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from Alabama

""The Raven" is my favorite poem."

signed 29 Oct 2019 8:53pm 


Aiden Grobl

from United States, Nevada, Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe was one of my favorite poets 2nd to Shakespeare. Poe really expresses how people can feel and what society really is. It's sad how Poe's family died. People don't know how he dealt with that but otherwise. Poe bought newspaper companies to express his feelings to writing."

signed 29 Oct 2019 8:34pm 


Valerie Hutchins

from United States

"Edgar Allen Poe has good stories"

signed 29 Oct 2019 8:29pm 


Maribel R.

from Delaware

"Edgar Allan Poe was a unique poet who could express himself through the darkness. Which sets him apart from other poets. He was very talented and his works are amazing."

signed 29 Oct 2019 8:29pm 



from Delaware

"I like his poem Alone because it shows how the world can be beautiful and ugly."

signed 29 Oct 2019 8:23pm 


Eli and Macey

from Earth

"I think Poe is a misunderstood author who expressed his feelings through writing"

signed 29 Oct 2019 8:11pm 



from Maryland

"My favorite story of Edgar Allen Poe's collection is the raven. It brings great suspense and amazing imagery, to the human mind. His choice of words and where he puts them is outstanding"

signed 29 Oct 2019 8:03pm 



from Las Vegas

"In my opinion Poe was an amazing and unique author with a special style and tone in his writings. I feel he has a deeper meaning in his poems and is often left for interpretation. In his poem "The Raven" I believe there are many meanings and morals of the poem, not just the given. He is an amazing poet and I enjoy his work."

signed 29 Oct 2019 7:21pm 


Trevor Yooung and Harold Kim

from Las Vegas, NEvada

"Edgar Allan Poe seems like a very inspirational person with his poems that reached great heights and saw many people to influence."

signed 29 Oct 2019 7:16pm 


only one

from earht

"Edger Poe seemed to be one of the unluckiest person i've ever heard about. but he did live a fulfilling life of one of the most notable authors anyone could and should know."

signed 29 Oct 2019 7:01pm 



from WhiteHouse


signed 29 Oct 2019 6:55pm 



from Mars

"Poe was a very misunderstood poet, but I think he was a very extravagant poet. His vocabulary is very hard for my brain to understand but it's cool :) I enjoy learning about Poe in school and reading his work. I hope he will continue to be taught in schools so he can be spread to others."

signed 29 Oct 2019 6:55pm 


Azariah Cruz

from Ohio

"The Black Cat is my favorite story by Edgar Poe. its my favorite because its a scary story and i like to read stuff like that."

signed 29 Oct 2019 6:48pm 


migdaliz torres

from ohio


signed 29 Oct 2019 6:34pm 


Marquise Gilmore

from Milwaukee Wisconsin .... Earth

"Very good site. And has a lot of useful information."

signed 29 Oct 2019 6:21pm 


Carson Miller

from United States of America

"This was very interesting and informational."

signed 29 Oct 2019 6:11pm 



from Alabama

"Follow your dreams."

signed 29 Oct 2019 5:13pm 


Paige E Devincinzo

from AL United States

"Poe was a very odd person."

signed 29 Oct 2019 5:10pm 


Kylee Hunter

from U.S.A, Kansas, Earth

"Hi! I got on this website for an ELA project. Although this is for school, I have begun to love Edgar Allan Poe's works."

signed 29 Oct 2019 4:57pm 


Matthew Sala

from earth

"He is really good at writing poems and stories."

signed 29 Oct 2019 4:46pm 


Hailey Justice

from United States

"Edgar Allan Poe was a good writer and his work is very symbolic"

signed 29 Oct 2019 4:27pm 


Nora John

from Maryland

"Edgar Allan Poe"

signed 29 Oct 2019 4:21pm 



from Unite States

"He was a very mysterious person"

signed 29 Oct 2019 3:56pm 



from Earth

"Why this dude marry his cousin though????"

signed 29 Oct 2019 3:56pm 


Braxton Saucier

from Mercury

"Edgar Allan Poe is a pretty cool dude."

