013 12:50pm 



from Asgard.

"Edgar Allan Poe is so interesting to read about even though it saddens me that he had such an upsetting past life...."

signed 04 Nov 2013 12:44pm 


Zachary Rodgers

from United States, North Carolina

"I believe Edgar A. Poe was a talented, and excellent author and poet. I wish his work could have gone on."

signed 04 Nov 2013 12:38pm 



from Oklahoma

"Boom Shakalaka"

signed 04 Nov 2013 11:16am 



from omni middle


signed 04 Nov 2013 11:07am 


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100 signatures per page - 13,959 total