signed 29 Oct 2019 3:51pm 


Jonathan Janes

from United States, AL

"This website is very cool and helped me learn a lot about Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 29 Oct 2019 3:51pm 


graham wade

from Murica


signed 29 Oct 2019 3:50pm 



from usa

"I really like Poe's stories because it gives us an insight on Poe's life. I also like his work because of how he was able to turn something so negative (e.i the death of his wife and mother) into writing that everyone can enjoy."

signed 29 Oct 2019 3:31pm 



from Kentucky


signed 29 Oct 2019 3:26pm 


Jackson powell

from Marshall county Kentucky


signed 29 Oct 2019 3:13pm 


Lily Reva

from Kansas

"here for schoolwork, very informative of a website!"

signed 29 Oct 2019 3:07pm 



from USA,Illinois,Earth

"I have not read any of his books, but I am planning on doing so soon!"

signed 29 Oct 2019 2:52pm 


sophia hernandez

from Alabama


signed 29 Oct 2019 2:27pm 


Bryson McCrary

from Earth, United States, AL

"Edgar Allan Poe needs to take a chill pill."

signed 29 Oct 2019 2:27pm 



from Alabama

"Hey, This site is lit."

signed 29 Oct 2019 2:26pm 



from usa,ky,earth

"Sans Undertale"

signed 29 Oct 2019 2:26pm 


Parker Reimensnyder

from Alabama

"I like the timeline on this website."

signed 29 Oct 2019 2:24pm 


Kierra East

from Alabama


signed 29 Oct 2019 2:21pm 



from ohio, campbell

"nothing hi"

signed 29 Oct 2019 2:17pm 



from united states ohio saturn

"i am being forced into this by my teacher and i don't like it"

signed 29 Oct 2019 2:00pm 


maeghan and julie

from Canada

"I miss poe"

signed 29 Oct 2019 1:45pm 



from delaware

"you are very important we learn about you in school and you went through hard times and kept going to achieve your goal great job."

signed 29 Oct 2019 1:30pm 


Mary Messick

from Seaford,Delaware 19973

"I really like Poe's poems because his choice of words are really cool but weird at the same time. Also, his way of words and poems have helped me understand people more in a way."

signed 29 Oct 2019 1:25pm 


Zachary Luciano

from earth

"the raven is cool"

signed 29 Oct 2019 1:23pm 



from Delaware, United States

"Poe in my opinion is a dark and gloomy guy. His life story shows he didn't have it so good, being poor most of his life along with his parents dying young and his wife dying at age 24!"

signed 29 Oct 2019 1:23pm 


owen berger

from delaware

"I do not like poe's poems because they do not make sense to me since they were not written in modern day."

signed 29 Oct 2019 1:22pm 



from USA, Delaware, Earth

"I believe that Edgar Allan Poe was an amazing writer who told amazing stories that had a lot of meaning."

signed 29 Oct 2019 1:15pm 



from South Dakota


signed 29 Oct 2019 1:15pm 


LaBron Taylor

from Deleware

"I feel that Poe is a great author because even when he was poor, he still kept believing in his work and himself. He Went from living with a family, to living in the streets, and after that he became an author because he never gave up. People should never give up no matter how bad the struggle is because when times are bad, they can bring blessings in the blink of an eye and that's what happened to Poe. Poe is a great, and strong minded author."

signed 29 Oct 2019 1:14pm 



from canada

"poe is a scary man."

signed 29 Oct 2019 1:13pm 


Rami Malek

from Los Angeles, CA

"Edgar allan poe is a big inspiration for most of my acting and writing!"

signed 29 Oct 2019 1:12pm 



from At home

"Dis dude is pretty cool. He wrote a story that became a Simpsons parody."

signed 29 Oct 2019 1:00pm 


Graham Williams

from Kansas

"Teacher made me do it"

signed 29 Oct 2019 12:54pm 



from canada


signed 29 Oct 2019 12:53pm 



from United States

"This site is amazing. Has good and reliable information."

signed 29 Oct 2019 12:49pm 


Tiffani Scranton

from earth

"he is a weird man but has good poems."

signed 29 Oct 2019 12:45pm 


jacob jackson

from earth

"this website is fire bro."

signed 29 Oct 2019 12:28pm 


Jacob Hanson

from South Dakota


signed 29 Oct 2019 12:28pm 


Em Hamer

from USA Kansas Earth


signed 29 Oct 2019 12:08pm 


Liam Gill

from Chicago Illinois

"was Poe passionate about his writing or did he do it for the money to you know afford stuff, or you know fame"

signed 29 Oct 2019 12:00pm 



from Kansas

"thats chill"

signed 29 Oct 2019 12:00pm 


Nathan Wolf

from Milwaukee Wisconsin

"Great Info"

signed 29 Oct 2019 11:26am 


Celeste Brooks

from United States of America

"Edgar Allan Poe is an inspiration to me because he made a living out of the worst times in his life, and that is very clever."

signed 29 Oct 2019 11:00am 


Mikayla Wright

from Halifax, Nova Scotia

"The site looks cool and has some amazing information about Edgar Allan Poe."

signed 29 Oct 2019 10:47am 



from United states of america

"it's ok I guess."

signed 29 Oct 2019 10:24am 



from Independence KS USA

"I really like this web site and it is a really great help I love it"

signed 29 Oct 2019 10:14am 


Trevor Ellenbecker

from Irving, Texas

"This site is very well organized and put together. From the view point of a student doing research, this site had all the information I needed and was easily accessible"

signed 29 Oct 2019 10:02am 


collier Allman

from Alabama

"its good"

signed 29 Oct 2019 9:56am 


gracie lambert

from u.s.


signed 29 Oct 2019 9:54am 


aiden crum

from Alabama

"Very good"

signed 29 Oct 2019 9:47am 



from U.S

"So excited to learn about Edgar Allan Poe in Class"

signed 29 Oct 2019 9:34am 


Morgan Bregel

from Kansas city

"I like this site I got to learn more information that I didn't know about Poe. And I thought it was very interesting."

signed 29 Oct 2019 9:32am 



from united states

"I think that Edgar Allan Poe was a very good author."

signed 29 Oct 2019 9:28am 


jake cook

from us pa earth

"poe was a good author and I dont know why he died but i dont think he shouldve."

signed 29 Oct 2019 8:19am 



from Usa

"I love his quotes."

signed 29 Oct 2019 1:11am 


JoHn CeNa

from sweet home alabama

"Edgar Allan Poe has quite a great reputation for his works of art. Not only did he write with depth and feeling, he wrote from a different world. He was magnificently brilliant in the way he gave personality to his characters, and how he wrote with such a refined grace. His pieces truly inspire me to accomplish wonderful things in the writing world. Though, first I must actually learn all those vocabulary words he uses, because phew, that is some complicated text to read. :) Anyways, Edgar Allan Poe was amazing and great!"

signed 29 Oct 2019 1:11am 


Hermon Hailu

from America, California, Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe was a very interesting writer and I really like the poem "Alone" because I feel like it really expresses his situation and life altogether. And even though he didn't exactly have the best life, he still gets admired by a lot of people today and will keep inspiring lots of people for many more years and generations to come."

signed 28 Oct 2019 11:58pm 



from Lancaster ny

"Poe is my fav poet and the reason i write poetry"

signed 28 Oct 2019 11:42pm 



from wisconsin

"I think this website helped me with my project and gave lots of helpful information."

signed 28 Oct 2019 11:30pm 


Sophie McCanna

from San Jose California

"Edgar Allan Poe was an amazing author that many people had a different opinion about. But I think that the way Poe expressed himself was through his writing. I feel like he used his real life experiences to contribute to his writing."

signed 28 Oct 2019 11:20pm 



from Moscow,Russia

"Edgar's life wasn't that great it sucked most of the time. He was haunted and had trouble with alcohol"

signed 28 Oct 2019 11:18pm 



from united states of america

"I think that Poe had a very unique personality, that I have never met someone with a personality like that. so when I watched some videos, and read some articles, I was very confused, because in a way he is very creepy, I am not trying to be mean, I just thought it was very unique, and everyone is different, in their own way. Overall though he seemed to be a good author."

signed 28 Oct 2019 11:11pm 


Daria Cisper

from San Jose, CA

"Poe was a very gifted writer who poured his grief, sorrows, and loneliness into stories that fill our lives with joy (and fear). His life was truly a mystery, but with every story, he revealed how he thought of living and dying. I find his life story to be interesting, yet melancholy and bittersweet, but through the many tragedies Poe faced, he pushed through and channeled his negative energy into beautiful, yet haunting writing pieces. His use of horror and grief made his writing spectacular and terrifying. It has been exciting to learn about Poe and I hope to read one of his books someday."

signed 28 Oct 2019 11:00pm 



from U.S.,Ca,Earth

"Poe was a very influential author, and still is today. He changed the way that we think about certain topics today forever even if most people don't recognize it. I would love to read some of his works when I get the chance, I have a feeling it will change the way I write for the better. Many people may think he was crazy, and he just might have been, but nonetheless, Poe sounds like a fantastic author. His writing might just be an acquired taste, though, but no matter what it takes a great deal of talent to write like that, take a risk, and still manage to come out of it successful."

signed 28 Oct 2019 10:57pm 



from California

"Hello im a student from a school in California i like this site because it has plenty of information about Edger Allan Poe that i didn't know about and i find interesting"

signed 28 Oct 2019 10:28pm 


Floyd Mullins

from California

"Edgar Allan Poe was a great writer. He added features to his writing that nobody else did, making people think about their own dilemmas in their life. He was in such detail in his stories"

signed 28 Oct 2019 10:13pm 



from USA seminole tx

"this was fun to look at and love all the freaky stuff"

signed 28 Oct 2019 9:23pm 


Xavier Ballinger

from Maryland

"Visiting for class"

signed 28 Oct 2019 9:17pm 


Isabella G.

from san Jose,CA

"I think Poe is a very accomplished writer. I love the short story he created called "Ligeia." In this story, the main character returns from the dead through the corpse of her husband's second wife. He probably wanted his wife, who died of Tuberculosis, to return from the dead, too."

signed 28 Oct 2019 9:14pm 


Mercedes Gallup

from California

"Poe was great at writing horror and creepy stories."

signed 28 Oct 2019 9:10pm 


Cole B.

from Wisconsin

"I enjoyed reading this site. It gave me a lot of information that I did not know."

signed 28 Oct 2019 9:06pm 


joe, mama

from San Jose

"Hello darkness, my old friend I've come to talk with you again Because a vision softly creeping Left its seeds while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains Within the sound of silence"

signed 28 Oct 2019 8:57pm 


Nathaniel Dorrell

from Maryland

"very dark stories, cool."

signed 28 Oct 2019 8:54pm 



from The US of A

"Poe will forever be an iconic storywriter. Though many people called him intensely dark and strange, he wrote books that changed his reputation to one of the strongest authors. My favorite is the Raven, it projects the narrator's grief into a Raven who only spoke the words, "Nevermore". He left us with his many creative and original books, leaving us with no way to forget him."

signed 28 Oct 2019 8:04pm 


Lucy Robbins

from USA

"Edgar Allan Poe was a really amazing author because he was able to take all of the sadness he was feeling, and he conjured up amazing stories from it."

signed 28 Oct 2019 7:08pm 


Peytan Walters

from United States

"Poe as an author is an amazing author. He wrote many well known, bizarre literature pieces. I dont believe anyone could have written over half the pieces he has, especially in his time period."

signed 28 Oct 2019 6:58pm 



from Earth

"Edgar Allan Poe is a mischievous poet who uses suspense and the audience's fear as a way to write amazing works of literature."

signed 28 Oct 2019 6:53pm 


Marco Madsen

from San Jose, CA

"I think Poe is a great author that changed how authors write now. I like horror so I think he is a great author."

signed 28 Oct 2019 6:44pm 


Alexis Huckaby

from San Jose California

"I think Edgar Allan Poe is an amazing writer. When reading his works I like to pay attention to the use of words."

signed 28 Oct 2019 6:32pm 


Kallie Dangerfield

from Delaware

"I really enjoy Poe's writing, like in his story "Tell Tale Heart" where there is a lot of suspense, fear, and anticipation making the reader want to continue."

signed 28 Oct 2019 5:56pm 


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